Japanese JLPT N2 Study Course for Intermediate Learners

This course is for students aiming to take the JLPT N2 test on July 4th 2021.

Please check the details.To see schedule in your time zone.
This is not a traditional linear course it is modular. Take as many classes as you'd like. Start Anytime !

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* We use [New Kanzen Master Reading JLPT N2], [New Kanzen Master Grammar JLPT N2] , [New Kanzen Master Listening JLPT N2] and [New Kanzen Master Vocabulary JLPT N2].

* In Reading classes, it's recommended that you use your PC because characters in the passages are very small on smartphones or tablet PCs.

* You don't have to take all the lessons or take lessons in sequence since each class is an independent module.

* Please check the details of the lesson plan from the reservation system.

* Please be informed that there may be some times when we change the schedule.

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suzukiJLPT N2 Final Preparation course curriculum - Thursdays 10:00 Japan Time
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Teacher:SUZUKI Ayako

Date (Japan Time) Teacher Subject Lesson Contents
2021/05/06 Suzuki Grammar Grammar (~をはじめとして・~からして, etc.)
2021/05/13 Suzuki Vocabulary Vocabulary (Health)
2021/05/20 Suzuki Grammar Grammar (~に限らず・~のみならず, etc.)
2021/05/27 Suzuki Vocabulary Vocabulary (Work)
2021/06/03 Suzuki Grammar Grammar(~をもとにして・~に基づいて, etc.)
2021/06/10 Suzuki Vocabulary Vocabulary (Eating habits)
2021/06/17 Suzuki Grammar Grammar(~わけがない・~どころではない, etc.)
2021/06/24 Suzuki Vocabulary Vocabulary ( Incident / Accident / Disaster)
2021/07/01 Suzuki Grammar Grammar(~ようではないか・~ことだ, etc.)

ishibashiJLPT N2 Final Preparation course curriculum - Fridays 15:00 Japan Time
( To see schedule in your time zone )

Teacher:ISHIBASHI Kaori

Date (Japan Time) Teacher Subject Lesson Contents
2021/05/07 Ishibashi Vocabulary・Reading・Grammar Reading・Vocabulary・Grammar(~たいものだ・~ものだ,etc.)
2021/05/14 Ishibashi Listening Exercise 1
2021/05/21 Ishibashi Vocabulary・Reading・Grammar Reading・Vocabulary・Grammar(~だろうと思う・~かねない,etc.)
2021/05/28 Ishibashi Vocabulary・Reading・Grammar Reading・Vocabulary・Grammar(~たところ・きり,etc.)
2021/06/04 Ishibashi Vocabulary・Reading・Grammar Reading・Vocabulary・Grammar(~がたい・~かねる,etc.)
2021/06/11 Ishibashi Vocabulary・Reading・Grammar Reading・Vocabulary・Grammar(~にもかかわらず・~ものの, etc.)
2021/06/18 Ishibashi Listening Exercise 2
2021/06/25 Ishibashi Vocabulary・Reading・Grammar Reading・Vocabulary・Grammar(~について・~に伴って, etc.)
2021/07/02 Ishibashi Vocabulary・Reading・Grammar General Exercise

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I have been taking JOI’s Online Group Lessons for over 2 years. JOI’s online classes are both convenient and professional. Due to my sporadic work schedule, I was not able to attend regular Japanese lessons in person.

In the beginning, I was skeptical of online language classes, thinking that the lessons will only cover general and superficial topics. Boy, was I wrong! JOI’s teachers are professional yet friendly and their highly structured lessons help students focus on their weak areas while building vocabulary and grammar knowledge.

This is especially true for their JLPT Prep Course. Only after taking a few lessons, the teachers were able to hone in on my weaknesses. JOI’s teachers patiently helped me overcome my repeated and careless errors while consistently motivated me to keep learning new material.

I cannot thank JOI’s teachers enough. Not only did JOI’s JLPT Prep Course exceed my expectations, the prep classes formed the foundation of my N2 studies and ultimately, helped me passed my JLPT N2 Exam in 2014.

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