In Japan there are many machines designed to help people relax. In electronic stores there are many products for this purpose. Takase sensei has bought one, and really loves it ! Read more below and learn Japanese by listening to the blog and learning new Kanji and Japanese vocabulary.

Foot massage machine



みなさん、これ、何だかわかりますか。 これを使うと、すーっと足の疲れがとれます。わかりますか?

Foot massage machine





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みなさん、これ、何(なん)だかわかりますか。 これを使(つか)うと、すーっと足(あし)の疲(つか)れがとれます。わかりますか?足(あし)もみマッサージ器(き)です。


でもやっぱり、無言(むごん)じゃなくて「今日(きょう)は疲(つか)れてますね~」「そう、立(た)ちっぱなしだったからね。」とか「いたたた・・」「このつぼが痛(いた)いのは、○○が悪(わる)いからですよ」などと私(わたし)と会話(かいわ)しながらもんでくれたら最高(さいこう)ですね。しゃべる足 (あし)もみマッサージロボット、だれかに作(つく)ってほしいものです。

Foot massage machine

Do you know what this is ? If you use this, the tired feeling in your feet will be quickly refreshed and relieved. Do you know what it is now ? Yes, its a foot massage machine.

I really like to get foot massages, but having someone do it for me takes time and money. I can get one of my family members to do it for me, but after getting a massage from them, I have to give one back or else I'll get a complaint about it. Since its only electricity that is working for me, it doesn't complain so I've really come to like this massage machine.

But I'd like to do it without the silence – it would be fantastic if it could have a conversation with me while it massaged me and said things like, “You're really tired today, aren't you?” “Yeah, I was standing all day” and when I say, “ow ow ow!” it replies “Oh, this pressure point hurts because 'this or that' part of your body is unhealthy.”

I'd love someone to make a foot massaging robot !

すーっと quickly; all of a sudden,feel refreshed

もむ(もんで) to massage

~っぱなし keep ...-ing (negative nuance, with the state being improper, unpleasant, etc.)

つぼ a therapeutic [vital] point; a pressure point

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