The Setouchi Triennale is fast becoming a pilgrimage site for modern art lovers from all over the world. Mizuno sensei brings us information and lovely images from this fascinating place.

Listen to the video and look at the pictures to get a better feel of the place and of course learn some new Japanese vocabulary and phrases.

An International Art Festival on islands


By MIZUNO Momoyo

ぽつぽつと浮かぶ島、穏やかな波。瀬戸内海は本州と四国に挟まれた静かな海だ。 今ここで、11の島が参加して、瀬戸内国際芸術祭2013が開かれている。


過疎化・高齢化が進む島々で、自然を生かし、島の生活スタイル共生する現代アートのお祭りが繰り広げられている。島にあるものは、ゴミ箱ももバスケットボールのゴールもすべて芸術の対象だ。 著名なアーティストの美術館も楽しめれば、民家作品味わうこともできる。「家プロジェクト」では、島の古民家を一人のアーティストが一軒ずつ改修し、自分の作品を展示する。 誰もがカメラを手にしたくなる魅力いっぱいの島々だ。会期は11月4日まで。

Setouchi Triennale


setouchi oohashi

To listen to this blog, please watch our Youtube video.

ぽつぽつと浮(う)かぶ島(しま)、穏(おだ)やかな波(なみ)。瀬戸内海(せとないかい)は本州(ほんしゅう)と四国(しこく)に挟(はさ)まれた静(しず)かな海(うみ)だ。 今(いま)ここで、11の島(しま)が参加(さんか)して、瀬戸内(せとうち)国際(こくさい)芸術祭(げいじゅつさい)2013が開(ひら)かれている。


著名(ちょめい)なアーティストの美術館(びじゅつかん)も楽(たの)しめれば、民家(みんか)作品(さくひん)味(あじ)わうこともできる。「家(いえ)プロジェクト」では、島(しま)の古民家(こみんか)を一人(ひとり)のアーティストが 一軒 (けん)ずつ改修(かいしゅう)し、自分(じぶん)の作品(さくひん)を展示(てんじ)する。誰(だれ)もがカメラを手(て)にしたくなる魅力(みりょく)いっぱいの島々(しまじま)だ。会期(かいき)は11月(がつ)4日(よっか)まで。


Speckled with islands floating on the calm waves. The Seto Inland Sea is a quiet sea that lies between the Honshu mainland and Shikoku. It is here, on the 11 participating islands, that the 2013 Seto Inland Sea International Art Festival (or Setouchi Triennale 2013) is being held.

Facing depopulation and population aging, the islands have attempted to bring their nature back to life by blending the island lifestyles with modern art in this festival. Things on the islands, from garbage bins to hedges and even basketball goals have all become objects of art. Here, you can enjoy looking at pieces by eminent artists within galleries as well as appreciate artworks inside private houses as well. With the “Project House”, a single artist is given the opportunity to repair one old house and exhibit it as their own work. These islands are filled with appealing images that make everyone wish to have a camera at hand. The event will be held until November 4th this year.

The island at the center of this event is Naoshima island. From the 1990s various art venues have been built here including an art gallery hotel and the Chichu Art Museum. Islands that are separate from the Seto Ohashi bridge route now enjoy a large number of visitors. In this unique space made up of tranquil Japanese scenes co-existing with modern art, what do visitors feel ? What goes through their minds ? I've heard that there are many people who choose to visit there again.



瀬戸内海(せとないかい):the Inside Sea of Japan

挟(はさ)まれた:to be put in A and B

参加(さんか)する:to participate

芸術祭(げいじゅつさい):art festival


高齢化(こうれいか):population aging

生活(せいかつ)スタイル:life style

共生(きょうせいする):to co-exist

繰り広げる(くりひろげる):to develop



著名(ちょめい)な:famous, eminent

民家(みんか):private house


味(あじ)わう:to taste, to appreciate

古民家(こみんか):old house

改修(かいしゅう)する:to repair

展示(てんじ)する:to exhibit



直島(なおしま):Naoshima island

地中(ちちゅう)美術館(びじゅつかん):Chichu Art Museum

建設(けんせつ)する:to build, to construct

瀬戸大橋(せとおおはし):the Seto ohashi Bridge

外(はず)れる:to be out of

のどかな:tranquil, peaceful

空間(くうかん):space, room


再訪(さいほう)する:to revisit

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