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Teachers' stories

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Japanese hair

There are a very large number of hair salons in Japan. Which leads me to think that Japanese people often get their hair cut. Most men tend to keep their hair short, and it is not only schools but also companies that have rules for hairstyles.

In this blog for Japanese learners, Japanese teacher Kumiko Yatabe explains the problems she has with her hair and clothes.

Please read the different versions to study the Kanji, and also listen to Yatabe sensei read out the blog in the YouTube video.

Ponytail headaches


By YATABE Kumiko

ponytail headaches



 でも、いつも後ろで結んでいる人もいますよね。きっと体質が違うのでしょうね。アリアナ・グランデさんなどは頭のかなり高い位置で、しかもきつめに結んでいるように見えます。とても可愛いと思いますが、頭痛にならないのでしょうか? だとしたら羨ましいです。

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 でも、いつも後ろで結んでいる人もいますよね。きっと体質(たいしつ)が違(ちが)うのでしょうね。アリアナ・グランデさんなどは頭のかなり高(たか)い位置(いち)で、しかもきつめに結んでいるように見えます。とても可愛(かわい)いと思いますが、頭痛にならないのでしょうか? だとしたら羨(うらや)ましいです。

Ponytail headaches

My shoulders get stiff easily from the things that I wear, and I get headaches from stiff shoulders. I cannot wear T-shirts or blouses that are tight around the neck, and also parkas or clothes with hoods. I don't own any turtlenecks, for example, because when I put them on, they make my shoulders stiff very quickly.

In addition to my clothes, another thing I need to take care of is my hair. I have hair grown down to below shoulder length. Personally, I think long hair is easier to maintain than short hair. Sometimes when I am working on something, I tie my hair back, which can also cause headaches. Twenty minutes after I tie my hair into a knot, my neck and shoulders start to stiffen and my head starts to hurt. This is because when the hair is pulled back, it reduces the blood circulation to the scalp. There is no official medical name for the condition, but there is a term for it: 'ponytail headache'. So when I tie my hair, I don't pull it too tightly, I tie it loosely and untie it as soon as I no longer need it.

But some people always tie their hair back. They must have different physical characteristics to me. Ariana Grande, for example, seems to tie her hair very high on her head and very tightly. I think it looks very pretty, but I wonder doesn't it give her a headache? If not, I really envy her.

・身(み)に着(つ)ける put on, wear

・肩(かた)が凝(こ)る shoulders get stiff

・首元(くびもと) neckline

・詰(つ)まった tight

・手入(てい)れ care

・作業(さぎょう) work

・結(むす)ぶ tie

・頭皮(とうひ) scalp

・血行(けっこう) blood circulation

・正式(せいしき)な official

・緩(ゆる)め lax

・ほどく undo

・体質(たいしつ) constitution

・位置(いち) position


Konnichiwa. My name is Kumiko Yatabe. I live in Saitama, just North of Tokyo.

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