Hobbies can be stimulating, exciting and bring you many friends and new pleasures. Murahara sensei introduces her hobby with this Japanese learning blog and video which includes some really useful Japanese expressions and vocabulary for you to improve your Japanese language.

My Hobby



Tahitian dance





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私(わたし)の趣味(しゅみ)は「タヒチアンダンス」です。 7年前(ねんまえ)の海外旅行(かいがいりょこう)で「タヒチアンダンス」を初(はじ)めて見(み)て、一瞬(いっしゅん)で心(こころ)を奪(うば)われました心(こころ)弾(はず)むような南国(なんごく)の音楽(おんがく)、胸(むね)に秘(ひ)めた熱(あつ)い思(おも)いを体全体(からだぜんたい)で表現(ひょうげん)する美(うつく)しさ・・・見(み)るのも楽(たの)しいけれど、自分(じぶん)でも踊(おど)れるようになりたいと思(おも)い、3年前(ねんまえ)に習(なら)い始(はじ)めました。




My Hobby

My hobby is Tahitian dance. On a trip abroad 7 years ago, I saw a Tahitian dance for the first time and became fascinated by it in that instant. Just watching the dance, with its exciting music and the beauty of expressing one's inner passions with the whole body, was fun, but I wanted to be able to dance it myself, so 3 years ago, I took it up.

The team I currently belong to is a young team that was only started 1 year and 4 months ago, but starting with the teacher, all the members really get along with each other very well, they all have a lot of vitality, positively take part in town events and dance contests and all strive to improve their skill.

I basically learned Tahitian dance to build up stamina, and to refresh myself, and also to 'get a little taste of a trip abroad', but due to the stimulation I get from my team mates, I've started to take part in events little by little recently. When we dance in an event, the bonds of solidarity among the teammates grow stronger, you get to enjoy dancing in front of people, and we can all also focus on this aim, “Lets get better at dancing”. It is a really good spice of life for me.

I think I want to continue dancing Tahitian dance that I love for as long as I have the strength to do it. And one day I would like to go to genuine Tahiti and take some authentic lessons there.

一瞬(いっしゅん)で in a matter of seconds, in an instant

心(こころ)を奪(うば)われる be fascinated, be captivated

心(こころ)弾(はず)む exciting

~胸(むね)に秘(ひ)めた思い one’s inmost passion

結成(けっせい)される to be formed, to organized

刺激(しげき)される be stimulated, be provoked

結束力(けっそくりょく) bond, solidarity, cohesion

本場(ほんば)~ Genuine~,

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