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Class contents

The contents of the Business Japanese classes are detailed below.

Category Contents
Business Manner Language usuage, business practices, greetings and visitations are studied using a quiz method. Discuss the differences between Japan and your own country and deepen understanding.
Business Emails Learn the basics of Business emails, think over how subject texts and body texts apply to different conditions. Practice writing actual emails (Dependant on lesson conditions, some lessons will not include writing practice).
Telephone Responses Confirm the flow of responses and practice standard telephone phrases. Use role-play to practice the caller and receiver responses.
Business Documents Use reading lessons to learn the terminology and composition of business documents including contracts and written reports.
Business Conversation Learn methods of business discussion in negotiations, reporting to superiors and communicating with co-workers using role-play methods.

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Students Voices for Business Japanese classes at JOI

  • Sara-PT writes...


    As a long term student when I heard that JOI was going to start doing business classes I couldn't wait to try them out. My current job involves dealing with Japanese clients so I was looking forward to improving and developing my professional Japanese.

    Classes cover a range of different skills such as calls, emails, presentations, general etiquette, etc. Each class has a topic in which we practice different scenarios in a specific skill.

    These lessons help build confidence to deal with any matter in a business environment. But they are not just suited for those whose work involves Japanese if you are interested in learning about the Japanese working environment or learn how to better communicate in a formal setting these lessons are also great.

    I'm looking forward to carrying on taking these classes and improving my knowledge even further.

  • Anya-HK writes...


    I started taking Business Japanese lessons at JOI last year. I found the lessons not only help me understand how Japanese communicate during work environment, it also gives me more context on the culture, processes and the communication norm between colleagues and with upper management in the business environment. The role plays with commonly used phrases on how to ask for information and clarification, how to report an issue and expresses one's agreement/disagreements are very handy. I am now using them when I communicate with Japanese counterparts which makes my communication looks a bit more professional.

    I highly recommend these lessons for those who need to communicate with Japanese.