LRC training Classes


Listen-Repeat-Correct training

Improve your Japanese pronunciation and listening skills.

For Intermediate level and above.

squareThe LRC training Class is a FlexLesson service (Small group classes of 7 people max.1 lesson is 50 minutes long).

squareTake FlexLessons on your schedule, at your pace. No start dates, no fixed schedule.

Class schedule

To see schedule in your time zone. This is not a traditional linear course it is modular. Take as many classes as you'd like. Start Anytime !

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* We have three classes a week. Teachers use the same script in all three.

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You can use the FlexLesson tickets to take other JOI lessons at different levels - as well as Business Japanese lessons.

Students Voices for LRC training classes at JOI

  • David(US) writes...


    I want to mention especially the Listening classes which really helped me to understand and respond to people when I visit Japan. Of course, I still have a foreign accent, but I think this class really helps with pronunciation because listening, repeating and then having the teacher correct your pronunciation is very useful. During my last trip, I felt that most people understood what I was saying and that made things go very smoothly and pleasantly.

  • Ye(US) writes...


    I personally really like the imitation classes hosted by Kumiko-sensei and it is such a great way to repetitively practice your listening, speaking, grammar, and translation all at the same time. JOI also helps students prepare for the JLPT test, if that is your goal.