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"Why have over 4500 Japanese learners chosen JOI ?"

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"Because, JOI provides the most effective way to learn!"

Learn to speak Japanese at your pace !

JOI is so popular for good reasons. It provides an unsurpassed quality and quantity of services for learning Japanese online.

Whether you are a first-time Japanese speaker or advanced linguist, we help you achieve your goals.
You can take Japanese lessons in the comfort of your home, office, or school.
Save money and time on commuting to local classes, and learn from highly experienced online teachers.

Study when you feel motivated - just click on your computer to see and talk to your teacher and classmates.
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Online Japanese Group and Private lessons

dark-squareJapanese small-group lessons (FlexLessons)

Our small group lessons will develop your speaking, pronunciation, listening, reading, grammar, vocabulary and Kanji.They have an average of 2 to 4 students per lesson and a maximum of 7 students.
There are 20 different types of classes available so whatever your level, you can find a class to suit your needs.

FlexLessons are better than Private lessons if you are busy.With FlexLessons, you can take as many lessons as you want a day.At whatever time (see lesson schedule), with any teacher, at your level and on whatever day - at your own pace.

Aren't private lessons faster and more efficient ?
Not at all. Our modular curriculum system is based the most effective methods to learn Japanese.
Please try 3 Trial FlexLessons with our $9 or 900 yen.

dark-squareNeed a private Japanese teacher ?

If you prefer the one-on-one environment,but don't need the flexibility offered by FlexLessons, then Private Lessons are perfect for you.A first-rate, qualified Japanese teacher will create tailor-made lessons for you. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

dark-squareChoose both or either !

You can vary your learning and combine Group and Private learning.
Our most diligent learners often make the most of all the unique FlexLesson features, and tailor-made private lessons.

See more FlexLesson and Private Lesson details

Online Japanese lessons group and private

Qualified and professional Japanese teachers

Our dedicated staff are hand-picked and trained to ensure that we continue to stay ahead of the field.

All our teachers are government-certified instructors or with university and graduate school Japanese teaching education.see JOI's online Japanese teachers

Learning from a qualified teacher is the most effective way to study Japanese and with 15 years of online experience under our belt and 20 years of language teaching experience, JOI can guarantee the results.

Just try our classes and see the difference!

Professional Japanese Teacher 

Free total learning environment

As a company with over 16 years of language teaching experience, we have come to understand the importance of creating a whole-language learning environment that is motivating and enjoyable for learners.

With this goal in mind we have created a host of free learning tools as well as a friendly school environment.

dark-squareTwice-monthly Chat Events
Free teacher-moderated sessions where you can join other students and speak Japanese in a friendly atmosphere
(Chat Events)

dark-squareFree video chat room
You can use the eLecta Live software for free and make friends.

dark-squareMessage Board (Users' Forum)
Exchange learning tips and motivate each other. Make friends to meet up with and talk to !

dark-square Almost 800 free quizzes
Learn Japanese between classes as well.Not just once daily, but any number anytime ! Our quizzes include video, translations and romaji. Japanese quiz sample

dark-squareWeekly Teacher Blogs
Improve your Japanese reading skills, Japanese reading and Kanji. We have developed a new audio blog

dark-squareJOI Video Channel 
Free Japanese video lessons

Reservations are simple and user-friendly

dark-squareLesson Reservations and Cancellation
You can reserve and cancel 17 hours before all JOI classes.

dark-squareLevel Track System
Follow your own Japanese learning progress easily.

dark-squareReminder Emails
You can receive a reminder mail 3 hours before class on your computer or mobile.

dark-squareContact your Teacher
You can send email directly to your teacher.

dark-squareTime Zones
Wherever you are in the world, see all lesson times are shown in your time zone.

Most reliable classroom software

We do not use Skype or free learning software, JOI uses eLecta Live's classroom software.
A reliable and effective learning environment.

Compatible with all Windows PCs (including 8) ,MAC, Linux, as well as Android and iPad mobile devices

Please test out our classroom

Our goal is to provide top-quality learning Japanese environment, and eLecta matches this ideal.

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Over 4500 Japanese learners since 2006 have studied at JOI !

OKProfessional Japanese teachers
OKReliable classroom (Windows,Mac,Linux,iPad,Android compatible)
OK18 Different of levels of classes (Conversation,Grammer,JLPT,Kanji etc)
OKFree chat events, Free video quizzes, Free audio and video blog