Where do you go in Japan to see a great fireworks show ? Well in Japan almost every city has a special day for this.However, perhaps one of the most famous is Nagaoka, Fujinawa sensei's hometown.

Nagaoka Fireworks



Nagaoka Fireworks

この写真、何だかわかりますか? 実は、花火を空へ打ち上げるときに使う花火玉模型です。この丸い玉の中には火薬がたくさん入ります。これが夜空できれいな花を咲かせるのです。



昨年の様子はYou Tubeで見ることができます。機会があれば、ぜひ、ご覧ください

To listen to this blog, please watch our Youtube video.


この写真(しゃしん)、何(なん)だかわかりますか? 実(じつ)は、花火を空(そら)打(う)ち上(あ)げるときに使(つか)う筒(つつ)と花火玉(はなびだま)模型(もけい)です。この丸(まる)い玉(たま)の中(なか)には火薬(かやく)がたくさん入(はい)ります。これが夜空(よぞら)できれいな花(はな)を咲(さ)かせるのです。



昨年(さくねん)の様子(ようす)はYou Tubeで見ることができます。機会(きかい)があれば、ぜひ、ご覧(らん)ください

Nagaoka Fireworks

Do you know what this photograph shows ? To tell the truth, this is a model of the fireworks balls and cylinders used to set off fireworks. These round balls are filled with gunpowder. These open up into beautiful flowers in the night sky.

For example in the case of the San Shaku Tama (the 3 feet fireworks ball on the left of the picture) , it has a diameter of 88.5cm and weighs 280kg. It can rise up to 600m above ground, and it is said that the opened fireworks size can spread out to about 500m area.

In the city I live in, Nagaoka, is famous for fireworks. Every year on August 2nd and 3rd during the 2 day Nagaoka Festival, over 20 thousand fireworks are let off. There is even a Hello Kitty firework.

You can see the look of last year's event on YouTube. If you get a chance, please take a look.

長岡(ながおか):Nagaoka city Niigata prefecture


写真(しゃしん):a picture

実は(じつは): to tell the truth

打ち上げる(うちあげる):set off (a skyrocket)

筒(つつ):a cylinder

花火玉(はなびだま):Fireworks ball (made from powder)

模型(もけい):a model

火薬(かやく):a powder

夜空(よぞら):the night sky


例えば(たとえば):for example

三尺玉(さんじゃくだま):three feet fireworks

直径(ちょっけい):a diameter


地上(ちじょう)→地上約550m:at about 550m avobe the ground


~発(はつ/ぱつ):花火を数えるときの数(かぞ)え方(かた)→the counting system

様子(ようす):the situation

機会(きかい):a chance


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