Online Japanese Group lessons and Private lessons

JOI offers you both Group and Private lessons.
Choose both or either !

flexjlptFlexLessons (small-group lessons)

FlexLessons are JOI's small-group lessons
(average of 2 to 4 students per class, a max. of 7 students)

The most flexible & easy way to learn and improve your Japanese.Over 130 Group Lesson times available a week.
Levels range from Introductory to Advanced : 20 different levels of classes to match your progress effectively.

dark-squareFlexLessons - our most popular lesson course choice!

A 50-minute live, online Japanese lesson for an unbeatable price.
3 trial lessons (Special Limited Offer!) for 9 dollars & Regular prices start at $5 per lesson -  the most reasonable prices anywhere.
There is no limit to the number of classes you can take a day.
If you are busy, take your lessons on weekends, or take your lessons when you have space in your schedule.

FlexLessons use a unique modular curriculum system.
This is the most effective system to learn Japanese if you are new to online lessons.

dark-squareA variety of Japanese courses on offer.

There are many types of FlexLesson:- Japanese everyday conversation classes, or grammar-focused classes, JLPT lessons(N1,N2,N3,N4,N5), Business Japanese, vocabulary lessons, Kanji, and reading skills.
Levels range from Introductory to Advanced.
( See online Japanese class details )

dark-squareHow to take lessons

Log into the reservation, check the lesson plans, choose the class topic and class time you'd like to take.
When it's your class time, login to the classroom, see the teacher and take the lesson.

Keep track of your progress and what lessons you have taken

In our Level Track feature, you can see all the JOI lessons for each level. The system keeps track of lessons and follows your progress for you. It's very easy to use

level track image

dark-squareLearn at your own pace

FlexLessons have no start dates, you can start whenever you want - even today !

privatePrivate Lessons

In need of a tailor-made curriculum ? Then we recommend our private lessons !
Our dedicated support team and teaching staff assist you to create the perfect lessons to suit your needs.

dark-squarePrivate Silver Lessons and Private Gold Lessons

There are two types of private lessons at JOI; Gold and Silver. Both types of private lessons are 50 minutes long and designed with your specific needs in mind with a tailor-made curriculum. The difference is, Gold Lessons have some additional features.

Private Gold lessons - extra features

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let us know your schedule times and goals.
After hearing your needs in detail, we will match you up with the most suitable teacher for you.

dark-squareJOI offers team-teaching

You can have 2 or more Japanese teachers coordinate your curriculum and work together to meet
your requirements !( team-up private lessons )

Try 3 Trial FlexLessons for only $9 !green

Over 4500 Japanese learners since 2006 have studied at JOI !

OKProfessional Japanese teachers
OKReliable classroom (Windows,Mac,Linux,iPad,Android compatible)
OK18 Different of levels of classes (Conversation,Grammer,JLPT,Kanji etc)
OKFree chat events, Free video quizzes, Free audio and video blog