Japanese food has a lot of hot food, which people with cat's tongues cannot eat. Yatabe sensei is one of them, and introduces this problem in this Japanese language blog.

Nekojita - Cat's Tongue (A person who cannot eat hot foods)


By YATABE Kumiko



鍋物やラーメンなど、熱い食べ物をフーフーしながら食べるのが好きな人は多いですが、これは欧米の文化にはないことだと読んだことがあります。 でも、日本にも、熱いものが苦手な人はもちろんいます。そういう人のことを猫舌といいます。猫は熱いものが食べられないからそう呼ぶのでしょうが、実際は熱いものを好んで食べる動物は人間以外にはいないでしょう。



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鍋物(なべもの)やラーメンなど、熱(あつ)い食べ物をフーフーしながら食べるのが好(す)きな人(ひと)は多(おお)いですが、これは欧米(おうべい)の文化(ぶんか)にはないことだと読(よ)んだことがあります。 でも、日本(にほん)にも、熱(あつ)いものが苦手(にがて)な人はもちろんいます。そういう人のことを猫舌(ねこじた)といいます。猫(ねこ)は熱(あつ)いものが食べられないからそう呼(よ)ぶのでしょうが、実際(じっさい)は熱(あつ)いものを好(この)んで食べる動物(どうぶつ)は人間(にんげん)以外(いがい)にはいないでしょう。



Nekojita - Cat's Tongue (A person who cannot eat hot foods)

Winter has come. I ate cold foods very often during this summer, but in this season,I feel like having warm food. Many people like to eat hot food such as nabe or raamen while blowing on them, but I have read that it is not very common in Western culture. But even in Japan, of course, there are some people who are not very good at eating hot food. We call those people "nekojita" (or people with cat's tongues). It's because cats cannot eat hot food, but in fact, no living creatures except human eat hot food by choice, I guess.

Unfortunately, I have "nekojita", so I cannot start to eat until the food gets a little cooler. If my husband and I order raamen at the same time, while I cannot eat it because it is too hot, he eats it without any hesitation. If I force myself to eat it, I easily burn the inside of my mouth.

I really wonder why it varies between individuals like this even though the temperature that burns skin must be the same for everyone.

やってくる come

時期(じき)season, time

鍋物(なべもの) winter cuisine served in a pot

フーフーする blow (a food to cool it)

実際(じっさい)は in fact, actually

好(この)んで by choice

~以外(いがい) except, other than

猫舌(ねこじた) a person who cannot eat hot foods (舌 tongue)

平気(へいき)で without hesitation

無理(むり)する force oneself, try hard

火傷(やけど) burn

個人差(こじんさ) individual difference

不思議(ふしぎ) mystery, strangeness

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