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The season for travel in Japan


By Yanaka Izumi

izumo taisha

日本の秋は旅行シーズンです。 涼しくなって木々紅葉も始まり、たくさんの人が旅行に出かけます。




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日本(にほん)の秋(あき)は旅行(りょこう)シーズンです。 涼(すず)しくなって木々(きぎ)紅葉(こうよう)も始(はじ)まり、たくさんの人(ひと)が旅行(りょこう)に出(で)かけます。




Autumn in Japan is the best season for travelling. As the weather gets cooler, many trees' leaves start to turn red and yellow, so many people go out on trips.

And its not only humans that go travelling. In the old calendar (Lunar calendar), during the 10th month, the gods in the shrines usually go out and travel as well. Which is why the old name for October was Kanna Zuki ( 神無月) or the month when the gods are not there.

The gods travel destination is Izumo Taisha shrine in Shimane prefecture. Izumo Taisha shrine is famous for the god of relationships. In the 10th month of the old Lunar Calendar all the gods from all over the country gather at Izumo Taisha shrine. Therefore only in the Izumo local area, the 10th month is known as Kamiari Tsuki ( 神在月) or the month when the gods are present. The gods stay for a week and have meetings there. During this time, the people in Izumo are very quiet so as not to cause a nuisance to the gods. After a week, each god returns to their own shrines.

This year the main shrine or Honten, which is where the Izumo Taisha shrine's god lives, has been renovated for the first time in 60 years. The gods from all over the country are probably looking forward to visiting his new home. If you ever get a chance to go, please try to visit Izumo Taisha shrine.

旅行(りょこう)シーズン The best season for travelling

木々(きぎ) many trees

紅葉(こうよう) Leaves turning red or yellow

普段(ふだん) usually

旧暦(きゅうれき) Japanese old calendar (lunar calendar); 旧暦10月=今の11月

旅行先(りょこうさき) destination to travel

縁結び(えんむすび) relationships, marriage, love destiny

として有名(ゆうめい) is famous for , is known for

全国(ぜんこく) all over the country

~地方(ちほう) ~ region

滞在(たいざい) stay

会議(かいぎ) meeting

邪魔(じゃま) nuisance

~ぶり after ~(period of time) again

住まい(すまい) residence

本殿(ほんでん) main shrine

新居(しんきょ) new home

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