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Effective Japanese language training

JOI was established in 2006 with an aim to provide an online Japanese learning environment for language learners.
Over the years, a large variety of companies have made use of our services.
From IT Engineers, manufacturing companies, fashion industry specialists, and automobile makers among others.
Our compliance agreement and policy is not to reveal the details of user companies.

JOI online Japanese school lesson features

Highly qualified Japanese teachers Only 5% of professional applicants are selected for training.
②Simple, reliable classrooms.We do not use Skype but customized classrooms with simple-to-use interactive E-learning features.
③With a modular curriculum, JOI's online Japanese classes are of unmatched quality and efficiency.
Reasonable Pricing  FlexLessons start from only $5 or 500 yen per lesson.
Convenience  With no commuting to school costs and time flexibility.

JOI provides quality Japanese lessons from highly qualified teachers.

Both group and private lessons

Many companies initially contact us requesting private lessons with the idea that private lessons mean more speaking time therefore more effective. But private lessons are not necessarily the best option for students.

  • Private lessons run up the cost of each individual students for the company.
  • The availability of the teachers do not always match with the busy schedules of students.
  • With private lessons once a week, the effectiveness is severely limited.

All this and more means that there are demerits to private lessons.

JOI's FlexLessons surpass private lessons in terms of merit and effectiveness.

So especially for cost-effectiveness and flexibility, we strongly recommend the FlexLessons.


The merits of FlexLessons (maximum 7 students group classes)


For the cost of one private lesson (2500 yen), students can take 5 FlexLessons (from 500 yen per lesson)
*Within these 5 lessons, students can take Conversation, Grammar Kanji, Business, Listening or JLPT lessons - with obvious advantages.

square2Effective Curriculum

Our team of professional teachers has created a curriculum (Level Track™) which enables students to progress effectively.
*Private lessons' effectiveness is largely influenced by the individual teacher's ability

square2Teachers and Content

With FlexLessons, the students can select their teachers and lesson content to suit their individual needs.
With the private lessons, there is the possibility of students not matching the tutor's style and lesson content.


With the group lessons, there is the added bonus of mutual encouragement, learning from fellow students and improving communication from within the environment.
*With the private lessons, the conversations are solely with one teacher.


With FlexLessons, the students can use the flexibility of the time schedules provided for all levels at JOI.
*With the private lessons, the lesson times are limited to their teacher's availability.


squareFlexLessons = Modular style

With the common style of course-based, linear learning, asany espoused by online and offline schools the courses can be rigid. But busy students can take FlexLessons following their own schedule, at their own pace. No start dates, no fixed schedule. Take a break when needed, and later pick up where they left off.

squareFlexibility and Schedule

All classes start on the hour and are 50 minutes long. Please see our latest schedule times.

squareChoose from 124 classes per week!

There are 21 different types of lesson contents (124 classes per week/ based on March 2019 lesson availability) Students can freely choose their lessons times and take several lessons daily if they wish to.

squareReasonable Pricing

Lesson prices start from 500 yen per lesson (with the 180 lesson ticket package)

Business Japanese classes from March 2019!

The Business Japanese classes are recommended for students who need to use Japanese at work and in the office.

・Business manner
Visitation practices, greetings, language usage, commercial practices and more, learned using quiz format plus discussions about differences in Japanese manner and home countries.

・Business emails
Learn the basics of business emails, learn to compose subjects, email contents et al. for practical situations. Email writing practice planned (depending on content, some lessons may not include writing practice).

・Telephone Japanese
Learn how to receive calls and further practice useful phrases. Use these lessons in a role-play scenario to master the skills.

・Business Writing
Contracts, reports and other business documentation are covered in the lessons.

・Business Conversation
Master how to interact in business discussions and negotiations, speaking to seniors and communication with co-workers. Role-play practice used to develop these skills.

How to take the lessons:

round-greenFor students who have never studied Japanese, we recommend Introductory and Survival Japanese

round-greenFor Intermediate level students aiming to improve conversation and grammar we recommend Intermediate Conversation, JLPT N2, and the JLPT N2 Preparation Course

round-greenFor Advanced level students aiming to improve business and conversational Japanese, we recommend Advanced Conversation, JLPT N1, Business Japanese

There is no limit to how many FlexLessons you can take a day.

Whole Language Learning Environment

JOI provides more than just online lessons, we also have several features and services to help motivate student learning. 。

squareTeacher Blogs

Once a week, the teachers write blogs which include vocabulary lists, Kanji reading and listening (YouTube) and reading practice.

squareChat Events

Free bi-monthly discussion sessions moderated by our professional teaching staff to practice Japanese conversation.

squareStudent Interaction

Students have access to a free message board and a 24-hour Chat Room to interact with other Japanese learners.


Free quizzes are provided for many Japanese levels.Sample

How to get started

1.Fill out the Enrollment Forms for each student from here.

2.Purchase lesson tickets using PayPal or a direct bank transfer.

3.Once payment is confirmed, students receive account details and an email explaining how to use the system.


Contact JOI Support for Corporate Lessons.(support@japonin.com)