Some people have a green thumb and some people are just not that good at raising plants. Iwaki sensei seems to be one of the latter !Read the short blog below to learn Japanese online more effectively.

Raising plants


By IWAKI Naoko




とても手軽でいいなあと思うのですが、種をまいて水をやるという第一歩がなかなか踏み出せませんなんとなく、めんどうだと思ってしまいます。 わたしは植物を育てるのが苦手なのです。みなさんはどうでしょうか。

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わたしは最近(さいきん)友人(ゆうじん)からイタリアンパセリの 栽培(さいばい)キットをもらいました。 栽培(さいばい)キットというのは、鉢(はち)、種(たね)、土(つち)、肥料(ひりょう)がセットになったものです。鉢(はち)に土(つち)をいれ、種(たね)をまいて水(みず)をやれば、あとは芽(め)が出(で)るのを待(ま)つだけ。少(すこ)し成長(せいちょう)すればすぐ収穫(しゅうかく)できます。


Raising plants

Are you currently raising any plants ?

Recently, I received an Italian Basil cultivation kit from a friend of mine. A cultivation kit is a set that includes a pot, some seeds, soil and fertilizer. You put the soil in the pot, sow and water the seeds and just sit back and wait for the seedlings to sprout. Once they have grown a little, you can harvest them.

I think that its really simple and nice, but I just cannot get myself to take the first step of sowing and watering the seeds. It just seems to be somewhat troublesome to me.I'm really not very good at raising plants at all! How about you ?

栽培(さいばい) cultivation; growing

鉢(はち) a (flower) pot

種(たね) a seed

種(たね)をまく seed

土(つち) earth;soil


芽(め) a seedling;a sprout

収穫(しゅうかく) a harvest; a crop

手軽(てがる)な easy;simple

第一歩(だいいっぽ)を踏(ふ)み出(だ)す take one's first step

なんとなく somehow

めんどうな troublesome

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