Japanese Language Blog Archives from 2007 - mid-February 2014

This page shows links to the Japanese learning blogs created by JOI teachers from 2012 to February 2014. In April 2015, these older archived pages below were re-created using the Joomla format.

The blogs have Japanese vocabulary list and a Kanji reading guide as well as an English translation. Each blog has a video attached so you can listen to natural Japanese and learn Japanese for free online.

The older blogs from 2007 - 2012 were created on the Blogger platform Please see "Learn Japanese Online" to view these older archives.

Jan~Feb 2014


Influenza (Takase)
The Joys of Handmade Crafts (Ueno)


New Year Resolution (Yokozuka)
Kimono in modern Japan  (Tsuru)
Miso present  (Murayama)

Apr~June 2013


Japanese Omiyage   (Oogi)
Frogs found at construction sites in Japan  (Seno)
Japanese seasonal food  (Sakude)
Reaching the summit of Mt. Everest (Yokozuka)
Kuchiguse : Japanese turns of phrase (Murayama)


Nagaoka Fireworks  (Fujinawa)
Japanese highways  (Inamoto)
Tsukau (use) and tsukuru (make)  (Yatabe)
Raising plants(Iwaki)


The Flower Festival  (Seyama)
Photo haiku  (Mizuno)
Jingisukan  (Itaya)
My Hobby  (Murahara)

Oct~Dec 2012


Hand-drawn cards  (Oogi)
Japanese Mourning - Mochuu  (Seno)

Glasses for computer use  (Sakude)
The Kotatsu Train  (Yokozuka)


Good Couple Day  (Iwaki)
If things can talk  (Yatabe)
Speaking of colds....  (Inamoto)
How to memorize Japanese Kanji   (Fujinawa)
Viewing Autumn leaves   (Nakajima)


Potted plant Gardening  (Murahara)
Wallets and Japanese Superstions   (Itaya)
Academic Traditions   (Mizuno)
Non-Alcohol Beer   (Momii)

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