2014 is underway, and Yokozuka sensei introduces a yoga technique that is her New Year Resolution.There are many ways to improve health and balance. And here is one !Read the blog, learn Japanese for free and watch the video too to improve your Japanese language.

New Year Resolution




お正月休みも明け、JOIでは4日からレッスンがスタートしましたね。 さて、今年はどんな年にしようかなと、いろいろ考えてみたのですが、たぶん、大きな目標は途中でやめてしまいそうなので、小さな目標にしました。 今年は、「質のいい睡眠をとる」ことにしようと思います。


小さなことですが、毎日続けることは大変ですね。 私の飽きっぽい性格が顔を出さないことを願いつつ・・・「できるだけ」毎日続けようと思います。

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お正月休(しょうがつやす)みも明(あ)け、JOIでは4日(よっか)からレッスンがスタートしましたね。 さて、今年(ことし)はどんな年(とし)にしようかなと、いろいろ考(かんが)えてみたのですが、たぶん、大(おお)きな目標(もくひょう)は途中(とちゅう)でやめてしまいそうなので、小(ちい)さな目標(もくひょう)にしました。 今年(ことし)は、「質(しつ)のいい睡眠(すいみん)をとる」ことにしようと思(おも)います。


小(ちい)さなことですが、毎日(まいにち)続(つづ)けることは大変(たいへん)ですね。 私(わたし)の飽(あ)きっぽい性格(せいかく)が顔(かお)を出(だ)さないことを願(ねが)いつつ・・・「できるだけ」毎日(まいにち)続(つづ)けようと思(おも)います。

New Year Resolution

The New Year's holiday is over and JOI started classes again on January 4th. So I was having various thoughts about what kind of year I would like to make it this year, and realized that if I tried to make some large goals for the year I would maybe quit them halfway so I 'll aim for a small goal. I have decided to try to "get some quality sleep " this year.

Recently, in my yoga class, I learned the Alternate Nostril Breathing technique. It is a method of alternately breathing through your left and right nostrils and it is effective in maintaining the balance between your the sympathetic nerve and parasympathetic nerve systems which also leads to deep sleep. I think this year I want to get some good quality sleep so will try Alternate Nostril Breathing before I go to bed everyday. By doing this, I heard that I'll be able to wake up refreshed the next day and be active from the morning.

It is a small thing but it is still quite difficult to continue it everyday . While hoping that the fickle side of character doesn't show its face, I think will try to continue this everyday.


質(しつ)のいい:good (quality)



交感神経(こうかんしんけい):the sympathetic nerve

副交感神経(ふくこうかんしんけい):parasympathetic nerve

ぐっすり眠(ねむ)る:sleep soundly/sleep like a log [top]

すっきりと:feel [be] refreshed; feel fine



できるだけ:as much as possible

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