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- For All JOI students

Free to all JOI students---practice speaking Japanese with a native speaker !

Chat events are your opportunity to practice speaking Japanese with a native Japanese speaker.

round-blueDon't fret over grammar, don't hesitate over the right word in Japanese---just speak up in a friendly, relaxed forum.
round-blueChat events are free for all students of our online Japanese school.

Hosted by JOI Japanese teachers

Chat events are hosted by these JOI teachers.
They rotate each month, so be sure to watch the chat event schedule,
and don't miss this opportunity to chat with your favorite JOI teachers.

Chat Events Details

Chat events are offered once a month at two skill levels (Beginner 2/Intermediate and Intermediate/Advanced), and are moderated by a JOI teacher. The moderator keeps the conversation flowing and offers help if you stumble over how to say something in Japanese. But the moderator won't bog down the discussion with tiny corrections of grammar or word choice the point is to practice real communication in Japanese.

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Student Voice for Chat Events

Sharon (US) says...


I have been taking classes at JOI for many years, and I often use the free learning tools. The monthly chat events are amongst my favorite tools. They provide an ideal forum for improving my Japanese conversation skills, and it’s fun to get to know other students from all over the world. I can both improve my Japanese and learn about other countries’ customs and cultures. The atmosphere is casual and relaxed, and everybody has the opportunity to participate.

Using the free chat events, quizzes and teachers’ blogs is a great way to supplement the classes. The wide variety of forums provide me with something new to study everyday, so I never get bored and I continue to advance. Plus, the teachers are very professional and well-qualified, so classes are interesting and worthwhile.

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