Survival Japanese course for Travel!

JOI's Survival Japanese Course is a short term, 12 lesson course.
Learn practical Japanese, quickly and in an effective manner.

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Survival Japanese course contents

  • place

    Asking for the place

    round-greenClass Goals
    You can ask someone about places and locations.

    round-greenExample of conversations taught
    トイレ(は)どこ ですか。
    toire (wa) doko desu ka.
    Where is the restroom ?

  • shop

    Shopping 1

    round-greenClass Goals
    You can ask if a store has what you are looking for.

    round-greenExample of conversations taught
    すみません。ちず(は) ありますか。
    sumimasen. chizu (wa) arimasu ka.
    Excuse me. Do you have any maps ?

  • shopping

    Shopping 2

    round-greenClass Goals
    You can request what you would like from the store.

    round-greenExample of conversations taught
    もう ちょっと やすいの、ありませんか。
    moo chotto yasui no arimasen ka.
    Do you have a cheaper one of these?

  • ramen

    Restaurant 1

    round-greenClass Goals
    You can order food at a restaurant.

    round-greenExample of conversations taught
    ラーメン (を) ひとつ、 おねがいします。
    raamen (o) hitotsu, onegai shimasu.
    I'll have one bowl of ramen, please.

  • japanese restaurant

    Restaurant 2

    round-greenClass Goals
    You can enter a restaurant.

    round-greenExample of conversations taught
    「なんめいさま ですか。 」「3にん です。」
    「nan-mei sama desu ka.」「 3nin desu.」
    "How many people ? " "We are 3 people."

  • train


    round-greenClass Goals
    You can ask a station staff which train you should take.

    round-greenExample of conversations taught
    すみません。 これ(は) あきはばら に いきますか。
    sumimasen. kore (wa)  akihabara ni ikimasu ka.
    Excuse me, does this (train) go to Akihabara?

  • greetings

    Introduce yourself

    round-greenClass Goals
    You can tell your name, where you are from, your job in the first meeting.

    round-greenExample of conversations taught
    はじめまして。 トム です。 どうぞ よろしく。
    hajimemashite. Tom desu. doozo yoroshiku.
    How do you do? I'm Tom. Nice to meet you.

  • ask


    round-greenClass Goals
    When you get in trouble, you can ask for help.

    round-greenExample of conversations taught
    たすけて (ください)!
    tasukete (kudasai) !
    Help me !

  • hospital

    Health Problems

    round-greenClass Goals
    You can explain your physical condition.

    round-greenExample of conversations taught
    おなか が いたいんです。
    onaka ga itain desu.
    I have a stomachache.

  • telephone


    round-greenClass Goals
    You can reserve a hotel on the telephone.

    round-greenExample of conversations taught
    9月15日は あいてますか。
    ku gatsu juu go nichi wa aitemasuka.
    Do you have a room available on September 15?

  • hotel

    Hotel or Ryokan

    round-greenClass Goals
    You can ask about various services in the hotel.

    round-greenExample of conversations taught
    チェックアウトは なんじですか。
    chekku auto wa nanji desuka.
    What time is the check out ?

  • camera


    round-greenClass Goals
    You can get sight-seeing information, etc.

    round-greenExample of conversations taught
    すみません。 しゃしん (を) おねがいします。
    sumimasen. shashin (o) onegai shimasu.
    Excuse me. Could you take a picture of us ?

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Message from Teacher

  • Ishibashi Kaori


    When you come to Japan, where do you want to go ? What do you want to eat ? Who do you want to talk to ?
    If you learn a little Japanese, you can have many wonderful experiences.
    Right, lets learn some Japanese together !

    See Ishibashi Sensei's page.

  • SUZUKI Ayako

    When you study a language, you can learn about the country.
    By learning Japanese, you can know Japan deeper.
    Use Japanese to enjoy Japan !

    See Suzuki Sensei's page.