Japanese language school student voices

These are testimonials from real JOI students.
We'd like to thank all these students for sharing their experiences at our online Japanese school !
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Stephanie(DE) writes...

Stephanie-DE“I found the drop-in classes a great way to get back to speaking Japanese.”

Flex Classes with JOI are a great way to practice your Japanese speaking if you don't have time for a more structured/intense course. Having lived and travelled in Japan and having learned Japanese before, I found the drop-in classes a great way to get back to speaking Japanese and preparing for future travel. The teachers are great at adapting to the different levels and the small class size allows for lots of individual attention.

Aleksandra(PL) writes...

Aleksandra-PL“I highly recommend JOI, it is a great place to learn Japanese.”

I started taking Japanese lessons recently after moving to Japan. I have already taken a few lessons and I am impressed!

Teachers are exceptionally helpful and explain the content using images which make it easier to remember. I love conversations in group, it is a great opportunity to talk to people from around the world. I already feel like I gained confidence in speaking Japanese.

I always look forward to my next lesson. I highly recommend JOI, it is a great place to learn Japanese.

Melanie (US) writes...

MelanieC-US“ I wish I'd known about JOI a long time ago!”

I took Japanese in college about 15 years ago, but since then I haven't used it and ended up losing a lot. I've been amazed at how JOI classes have helped me remember what I've forgotten and also build on my knowledge. Itaya-sensei is always encouraging and quickly adapts during live lessons to help me and other students master the content. It has been wonderful to have a chance to improve my Japanese even after all these years and now I get to use it every week...I wish I'd known about JOI a long time ago!

David(US) writes...

DavidD-US“ I just want to say how helpful the JOI lessons have been to me.”

I enjoy all of the lessons, but I want to mention especially the Listening classes which really helped me to understand and respond to people when I visit Japan. Of course, I still have a foreign accent, but I think this class really helps with pronunciation because listening, repeating and then having the teacher correct your pronunciation is very useful. During my last trip, I felt that most people understood what I was saying and that made things go very smoothly and pleasantly.

I also want to thank JOI for adding the new Business Japanese lessons. Learning keigo (formal language) is difficult, but very worthwhile. Even if you don't need to use the formal style at the office for business, the lessons help you understand what is being said by waiters, shop keepers and just about anyone that you encounter in a customer service situation.

Reaching a reasonable level of fluency is a long journey, but it is also enjoyable and rewarding. 頑張って下さい!

Lauren(US) writes...

LaurenM-US“ I highly recommend their online school for any level of Japanese learner.”

I started taking Japanese lessons through JOI after living in Japan for a period of time. It was important to me to continue studying even after returning the the United States.

The lesson content is very useful and the teachers are great! They are professional and personable, I always look forward to my next lesson with JOI. I highly recommend their online school for any level of Japanese learner.

Chiara(Italy) writes...

ChiaraA-IT“ We are in a classroom with other students from all over the world.”

I started attending the online courses together with my husband. We want to visit Japan again in the coming 2021 with the aim to try to live in this country for a while. This school was recommended by a friend of mine who speaks fluent Japanese and uses JOI courses to practice.

The lessons are simple to follow, very well-structured. The software is intuitive and it seems like we are in a classroom with other students from all over the world. I love this kind of diversification which you won't get in a physical class outside Japan. I personally love the human touch added by the teacher and how each lesson is also a way to discover Japanese culture. This is a very great value you wouldn't get from non-native speakers. Each lesson lasts 50 minutes and there is always time to practice the pronounciation and review the grammar. Teachers are always very patience and helpful. They are happy to answer all your questions and curiosities (I confess I am super curious about Japanese culture!). They are also keen to provide us with extra materials whenever it is possible or to suggest things to look out on the web. So far, it is a very great experience studying at JOI: it is simple, effective and affordable.

Paul(Belgium) writes...

Paul-BE“ Speaking like a local thanks to JOI.”

Thanks to the great and kind teachers I passed the JLPT-N5 and JLPT-N4. Passing an exam is always a good feeling...

However when I visited Japan in 2019-when speaking Japanese- on three different occasions, different Japanese people asked me where exactly in Japan I was living.

Their question made me feel better then any exam-score !Speaking like a local thanks to JOI. Paul

Ana(Spain) writes...

Ana-ES“ I feel like I am in a real classroom!”

I just had my first lesson using JOI and I couldn't be more satisfied.

There are many teachers and different lessons you can choose from depending on your level and needs.

The contents are really well explained and the teachers follow-up after the lesson with all the notes for the students.I feel like I am in a real classroom!

Thomas(UK) writes...

ThomasP-UK“ Thanks JOI, I really feel like I am progressing once more!”

JOI has allowed me to overcome a real obstacle in my studies of Japanese. I have studied Japanese for years but recently felt I had hit a proverbial 'wall', until now.

Living in Japan, I have a lot of opportunities to use spoken Japanese, but rarely do I have the opportunity to really focus on the accuracy of my language and experiment with new grammatical structures and vocabulary in a relaxed and supportive environment.

I have been to language schools in Japan before but found the cost to high, the methodology of the school not to my liking, the distance from my house too far, and the schedule not flexible enough. JOI, on the other hand, is able to satisfy all of these factors for me.

On top of that, the teachers are friendly, patient, and enthusiastic and I actually look forward to and enjoy each and every lesson. Thanks JOI, I really feel like I am progressing once more!

Steven(Spain) writes...

Steven“ The cost is quite reasonable and the fact that much of the instruction is geared toward JLPT is perfect for me.”

I am very pleased with my online lessons. I was initially concerned about the risk of technical issues happening (i.e. my connection getting interrupted) but in reality it rarely happens and when it does, it is very simple and quick to reconnect. The classroom software is really user-friendly,Takane sensei is very kind and her lessons are a pleasure, specially the cartoons she uses as materials.

The best of all is the flexibility of choice which allows me to take lessons almost anywhere and at unusual times which do not conflict with my schedule -I usually take lessons at 11pm or, when I am in Japan, at 6am. I always find it amazing to think I am sharing a class simultaneously with people who are scattered all over the world, yet we can all listen to and see our teacher as if we were in the same room. The cost is quite reasonable and the fact that much of the instruction is geared toward JLPT is perfect for me.

Amelia(AU) writes...

Ameliad“A really great price compared to other online options I have seen.”

The JOI flex-lessons are so affordable and convenient. I can choose the lessons that fit my university schedule at a really great price compared to other online options I have seen.

Being able to see the lesson plan ahead of time allows me to choose the lesson I believe will be most helpful while I prepare to live in Japan.I have already made so much progress, and I look forward to continuing my Japanese learning journey with JOI! I'm sure anyone who gives it a go, will also love it!

Zayda(US) writes...

Zaida“The program is extremely flexible, so I could do them before or after work.”

These types of classes were exactly what I was looking for.
The program is extremely flexible, so I could do them before or after work, and I'm not learning by myself, so if I have questions I could ask.

The homework is also amazing because it goes through everything we learned in class so I could keep practicing. The interaction between the professor and the other students in the class makes it so fun and easy to learn. I look forward to my next classes!

Suzana(BR) writes...

Suzana“In all this years of experience of Japanese classes, I choose JOI .”

Im in Japan for 18 year I have all a kinds of Japanese class volunteers in city hall , private teacher , but the best program the I have the chance to participate was here at JOI.

The teachers have experience in explain to foreigners ,the class is just we need to think in Japanese , the class is all plan , have extra activities like chats/debates.and the best of then , they have class all day , early in the morning and late the day ,Saturday and Sundays you can do your schedule .

In all this years of experience of Japanese classes , I choose JOI .

Jenny(US) writes...

Jenny“I am really thankful for having discovered JOI.”

I have been looking for a flexible Japanese class that offers quality education as well as time flexibility since I work full time-- and JOI offers not only that, but exceptional teachers as well.

Admittedly, I have gained more knowledge quickly and immensely enjoyed my classes a lot through JOI than any other platform I have tried. Definitely recommended!

Jonny(UK) writes...

Jonny“My confidence to speak Japanese is much higher than before.”

I've lived in Japan for over two years and before starting JOI's lessons I struggled with learning the language conversationally. With my job and commitments it was hard to commit to a set weekly Japanese lesson so JOI's flex lesson system suited my schedule very well.

On top of that the price is very reasonable and the lessons are useful and interesting. My Japanese has improved a lot since beginning these lessons and my confidence to speak Japanese is much higher than before. I would recommend these classes to anyone interested in studying conversational Japanese.

Titania(US) writes...

Titania“You won't regret trying out their trial lessons. ”

As a wife and mom, my free time and free money are limited.Taking lessons online with JOI has been a worthy investment.With their Flex classes as low as $10 each and the ability to choose a time that fits my schedule, studying Japanese seriously is once again possible for this busy mom. You won't regret trying out their trial lessons.

You'll find that their teachers are kind and well prepared. Your fellow classmates will inspire you to improve your Japanese with each lesson. Thank you so much, JOI! <3

Gabrielle(SG) writes...

Gabrielle-SG-2“As a long-time student at JOI, I highly recommend at the very least trialing a few lessons if you want to start learning Japanese. ”

JOI allows students to be extremely flexible with class times and the level of Japanese you want to learn. All the teachers are lovely and the resources they work through with you are genuinely helpful.
I started learning at JOI in high school to study for the N5 JLPT. Now I am in university studying for the N2 qualification! I find the flexibility of classes very convenient as I am not studying Japanese as part of my degree.
I definitely could not have made it this far into my Japanese studies without JOI. I hope others that are considering learning Japanese try out JOI too!!

Garry(US) writes...

GarryP-US“JOI has proven to me to be one of the best resources available online today. ”

Since having found this amazing website, Japanese Online Institute, I have been thrilled and amazed at the amount of progress I have been making in my Japanese studies.

The amount of details and explanations provided in the lessons are great, plus there is plenty of opportunities to practice with various exercises during each lesson. The school uses a method of recommending lessons based on the number of times the lesson content was covered or learned that allows you to gain an understanding for the usage and practicality of what is being learned rather than teaching something once and then moving on without looking back.
This allows you to revisit content with different teachers and different examples to allow you to better grasp the material and incorporate it into your Japanese ability.

I have tried many online schools and methods being sold out there for learning Japanese and this has proven to me to be one of the best resources available online today.

Michelle(US) writes...

MichelleM-US“For me, the two biggest strengths of JOI are schedule flexibility and cost. ”

I started taking private lessons with JOI almost 2 years ago. Since enrolling, I have passed the JLPT N3 and am about to take N2 soon. I feel pretty confident that I can pass it on my first try. My teacher has recommended several great textbooks to further my studies, and I always have a nice time talking with her during our warm-up chats at the start of lessons.

For me, the two biggest strengths of JOI are schedule flexibility and cost. Though I'm working as a teacher in Japan, I found that most of the language schools or volunteer-run Japanese courses offered by my city happen during weekday work hours. Additionally, the few lessons I found that might have worked with my schedule were about twice or more the cost per hour compared to a private lesson with JOI.

Lastly, I recently started taking some Flex lessons with JOI as well. I appreciate the variety of courses and that JOI adds new courses periodically. I was so excited to see a Business Japanese course being offered because I've been thinking about transitioning to working for a company in Japan. My biggest worry has been about my business skills, but now I'll have the chance to brush up and refine them before job hunting next year. Thank you so much for supporting my Japanese goals, JOI!!

John(Philippines) writes...

John-PH“JOI is the perfect Japanese learning program for busy people like me. ”

The Flexlessons are perfect for me because I have the freedom to choose the time that matches my personal schedule. This gives me more time to relax and learn at my own pace. Also, the quality of lessons is very good! I can use right away in my daily living here in Japan. The teachers are of high caliber also and knows the grammar very well. This is for me the best way to learn Japanese from scratch.

Giovanna(Italy) writes...

GiovannaD-IT“The method is very good: you can learn grammar, reading, listening and you can talk a lot.”

I started to study Japanese by myself, when I was at University, then I tried to improve it especially for business and work reasons. Unfortunately, when I quit my old job, I did not have the chance to talk in Japanese or improve my studies anymore, and this was very sad for me!

JOI gave me a new chance! It was warmly recommended from a dear friend of mine, which is actually a student of JOI too, and I immediately subscribed. 2019 is my third year of lessons in JOI and it is as great as usual! Teachers are very good and kind, and the same for other students that I have had the pleasure to meet. Moreover, the method is very good: you can learn grammar, reading, listening and you can talk a lot. I you are shy as I am, this is a perfect method to learn how to talk even if you are not mastering the language that much :)

Thanks to JOI, I can say without any doubts that I have improved a lot my Japanese skills! Thanks JOI and thanks to all the Teachers! :)

Bayan(Palestine) writes...

Bayan-PS“With my poor connection in my country's internet, I was glad that the classroom was suitable.”

I just start JOI a few months ago. and it was my friend recommendation. I thought I would just enter the FlexLessons to see how it works. I didn't expect to start with Private lessons with them. the teachers are so kind and informative. They remember every student and never prefer one on another. and the support team hard work is really obvious. and with my poor connection in my country's internet, I was glad that the classroom was suitable and I don't have to worry about cutting errors. If I want to recommend an online school to study Japanese, I would like to recommend JOI for sure.

Genevieve(Hong Kong) writes...

Genevieve-AU“ I was highly recommended by a Japanese language center to JOI.”

In our current transient, disposable era, the 'what you pay, is what you get' norm is inevitably accepted but JOI truly shatters this mindset.Besides the attractive pricing, I latter swapped to JOI from an alternate online tutor due to their dedicated veteran teachers.

I studied Japanese for many years but through neglect, I am reduced to a mere basic level. I am causally studying during a work sabbatical and I am ever so astounded by my private tutor's care to equip me in Japanese. Thank you! I began JOI through Flexi classes and I thoroughly enjoyed them, interacting with various teachers and students. Try their 3 lessons trial.

JOI is a solution package, with the classes, comes access to forums and free resources at your fingertips. The ease of their online platform is designed for anyone to partake in a customized, interactive Japanese tutoring.

Stephanie(France) writes...

	Stephanie-FR“ JOI is truly enjoyable.”

I had decided to subscribe here because I couldn't find advanced Japanese classes at reasonable prices in my town. I have only taken a few lessons so far but JOI is truly enjoyable. Once you get used to the software, it is quite easy to use, plus, I like the fact that during the FlexLessons, people are given the chance to practice Japanese so often. The teachers' explanations are easy to follow and they are always nice to the students.

I am very satisfied with the experience and will probably recommend JOI to my friends as well.

Willy (Indonesia) writes...

Willy“ I found JOI is the best.”

I have been trying different online learning, and I found JOI is the best in term of material delivered as well as cost performance.

There was time, I was considering of getting a private lesson, but the flex lesson is totally fine to accommodate my needs. You don't need to worry for not being able to participate actively, because everyone gets a turn, and the group is relatively small around 4 people or so.

I would highly recommend you to get some trial lessons and you will find the difference :)

Daina (Vancouver, Canada) writes...

DainaM-CA“ I was fortunate to discover JOI.”

In 2008, while living and working in Japan, I was fortunate to discover JOI. I have been taking online lessons with JOI since then and am impressed each time I study with my online Japanese teacher. From introductory to advanced, JOI is able to meet any students' learning needs. I really appreciate the fact I can choose to practice conversation skills if I am in the mood, or I can have a more rigorous lesson that will help me prepare for the JLPT.

I took the JLPT Level 4 proficiency test and I know how important it is to practice, prepare and plan for this test. Taking JOI lessons has helped me maintain my Japanese language skills even though I have moved back to Canada.

Thank you, JOI, for providing an educational platform that is rich in content, interesting and relevant to my learning needs.

Izak(US) writes...

Izak“ I have noticed that my conversational skills have significantly increased.”

Thanks to all of the wonderful Japanese teachers at the Japanese Online Institute I was able to pass both JLPT N5 and N4. I am currently working towards JLPT N3. The teachers are extremely kind and will always help you with each question you may have.

After taking some classes with the Japanese Online Institute, I have noticed that my conversational skills have significantly increased. Recently,I had the opportunity to study abroad at Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto,Japan. Although my speaking proficiency was not 100% while I was in Japan, I was able to independently survive in a completely Japanese-language environment. I can definitely say that one day I can be fluent in Japanese.

JOI teachers truthfully show students their full potential and they are giving us the tools to proceed in our study of their beautiful language. JOI is the best! I definitely intend to continue taking classes with the Japanese Online Institute.

Maya(CA) writes...

Maya“ JOI lessons have improved my Japanese ability more than any other method of study. ”

I'm extremely happy with the amount that I've learned, and I highly recommend JOI if you want to make significant progress in learning Japanese. The teachers are wonderful, and they do an incredible job of developing the lessons and making sure every student understands the material. The lessons are especially helpful for speaking and listening practice, and you'll quickly become more comfortable having conversations in Japanese. I've also taken Japanese classes at language schools in Tokyo and in Canada, but JOI lessons have been more helpful than any classroom-based course, and also more enjoyable and more convenient.

I look forward to every JOI class, and I'm very grateful to the teachers who put so much energy into making the lessons so rewarding. Thank you JOI!

Paul(US) writes...

Paul“ Thanks to JOI I passed my JLPT N2 and was accepted to Kyoto University!”

I really enjoy taking classes at JOI because the teachers are very friendly, always helping everyone improve their Japanese with positive, encouraging attitude, and it's fun taking classes with students from around the world, learning about each other's cultures as we learn Japanese together.

I am always having fun, smiling, and even laughing during the interesting discussions JOI's lessons engender in us international Japanese language students. I'm a big JOI fan!

Nicole(DE) writes...

sara“In 2017 I took the JLPT N5 preparation class and subsequently passed the exam.”

I think this would not have been possible without the support from the JOI teachers, given that I had only been studying Japanese for 5 months before taking the test. The teachers' patience and kindness is extraordinary, and although we were on a tight schedule, there was always time to share a short personal story or to crack a joke. What I like the most is how the teachers are able to pick out the most important grammar concepts, condense them into lessons and prepare high-quality teaching material. We even got mock tests to check our knowledge and to get used to the JLPT question style.

All of this also applies to the regular classes. Each class is self-contained, which allows me to freely mix and match lessons. I am self-employed, and I often travel to my clients or to conferences, therefore I cannot attend a regular weekly class at a local school because I would probably miss it most of the time. With JOI, I can pick the lessons that suit my schedule, and I can even take lessons while I'm travelling!

Leena(India) says...


“ Teacher are very good, helpful, explaining very nicely.”

I am using Japonin site for Learning Japanese Language. Its really effective for me.
I can talk very confidently.Last one year I was attending Japanese class.
Teacher are very good, helpful, explaining very nicely. Design module is very good.
Each person get equal chance to speak during class hour. I was enjoyed this classes and learned a lot from it.

Tanya(Ecuador) writes...

sara“JOI is perfect!”

I joined to cover some knowledge before starting to study for the JLPT N2. We choose the lesson according to the schedule and level. Teachers are very nice and serious, therefore we learn and enjoy.

When I came to live in Japan, I learned other structures for N2, but still to clarify some knowledge or prepare to the next level, I’m willing to continue joining the JOI classes. At flex lessons, we have the class with learners from all over the world, so we can learn about other cultures or way of thinking too.

Brett(AU) says...


“ I've been studying Japanese with JOI for the last 6 years! ”

I've been studying Japanese with JOI for the last 6 years and I have found them to be an excellent learning resource for developing Oral Japanese skills.
The teachers are awesome, great personalities, they're patient, kind and make their classrooms a comfortable and welcoming place to be.
I won't hesitate in recommending JOI to anyone who wants to learn and improve their spoken Japanese.

Huishan(TW) says...


“ Highly recommend JOI! ”

Since I found out JOI, I started to take one class almost everyday.
I learn Japanese by myself, however, I don't have a lot of occasions to practice speaking.
Now I can learn Japanese and practice speaking with JOI, and I can take the classes at home! The teachers are all very friendly, patient and funny.
I really look forward to taking JOI classes everyday! Highly recommend JOI!


Keith (USA) writes...


“My classmates have been wonderful.”

I have been a student of JOI for about a year now. I originally came because where i live there aren't any local teachers. The class schedules have been very convenient and it's great to do it from home.
Besides it being extremely convenient the teachers are just amazing! Each has their own style and they teach content a little differently. Everyone though is really friendly and kind.

My classmates have been wonderful. There are lots of regulars who you will attend class with so it is similar to a real classroom experience and you see each other grow.

The JLPT N4 prep courses were very well designed and helped me a great deal. I have been waiting eagerly to take their JLPT N3 classes.

Finally, the classes are very affordable. Thank you JOI - i have been having a great time and am excited to continue my journey learning Japanese with you!

CarrieZ-US says...


“I highly recommend taking lessons through JOI, for it is a system built with your convenience in mind. ”

Each lesson is dedicated to the mastery of specific grammar point(s) and associated vocabulary, so as not to be too overwhelming. We are always given plenty of examples and we have the chance to practice/collaborate with other students.

Moreover, the Senseis have truly made all the difference in these lessons. They foster a great learning environment and they constantly reach out to check our comprehension. And on top of that, they type up and send us notes!

Though I came in with some elementary knowledge of the language, I am very surprised and pleased by how much I learned within the month and a half of attending JOI. The conversational atmosphere of each class really helps develop and hone your understanding and speaking ability.どうも ありがとうございました!^_^"

Gabby (SG) says...


“I enjoy the variety of different classes JOI offers.”

I first came across JOI while I was looking to join an online Japanese school, because although I was taking other Japanese classes at the time, I wanted to study from native speakers. It has been 3 years since then, and I am still so glad that I took the opportunity to study at JOI! The teachers are patient, friendly and are always helpful even when I'm stuttering out terribly formed sentences and resorting to hand gestures to get my point across. I enjoy the variety of different classes JOI offers, from the flexible conversation classes, to the (exam-saving) JLPT Preparation classes to my weekly private tutoring. JOI is great even if you're not studying for JLPT exams and just generally want to improve your Japanese.

Being a busy full-time student, JOI classes are currently the only Japanese classes I take each week, and I still find my Japanese improving! I am currently studying for the JLPT N3 exam, and hope to one day become (at least close) to fluent. I recommend JOI for anyone who wants to learn Japanese and I wish everyone luck in their Japanese studies!

Justin (USA) writes...

justin“I'm glad I found JOI!”

As a busy professional, JOI lets me continue to maintain and refine my Japanese skills through lessons that I can schedule at my convenience.

JOI lets me plan lessons around my schedule in a way that would be impossible to do with regular classes, and the cost of JOI lessons is actually more affordable than taking private lessons the traditional way.

The quality of lessons through JOI is uniformly excellent, and the teachers are superb! Additionally, JOI is the only online Japanese language school I've found that offers lessons at the advanced level, and the website offers many useful features that complement the lessons.


Rita-HK says...

“Taking lessons at JOI can speed up my progress learning Japanese.”

After taking the first lesson, I decided to keep on taking lessons at JOI. I have taken substantial lessons for a year but I am still not able to speak in Japanese as I wish because I don't have any practice in reality. During my JOI lesson, I have much chance to practice even by taking Flexlessons. Although my Japanese is very poor, the teacher was still very patient in teaching me and communicating with me.

Furthermore, I don't need to commute here and there and waste the time on traffic when I want to take Japanese lesson. Time of taking lesson is always on my own discretion.

Kevin (USA) writes...

kevin“JOI has come to feel like part of my family and I look forward to every class I take.”

Lately there has been a lot of stress in my life, but one of the few things that keeps me going is JOI. When I put my headphones down after having taken a Japanese class where I just spent almost an hour speaking exclusively in Japanese, there is no comparison to the joy I feel.

It's such a great feeling to be learning such a beautiful language. The teachers are all so fun and encouraging and they push you to step outside your comfort zone to do things that make you think and grow and learn Japanese even better!

Maria (Spain) writes...

maria“Learning Japanese has never been better or cheaper! ”

I found JOI through a random internet search and when I saw what they offered I couldn't believe my eyes! I studied Japanese at the university language school for 4 years and took JLPT3, but after that I had to give up studying for long periods of time, and my skills worsened. JOI has offered me the opportunity to review concepts, learn new things and have fun communicating with teachers and students.

I take FlexLessons only, and sometimes join chat events; both I have found to be challenging and motivating. The teachers are excellent at what they do, and I'm never afraid of asking questions -no matter how silly I think the questions are!

JOI is a great choice for independent learners with many other things to do every day, because its lessons can fit anyone's daily schedule! Please keep on the great work! I will recommend JOI to my friends!

Jen-US writes...

jen“The flexibility of the FlexLessons allows students to push themselves and learn fast.”

In a world of slow-paced minimalists, where people try to put in the least possible work and expect the least possible of their clients, I appreciate JOI's emphasis on self study and motivation. The teachers try to get their students to go above and beyond the lesson requirements.

I have a job and help take care of seven kids at home in addition to working on my novel and recording art, so for me the most important thing is that I can learn Japanese as much as possible but on my own time.

I really want to be able to speak Japanese at the 200 college level by the end of the summer, and because FlexLessons allows me to take two lessons a day sometimes, I think this goal is possible. I love being able to take as many lessons a week as I can cram into my schedule! More lessons per day = more Japanese = more success = more happiness for me. Thanks JOI!

May from Vancouver writes...

may“I recommend this school to anyone who wants to learn Japanese as a 2nd language.”

I really enjoy my learning at JOI. Fujinawa sensei has been very patient with us, we are not just learning grammar phrases in the class, we also get to learn lots of new Japanese vocabulary and practice writing our own sentences.

JOI lessons have given me more confidence with my Japanese speaking skills as well. They motivate me to get better each day. I really enjoy the learning atmosphere here at JOI. All the senseis are very qualified and dedicated.

Leah (UK) says..

leah“I really enjoy JOI because it fits into my life schedule and it's not expensive at all.”

I started at JOI because the Japanese language school in my area shut down and I was finding private lessons very expensive. I liked the look of the trial lessons and thought 'what have I got to lose?' so I gave it a try. I was extremely nervous, but I soon found that my friendly teachers made me feel welcome and I felt like I fit in. I have had lessons from 3 teacher, and they have all been brilliant. They put up with my mistakes!

I can take lessons as I can afford them and I can keep track of what I've done on the Stepping Stones system, which is really useful for me. I can also check what the lesson is covering before I pick the class, so if I've taken it I can chose a different class. Overall I really recommend JOI and I am learning a lot! My Japanese has improved so much since I joined.

Thank you everyone for the brilliant experience. I'm looking forward to continuing to enjoy my online lessons here.

Luciana writes...

I don't have much time to study, so learning Japanese at home is incredible. Also in the JOI virtual classroom I can talk and listen to my Japanese teacher the whole class, just like we were in the same place. SO IT IS MORE RAPID AND SIMPLE TO LEARN JAPANESE. I'm really excited and happy to study here. My experience has been a GREAT one!

Roberto-IT says...

roberto“I never liked online courses, but JOI's online lessons are special.”

With JOI's method you can improve your language skills. You can speak a lot with Japanese teachers and at the same time you can also learn Japanese grammar in a nice way. The flexibility of the timetable is great because you can always find a lesson right for you. So after 50 lessons and still counting, I am a supporter of JOI online courses!!!!!! If you like Japanese language you have to study here.

Lisa M. says...

“The well-qualified teachers at JOI make it truly unique.”

It has been several months since I started studying Japanese online with JOI. In the past 10 years, I have studied at universities not only in the US but also in Japan. I have had numerous Japanese teachers and I have seen a great range of teaching methods and techniques used.

I am so very impressed with the quality of teachers at JOI and the instruction methods used in the courses. The teachers are very gifted in teaching and seem to really care about the students and check to see if the student is really grasping the material to be learned in each session.

Classes are very focused on the task set and I love that at the end of each class, the instructors always ask if the students have any questions. This is a great opportunity to go back and ask anything about the class material that a student may be uncertain of.

I believe that fluency in the Japanese language is attainable through hard work and dedication; however, it will be an ongoing process. I am so very thankful to have found JOI and to have these wonderful teachers to help me achieve my dream of becoming fluent?which I expect to be one day in the near future.

Frank (US) says...

“... the flexibility of the class schedule is perfect for someone busy with job commitments.”

I have taken only about 20 online lessons at JOI thus far, but my experience has been absolutely wonderful. All of the teachers are friendly, excellent, and engaging. The reservation system is so easy to use, and it seems there is always a topic on an upcoming lesson plan to fit my needs. The group lessons are a great deal of fun, and it is exciting to bring people together from all over the world in the pursuit of Japanese study.

ホンコンのJan / Jan (HK) says...

*とても便利です。(仕事が忙しくて、遠い所へ行けないから、家でパソコンをつけて、レッスンできるという ことで、私に対して、こういう勉強する方法がふ さわしいと思います。)

Shelley (US) (in Japan) writes...

shelley“The quality of the lessons is excellent...”

The quizzes are a great bonus, and the technology works very well. What I like most, though, is the flexibility to design my own study program. For example, if I realize I need to work more on my vocabulary, I can focus on discussion classes, but if there is grammar class that I feel would be useful I can fit that in too. In this way I can learn exactly what is most practical for me each week.

An unexpected benefit of JOI is the chance to learn from and practice with a variety of teachers and students each class. In most face-to-face lessons you get used to your teacher and become comfortable speaking to him/her, but when you meet new people and try to talk to them it is difficult. With JOI, you can practice speaking to new people all the time so it is great preparation for real life interactions.

Becki (AU) says...

becki“The biggest benefit for me is the flexibility with JOI I can attend classes from my home or my office.”

I have been trying to learn Japanese on and off for about a year, but it was always inconvenient for me to have to travel to classes. I started using Joi a couple of months now and I am really enjoying the classes.

The class sizes are small and you get to know the other students as well as the teachers, which helps you to feel more comfortable when learning.

It gives me the flexibility I need in study so that I can fit it in around my busy schedule. Being able to attend classes during my lunch hour at work has allowed me to increase the number of hours a week I am having teacher/student contact and so help me to improve my understanding and ability in Japanese.

I would recommend JOI to anyone; it is a great service with great people.

Alice (CA) writes...

“It has been an amazing learning experience. ”

I started to take lessons to prepare for JLPT3. The classes are small in size, so there's plenty of opportunities to speak up and ask questions when a certain concept is unclear. The teachers are very friendly, which makes the learning process all the more pleasant!

I also love the flexibility of being able to attend classes of different difficulty levels according to my own learning needs and at my own schedule! I will definitely continue to take lessons from JOI to improve my Japanese beyond JLPT3!

Eric Yamagute - Sao Paulo, Brazil writes...

eric“These fantastic teachers have really helped me increase my level of confidence again.”

I've got Ikeda-sensei as my primary teacher, but whenever possible I attend Mizuno-sensei's classes as well. Thank you so much!

It had been such a long time since I stopped studying Japanese. I was really afraid of using the language, but then I decided to start preparing to enter the Master's Degree. For that, I need to take the proficiency test in Japanese, and JOI has been playing such an important role in my preparation.

Danny (Mississippi, USA) says...

Even though my BA is in Japanese, I found myself in desperate need of conversation practice. JOI is exactly what I was looking for--online opportunities to practice speaking Japanese with native Japanese speakers and help in grounding Japanese grammar principles and vocabulary. I'm so glad I joined this online Japanese school!

Nick Morrison writes...

nickI love the flexibility in learning Japanese online that JOI has to offer! I really enjoy being able to reserve a lesson with as little as 2 hours notice - for my busy lifestyle it's perfect!

Living and working in Japan, I have an immediate need to communicate effectively in Japanese business situations; the JOI instructors always use top notch correction techniques and an immersive environment to really help me achieve my goals of proper Japanese grammar usage and pronunciation

I feel that JOI is THE BEST value for my money when it comes to learning Japanese online!

Dee-US says...

After six months of studying Japanese at my local university as a beginner, I couldn't speak at all...zilch! The class was too big with very few opportunities to speak Japanese in a meaningful way. Now, after spending the summer taking FlexLessons at JOI, I am happy to say that my speaking and listening skills have increased tremendously and so rapidly it is hard for me to believe.

Classes are conducted in Japanese, which has helped increase my listening skills. Reviews of material covered previously are incorporated into many of the lessons. Each of the six JOI teachers I have taken classes from has been very patient and supportive. All my fears about speaking Japanese and making mistakes disappeared in my first two lessons. I have been happy with every class I have taken. I have learned a lot in the two months I have been taking JOI's FlexLessons.

Here is more about what I really really like about JOI. There are so many helpful resources on their web site. The online quizzes have helped boost my vocabulary and knowledge of particles. Plus, it is fun to see all the little stars and the Japanese word for "Congratulations!" when you have gotten a perfect score. Through the Community News and Lesson Blog features, I have learned much of interest about Japanese culture. Moreover, the blog has enhanced my ability to read hiragana and kanji. And...Thank you for the new Stepping Stones which allows me to follow and map my progress.

I can schedule JOI FlexLessons classes at times that are convenient for me and take them from any quiet place. I must also mention JOI's prompt response to emailed questions I have sent. There is much to love about JOI. What more could I ask for?

Thank you so much, JOI! I am very happy with my results--so much so that, even though I had originally planned to take JOI classes only over the summer, I have decided to continue taking classes even when I return to university classes in the fall.

Thank you again! Dee

Lisa (US) says...

lisa“I love JOI!!”

I took my first 3 lessons just last week and I absolutely loved every minute of them. Everyday after work all I could think about was how many more days until my next class! Now I can't wait to set up some private lessons and get started with learning more Japanese! Arigatou Gozaimasu!!!

Robert R. writes...

“What I like best about JOI is the instant feedback from the Japanese teachers.”

It's hard to find the kind of interaction JOI offers in person, much less over the internet, but every JOI teacher I've tried has been polite, attentive, and helpful. I am glad I took the leap and joined this online Japanese school, and I'm excited about JOI being able to help me prepare for the JLPT so I can one day work as a translator. Thank you, JOI!

Jesiee (Singapore) writes...

It's really an easy way to learn the Japanese language and I'm able to learn it together with other people if I choose to. There's also the flexibility of paying more so that I can have private lessons as well so it's really convenient. Thanks JOI for this!

Barry (US) says...


After deciding the only way I could affordably study Japanese was to learn on my own, I saw an ad for JOI, indicating how inexpensive JOI's online Japanese classes are. I was so pleasantly surprised when I discovered the high quality of the program, particularly vis-a-vis highly motivated and enthusiastic teachers. I now feel imbued with a renewed enthusiasm for learning Japanese, and I am always excited about?and eager to start?my Japanese lessons.

GeorgieK says...

My JOI teacher does an excellent job in facilitating the online Japanese lesson. I enjoy the format of the lesson plan, in which I continue to learn new grammar, vocabulary and proper pronunciation of the Japanese words.

Receiving the lesson plan on paper to review allows me to go over the lesson plan as many times as necessary. The visual of the lesson plan is very good. I have to stay focused because once I learn a new concept, the sensei requires me to respond with an answer. The 50-minute lesson goes by quickly because of an energetic teacher and enthusiastic student. Thank you, JOI.

Brian-US writes...

“Thank you very much, JOI, for providing me and all the other students with the best possible environment for learning Nihongo.”

I have been teaching myself Japanese for a while. I live in Oklahoma and find it hard to find conversation partners. You can learn a lot by yourself, but to really communicate you must have another person to talk to.

The way JOI works by teaching face to face is absolutely fantastic. I find myself just as excited for my fellow students as I am for myself. The interaction with other students is great. Your ears get a good workout listening to others and listening to the instructor.

I also want to thank TheJapanShop.com for recommending JOI. That was the best advice I ever had.

Chrissy from Canada writes...

“I would definitely recommend JOI for those who want to improve their Japanese.”

JOI allows me to study Japanese from anywhere, anytime. It's very flexible and offers lesson at times that are convenient for me. Also, being able to take the lesson from home means that I can save the time, money, and effort compared to the old days where I had to commute to school in order to receive Japanese lessons.

The teachers at JOI are also very knowledgeable and helpful with my studies. It's interesting to have classmates from all over the world so I can learn about other cultures while I'm studying Japanese.

jstardream says...

“For me, JOI is one of the best learning environments and a great fit for my learning style!”

JOI lessons are simple yet comprehensive. Having experienced other online Nihongo classes, I was apprehensive to use any instructional software for language learning. However, being a visual learner I quickly became a fan of the virtual classroom environment.

The JOI system is very convenient and accessible 24/7! I can both track my progress via the "Stepping Stones" feature and make a reservation or cancellation from my location of choice.

Another highlight of JOI is the "My Reminders" feature. As a busy working mother I check my electronic calendar and email frequently. It is very convenient to get a reminder.

Lastly, the best feature of this Japanese language institute is the teaching staff! My teachers are both skilled and caring. They are very patient with me and take the time to answer any questions.

Scott B (US) writes...

“In 2 weeks at JOI, I've learned more Japanese than a whole semester at a university.”

JOI's teachers are always extremely patient and continue to offer correction and support, no matter how many obvious errors I make. Additionally, the daily quizzes make sure that I have some opportunity to practice my Japanese a little bit every day.

James-UK writes...


I've finished my first three lessons and can't wait for more! Not living in Japan anymore makes it really difficult to practice speaking Japanese with a native speaker. JOI is perfect for conversation two or three times a week and the classroom software is much better than I expected. Thanks to everyone at JOI!!! - James

Michael in Japan says...

After three months of study, I would like to recommend JOI to anyone with an interest in learning Japanese. Being able to study Japanese online is ideal for people with busy schedules, and JOI has set up the perfect system for doing so.

Students can take lessons on the days of the week they choose, and can reserve classes for mornings, afternoons and evenings. The JOI system is easy to understand and navigate, and if there is ever a question, the support staff are very fast and helpful with their responses.

Students will find a variety of levels available, from introductory to advanced Japanese, and chat room spaces that are available for additional scheduled activities. The lessons themselves are fun and challenging. Teachers lead students through specific target language and allow ample speaking time for each student to practice. The teachers are patient, and they keep their language at the level of the students (a very important teaching skill that keeps students engaged and motivated). The virtual classroom, like the site as a whole, is easy to understand and enjoyable to work within. For beginner students (like myself), English is used as a support, though only as needed, so that it doesn't interfere with learning Japanese.

In short, JOI is a great Japanese language learning site, and if there is anyone out there who is thinking of trying it out, I say DO IT!

Wendy-US writes...

wendy“With JOI, I can afford a week's worth of classes for the same cost as an hour with a local teacher.”

I recently moved from a city with a large Japanese population to a city with relatively few Japanese, and it became much harder to find a local Japanese tutor who could fit into my hectic schedule at a price within my budget. My studying began to suffer and I was afraid I would have to give up on my dreams of passing the JLPT. But then I found JOI, and realized I could take a whole week of Japanese classes for about the same cost as one session with my local teacher. And this doesn't include the time or money I would spend in traveling to and from my sensei's house.

I love the ability to learn with bright students from all over the world. I find that the group classes are much better at helping me remember than studying on my own. There is something wonderful about telling a joke in Japanese and hearing someone from Europe or Australia laughing.

I can easily find classes that fit with my busy schedule and I don't have to miss out on spending time with my friends and family. I no longer have to stick to a regular weekly time, but can fit classes in around my next day's plans.

I would like to thank the teacher's and students at JOI for keeping Japanese fun and allowing me to continue pursuing my dreams.

Neil (DE) says...

neilI love being able to take Japanese classes without having to travel anywhere. Just start up the notebook, connect to the Internet, and off you go. I just wouldn't have time for traditional courses, but with JOI I'm in class four times per week!

Olga E. says...

olga“This is an absolutely fantastic way to learn the language, especially for busy people.”

I just had my first lesson and am excited beyond words. It's like being in a real classroom, but you don't need to go anywhere. It can't be beat if you live far from big cities and universities. Plus, it's much more structured and disciplined than self-study, so I'm pretty confident I'll make good progress. I'm certainly buying more lessons and looking forward to my next one tomorrow!

Rhonda - Aussie says...

“Compared to a real classroom - honestly - I would prefer to use JOI!!! ”

I am travelling to Japan in a few months and desperate to learn some Japanese so I can at least eat while I am there :o) I purchased 4 language books and did a 6 week Japanese course in a real classroom. Then I found JOI on the internet and had my first lesson today.

It was simply amazing and to be honest, far - far better than I ever expected. I took the trial offer because I was not sure that the lessons could be as good as the site describes. IT IS - and more. I can not believe how well this system works. It is just so convenient. My teacher is fantastic and her English is excellent. Thanks JOI - I'm staying!!!

Billy in Mito writes...

billyThe best thing about JOI is how they live up with the expectations of the students. The "Flex lessons" are really flexible in terms of the level and class schedule and the site is so easy to use. It is really very comfortable learning Japanese here. JOI の 教え方はすごくおもしろいので、とてもべんきょうしやすいとおもいます。Thank you so much for making this site!

Yuliya (RU) writes...

“Well, what can I say? I love taking classes at JOI!”

It's just keep getting better and better. I took an Introductory course with Arase-sensei, and it was such fun and pleasant experience! Arase-sensei is very gentle and understanding. She makes sure that the student feels comfortable and relaxed. I enjoyed every single class with her. Thank you so very much, Arase-sensei.

Now, I'm taking a Beginner 1 course with Ikura-sensei and we just have a blast! We laugh all the time and the atmosphere is just perfect for studying. She is very kind and I love how she makes sure that the student pronounces every word the right way. I'm always looking forward to her classes. Thank you for your teachings, Ikura -sensei.

So taking classes here at JOI is totally worth it?the staff (teachers, support) are very very helpful, the material being covered in class is very interesting. Plus you get to choose the time when you want to take a class. Just perfect!

So, in conclusion, I just want to express my gratitude to everybody here at JOI. Thank you for all your work and time. 心より感謝します。

ShenYong <( ' OO ' )> writes...

“After enrolling at JOI, I finally have the chance to speak to a REAL Japanese with no fear at all.”

I have always wanted to practice my Japanese with a native Japanese. However, I do not have the courage to approach any Japanese tourists who visit my country, as I was worried my poor Japanese will make them laugh. The teachers are patient and kind. They tolerate the mistakes I make and correct me immediately.

JOI’s students are from all corners of the earth. We joke and learn together. There is no fear or shame when we made a mistake. We share our learning skills and strike for a better learning experience. Therefore, JOI will still be my only choice when I take the JLPT test in future. Ganbatte ne!

Roy (US) says...

“There is nothing quite like a JOI experience.”

I have to admit I was apprehensive about joining JOI as a student. The fear of not quite knowing what to expect, but I took the plunge and signed up for Flex lessons. I was pleasantly surprised by the classes. Although they are brisk and often wild rides into the world of Japanese, you are put in an environment where you can listen, read, and speak Japanese with your peers. I was very nervous at first about making mistakes, but realize that everyone in the class will make mistakes and grow from them. I personally adore Itaya-Sensei. She makes me laugh and is very interested in helping her students improve. I enjoy working with her so much that I actually take private Japanese lessons with her as well.

JOI is a convenient, well designed, and easy to use Japanese online school. It is perfect for someone who wants to learn Japanese but doesn't want to go to a traditional classroom environment. I highly recommend the school to anyone.

Richard-US writes...

“When I discovered JOI, I tried the three-lesson trial classes and I knew that it was perfect for me. No driving, no contracts, and best of all, highly-trained native Japanese speaking teachers..”

Medical experts agree that we retired senior citizens need new physical and mental exercise to stay healthy. And one thing they all recommend for mental exercise is to learn a foreign language. I decided to study Japanese. The closest classes I found to take requires that I drive 120 miles round trip for every class, even in bad weather. Also, I would have to sign a contract for several thousand dollars for four months of classes. Worst of all is that my teacher would be an English-speaking person like me who had learned a little Japanese.

Dave-ch says...

“Finally what I was looking for! Online classes with Real Teachers !!”

In my city we don't have japanese schools, therefore the only choice were CD-Rom and Textbooks or a Private Teacher. With the cost of 1 hour of a Private teacher I can take 4 online lessons! That's a Great value! Thank you!

Kemmy (SG) writes...

I have been taking online Japanese lessons at JOI for almost a year. During the last 11 months, my Japanese has improved tremendously. It's easy for me pick up any simple conversation with the Japanese, but of course, I still need to memorize more vocabulary.

JOI's support services are excellent, too. One time I had a problem logging in to the website. The next moment, before I sent an email to ask about the problem, Moses (JOI support) had sent me a email to explain the situation. Wow, excellent service. Then, I had an echo problem with my headphone. So my sensei asked me to login to counseling room to check with Moses. But again before I did that, Moses had sent me email explaining how to fix the echo problem.

JOI is in Japan, I am in Singapore. If there's any problem it's definitely impossible for me to phone them. But with their professional and quick support, I don't worry. I feel safe and comfortable continuing my online Japanese lessons.

Anyway, to saving commute time to Japanese school and keeping improving my Japanese, I will definitely continue my online Japanese lessons with JOI.

Steve B writes...

“The class I took last night was EXACTLY what I need. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT.”

The teacher was very helpful, and I was able to review a lot of material that immediately refreshed my memory. She was very effective at ensuring our pronunciation was correct and intonation on words, present, active, passive or transitive verbs were spoken correctly.

This is perfect for me. I've already recommended to two other friends of mine who absolutely need what JOI has to offer. JOI classes will keep me busy 3x per week until I go to Japan in March next year. Recommend this to anyone who wants to improve their Japanese quickly and effectively.

TAN-SG writes...

With JOI it is a great way to learn! Not only that you learn at the comfort of your home environment, you determine too your own pace of progress. With flexible structured curriculum, you need not worry about being late for a class or missing a lesson. JOI is the best way to learn Japanese with your time, energy and investment.

Supergirlxu writes...

I like the flexible schedule of JOI. I am working full time now. Learning Japanese online saves time for me to go back and forth from school. There are all kinds of Japanese class schedules and levels that fit my need. So far I have been with JOI for around four months and I like it very much. The teachers are very professional and it is fun to talk in Japanese to people from other places, too.

rokkuman says...

karlAside from the friendly teachers and selecting the times the fit your schedule, what I really like the best about learning Japanese online at JOI is how simple the teachers make the Japanese language seem. Anything questions you have, the teachers will answer the accurately.

kokoro kara
karl rocco

Claire Oliver writes...

It's easy to book an online Japanese class that fits in with my schedule. It's not dull like working on your own from a book. I get to interact with other learners of the same level, which I can't do at home on my own! I've just started on the Introductory class. Although I can't say very much in Japanese yet, I'm having lots of fun trying!

Everything is well laid out and explained every step of the way. What's great is that my teacher emails class notes after the lesson. That's so helpful as my notes are usually a bunch of scribbles that I've made during the class.

Holger (DE) writes...

holgerI've been trying to study Japanese by my own for about 4 years and have found nearly always a reason to skip it. Last week I have found JOI and have taken the trial lessons so far. Seno-sensei has taught these lessons with such an enthusiasm that I am looking forward to more coming lessons. Seno-sensei is adapting the lessons to my needs and so far there is a good reason to really study Japanese (Seno-sensei watching you skills). Despite the adversarial time-difference between Japan and Germany it is easy to come motivated to the lessons and the Mails help keeping on track with lessons content afterwards. So far I am sure to learn more in the next few months than in all these years past. JOIのどうもありがとう。

Richard from Germany writes...

I am absolutely fascinated how fast I can learn Japanese online while having so much fun! My teacher really does a great job! The classes are very entertaining, we laugh so much and the 50 minutes literally fly by, so I'm always looking forward to my next lesson.

I especially like that my classmates and I not only study new Japanese words and grammar in class, but we also get to talk freely - even in a beginner class - which feels awesome!

In the beginning, I was worried whether the little Japanese I spoke would suffice for the Beginner 1 classes but it's absolutely no problem. If I don't understand a question, my sensei rephrases or translates it for me and kindly corrects my Japanese answers. She's also able to tell every student's individual difficulties with the language and helps whenever there is an opportunity.

I will definitely stick with JOI and keep on taking FlexLessons, as I feel I have learnt more in week at JOI than in a couple of months studying by myself - and additionally, I finally get the chance to speak Japanese nearly every day which is a great motivation for learning!

Jean-Michel (FR) writes...


At first , I was a little scared . I was wondering whether I would be able to understand and be understood . But Arase Sense was so nice, I found it really easy to talk in Japanese. I enjoyed the lessons I took so much and had so much fun I am ready now to take more lessons . It's really a good way to improve my Japanese and so practical learning Japanese online!

Thanks a lot for giving me such an opportunity, and good luck to all online Japanese learners. Jean-Michel

Beth (CA) in Yamaguchi writes...

bethI moved to a rural city in Japan a few years ago knowing absolutely no Japanese. I'm an English teacher and I'm not supposed to use Japanese in my classes. I tried to study on my own, but my schedule is very complicated and there are limited resources in my city. JOI is a great solution to all of my Japanese learning problems. There are lots of classes throughout the day and the teachers are enthusiastic and patient and really want to help you learn. The other students are very eager to learn and it is a great international environment in which to study! JOI has totally motivated me and helped me through my slump! ありがとうございました!

SaraC(US) says...

saraJOI's teachers are wonderful! They're really nice and positive. When I am in their classes I feel really comfortable and at ease. Even when I make mistakes or don't understand they help me in a very encouraging way. They also put together Japanese lessons that are fun and practical, using good examples which I can apply to my everyday life. I feel that I'm making great progress because of them. Thank you, JOI!

-Sara Cooney

Nanu, Sunshine Coast, Australia says...


“I stumbled across JOI about four months ago and it has been a revelation.”

My interest in Japanese is part professional. I work (as a doctor) in a tourist area in Australia and we have a few Japanese visitors. So I started learning Japanese from a couple of CDs from the library. Unfortunately, I could not find a course, nor an evening class, nor a private tutor where I live.

I stumbled across JOI about four months ago and it has been a revelation.

1. The classroom format is very well designed. It is great building up a rapport with the tutors and your regular classmates, even from the other side of the world.

2.There are levels to suit everyone. I am in Beginner 1, and occasionally dip my toe into the next level as well.

3.The lesson plans posted in advance are very good and the sessions take on a bite-size piece of the language each time?e.g., how to construct a conditional sentence "if such-and-such, then X happens", etc.

4.The support staff are very prompt and there is always a personalised and accurate response. e.g. I am keen to do the Japanese Language Proficiency Test next year

5.The option to submit written work (tensaku essay correction) is a great feature for me. You have to force yourself to write, just like schooldays and homework. But it really helps your Japanese ability and the marking by the teachers is very detailed and helpful.

All in all, JOI has been a godsend for me...

Jan-DE writes...

janI came to JOI because I was looking for preparation courses for the JLPT tests. After the three-lesson FlexLessons trial, I was convinced to have found what I was looking for: A usable Internet-teaching system, friendly teachers who are skilled in teaching "even the most complicated grammar" so that I was able to use it (and to keep it in mind) right after the class, and, as cream on the top, very reasonable prices.

I am going to stay with JOI to archive my goal for a mastery level in understanding Japanese, and with JOI this goal is within my grasp.

Ella (IT) says...

ellaI have been learning Japanese with JOI for about 3 months now and so far it has been great. It has the flexibility to take classes whenever I need/want and the teachers are great. At first I was a little nervous about joining a virtual class but it is very relaxed and there is no need to be nervous at all. I will continue to study with JOI and will hopefully soon start to practice for the JPLT level 3 next year. Thank you!

Simon from Sweden says...

simonI think that the best thing about JOI is the teachers. The teachers are easy to understand. You have a great time in class and learn Japanese on the way, I think it is really nice that you can learn Japanese this way. Even though I am planing to go to Japan, it is nice to be able to study from home and chose by myself which class I want to take and when. I found this website by sheer lucky and I am very happy that I did. The only downside is that if you are from Europe like me it is really hard to fit the classes into a normal life. For me the only classes I can take right now are at either 7 am or 3 pm which is not really ideal.

[Note from JOI: We've recently added several new lessons that fit European schedules better. Please see the latest lesson schedule here.]

シャーロット writes...

charlotteJOIの先生はとっても優しいです。たくさん先生からメールをもらいました。 いろいろ外国人と一緒に日本語の授業を行います,凄い楽しいです。 ”今日のクイズ”とレッスンのクイズは予習、復習に役にたちます。 レッスンブログで日本のいろいろことがよくわかりました。

JOI's teachers are very friendly. I have received a lot of follow-up email messages from them. The Japanese classes are with all different kinds of people from around the world, and they are really a lot of fun. "Today's Quiz" and quizzes in the lesson plans are useful for study beforehand and for review. I've learned about Japan through the weekly lesson blog.

JamesT(UK) from Scotland says...

jamestKonichiwa I've tried self-teaching programs and books before and none of them has the same feel to it as a real life teacher with other students. With JOI I get to talk to and see a real teacher the lessons fly by but I learn so much in them, since i first join JOI I've gone from a vocabulary of almost nothing to over 100 words and phrases It took me less than one month to complete the stepping stones course guide for introductory and now I'm in beginners level and learning even more. I look forward to lots more lessons with the Japanese Online Institute! Arigato JOI - JamesT

Granvillen says...

“ After a lot of research, I find JOI a great alternative to classroom study and certainly worth the cost. ”

At 70 years old, I decided to learn Japanese while planning a trip to Japan next year. For several months I struggled attempting to teach myself. I found a link to JOI on The Japan Shop website and decided to give it a try. I felt both the trial class cost and the FlexLessons were reasonable. After my first trial lesson I realized JOI was for me. I immediately signed up for a bunch of classes. I find the pace perfect and the Sensei's excellent instructors and, more importantly, good listeners.

One primary reason to take the class is the ability to talk to and see the instructor. I get immediate feedback to my speaking. Also, I have got more confidence in being able to speak to someone. The Stepping Stones concept makes it easy to find where you are in the course and allows me to review some areas I feel lax in. I make certain I take both the visual and audio quizzes each day.

Barbara (UK) says...

barbara“I really can't praise JOI enough!”

I've been studying Japanese for nearly two years on my own. Though I love studying the language I really wanted to be able to use and also improve my language skills. There are no classes nearby and even if there were, working full-time means I would find it hard travelling for a set time on a set day. JOI is great. I can do a lesson at a time that suits me--with the added advantage of having my feet up with a cup of coffee! In addition, the FlexLessons means that I can dip into a whole range of language learning. I can revise areas I'm a little rusty on or stretch my skills with the challenging grammatical structures. I'm still very much a beginner but every time I take a lesson my confidence increases.

The teacher's here are very supportive, whether this is by lessons notes sent as an attachment or simply responding to an e-mail with compassion and advice. Within the lessons themselves, the small group environment means that you really have a great opportunity to use the language whilst the kind teacher will often give unobtrusive help if you need it (thank you!).

The JOI experience offers you a great chance to be part of a friendly class environment and a community where fellow students offer supportive advice on the message board. I hope to one day to subscribe to the JOI private lessons; I feel my confidence and language skills improving all the time. In essence, if you like learning Japanese, you'll love JOI.

Tracey(US) writes...

I love the interaction with the other students in class. Listening to others while saying it to myself helps me remember the lesson better than any book or CD. My JOI teacher is very patient and does her best to make sure we all understand. She likes when we try new words and gently corrects our mistakes. We have a lot of fun and I look forward to each and every class as the highlight of my day.<

Jitu-In says...

I have done lots of Japanese classes before. I tried Japanese schools as well as private teachers. But after some time I stopped it. I like following thing about JOI. 1) I can set my schedule, and I know what I am going to learn today. 2) The lessons are very interesting and I have opportunity to know about people from different countries. 3) I don't like commuting and it does require me to commute. 4) It is the best and cheapest options I had till now.

Canice/Singapore says...

“You never need to go to a school to study anymore!!.”

Imagine the time you spend to go to the school to study?

Been searching for something like this for quite some time. In addition, must really say that the teachers are very very caring. I think i will continue the lessons here at JOI. JOI, it's the place that you wanna be, the place where East meets West. JOI, Sugoi! (Fantastic!

ChrisL writes...

chris“The teachers are great and the technology is solid.”

My goal is to learn enough Japanese to move to Japan, and I think I can reach that goal with JOI. The learning is fun and I can learn at my leisure. I highly recommend JOI for anyone wanting to learn Japanese in the privacy of their own home or office. C.L.

SPRING writes...

“It's great the JOI provides lessons where people can sit at home and learn from real teachers.”

I've been self-studying Japanese for months, since there isn't any language school or class nearby me. The daily quizzes help me decide which level I should take and what I still need to improve or study.

James from UK says...

“I've taught English and German, so I know when I see good instruction.”

I'm amazed how well the JOI classroom works. The teachers are very accessible, and I love that students can progress as fast or slowly as they wish.

Paulo says...

“Thanks for the great support and the great way teachers conduct the classes.”

The best point is the lesson plans, which you can see when you make a class reservation. Another feature that has helped me is the e-mail from the teacher after the class, summarizing the main points from the class.

Greisys-CU says...

greisys“I'm actually learning like I was in a physical classroom...I love it!”

I love that I'm finally learning. I bought all these self taught books, all of which lead me absolutely nowhere, but now I love classes at JOI. The teachers are soo sweet, and they take the time to explain everything so patiently. Thanks soo much, JOI!

Jean-FR says...

“The new software works great for me.”

After trying unsuccessfully to take classes at JOI a year ago (connection problems with the old classroom software), I had a try a few weeks ago with the new software and was enthusiastic about it: straightforward; nothing to install, no more compatibility problems with antivirus, and so simple to use!

I wanted to get lessons to prepare for JLPT3,and especially to review all the level 3 grammar. I had up to now half a dozen lessons with Hidaka-sensei's preparatory course, it is great and perfectly fits my needs! So I am fully satisfied, and I only wish that JOI will be soon able to schedule more courses at times convenient for European students!!!

Ryan H. says...

“JOI teachers make me feel just like I'm in Japan actually learning the language!”

All the teachers are very nice, patient and experts at working around obstacles that the class may come across. This is definitely worth the money!

Olympia W. from Canada writes...

olympia“The teachers at JOI are great!”

All the teachers are all so helpful and kind. I appreciate having my grammar corrected and getting the opportunity to practice Japanese with someone. The lesson plans published ahead of time make it easy to choose a class to reserve, too. Thank you so much!

Barbara N. writes...

“My Japanese is improving fast and most of all it's cheap, so who can ask for more!”

As a working mom I am really happy to be able to fit Japanese lessons in my busy schedule. I don't have to spend time to commute to language school, and I am able to study late at night when everybody at home is sound asleep. I can sit down with a nice cup of tea and enjoy the lessons in a relaxed atmosphere.

My teachers are really patient, and it's very interesting to "meet" people from all over the world.

SharonB-US says...

“The teachers are excellent, plus JOI offers lots of extras...”

I like the extras that help me improve my Japanese daily quizzes, listening comprehension tests, blogs, etc. I've been taking lessons with JOI for about four months, and it's been a great experience!

Dave Ottley says...

“JOI is great because it kickstarts you into learning Japanese.”

After the initial shock of speaking in front of a digital classroom, you won't forget any of the words your sensei is teaching you! I strongly recommend JOI to anybody interested in gaining a better grasp of the Japanese language! JOI, ありがとうございます。

Sheila-US says...

“After my very first FlexLesson, I was hooked! ”

Seno-sensei is always helpful and patient. Even in a group lesson, my sensei is very attentive to each student's particular needs. Plus, the quizzes help me review and discover if I need to work extra in any area.

I am confident that I will master Japanese with the expert teaching methods of JOI and staff! *smiles*

Allen-US says...

allen“My Japanese speaking skills have improved immensely! Thank you, JOI!”

I have been taking courses online with JOI for almost a year and have been so pleased with the experience.

The JOI classroom and teachers create an enjoyable environment for learning. In addition to the experienced teachers, the lesson plans are challenging and interesting.

The convenience of JOI allows me to choose class times that are convenient to my schedule and take the classes at home. When compared to the price of a language school, JOI is by far the best deal.

Susan (Alexandria, Virginia, USA) writes...

“I have such a sense of accomplishment after each of my private lessons!”

I wanted to tell you how effective and personalized the JOI lessons are. Mizuno-sensei has been able to determine just where I need improvement and exactly how to plan the lessons to help build my speaking, reading and writing skills. I can't tell you how exciting this has been for me?she challenges me to do my best!

I've also been taking advantage of JOI free chat events. The teachers have such a great way of guiding the chat events but making sure that we all speak as much as possible. I highly encourage every student to try the chat events. Since I am taking private lessons, it has been a great chance for me to meet other students and practice my verbal skills.

Thank you, JOI!

Chris T. writes...

“I've made a good choice choosing this program.”

I started in introductory and after the first lesson, I felt like I could have gone on for hours and hours. The teachers are great and nice. They gave me time and didn't rush me.

Clay Kim writes...

“JOI is great for me, because I get to practice speaking real Japanese.”

I'm a college student, but don't have space in my schedule to take Japanese classes at school. So, I tried studying alone, without any outside instruction?watching Japanese TV shows for listening practice. But I never get to actually speak Japanese with anyone except myself! But now, with classes at JOI, I get to practice conversation with native Japanese teachers.

Jessica M. says...

jessica“[The teachers] do a great job of balancing the needs and abilities of different students in the class.”

First, I have enjoyed my intermediate lessons. Fujinawa Sensei has been very responsive, assessing my ability and giving me questions and challenges appropriate to my language level.

As a language teacher myself, I appreciate their flexibility in moving quickly through easier items, thoroughly reviewing unclear points, and taking time to explain new language items clearly and in context. I feel that the error correction has been gentle and consistent, and that they do a great job of balancing the needs and abilities of different students in the class.

Thank you very much for your prompt and friendly responses, and for reaching out to the students to find out about our language learning needs and goals. In addition to the strong language teaching, we appreciate the great support! Thanks for your help.

Chris-NZ writes...

chrisnz“The website and ease of enrollment were amazing.”

When I had trouble with my email, I asked for help and it was provided immediately. I really look forward to my classes. I was a bit nervous at first, but after reading my teachers profile I already feel relaxed - thanks!!

Genevieve (Saitama) says...

“I was surprised at the ease of enrollment and the really reasonable tuition!”

I was pretty excited I found JOI online. My first class with Momii-sensei was great! I even met two other students from the other side of the world!

In the past, I've had to juggle studying with working and commuting. Now I don't have to worry about making it to class on time and catching the train so I can get to work!

Nik (USA) writes...

“If you ever wanted to learn Japanese at your own pace, or keep your skills sharp, this is the place to be!”

JOI is excellent for those who don't have the time for traditional classrooms. With real-time interaction with native sensei's, we students get a feeling that the classes are actually being taught, not that we're just looking at a web page.

Classroom size is also perfect, with an average of about 5 people, meaning that the sensei is almost always available for questions. I really enjoy being able to ask questions to not only my sensei, but also to the great support team at JOI, who almost always respond within 24 hours to help me with whatever problem I have.

The best part is that you have full control over when you take classes. The JOI staff and sensei are extremely accommodating and understand that our lives are busy.

Suzanna Hadi (ID) writes...


“JOI gives a great service for a newcomer like me.”

I've just started at JOI, but have really enjoyed my Introductory lessons. For this reason I would like to continue my membership at JOI.

Sidnei Barboza says...

“The teachers are great...”

For their patience, understanding and the attention given to me in all my questions and doubts, I wish I could meet my JOI teachers in person. I have to say that I was kind of scared in my first lesson, but as soon the class began ,I felt right at home. I am very glad to be a student in this new way of learning a second language. どうもありがとうございます。Sidnei from Miami, Fl

Krishna writes...

“I would recommend JOI to everyone looking for a great online Japanese school.”

My JOI teacher is amazing. She works with me to make sure I get it right and learn Japanese correctly, and she is eager to answer my questions.

I like the webcam because you can actually practice saying Japanese phrases to the teacher! Sometimes in a regular classroom, what you say gets drowned out by other students trying to say the same thing. But with the web cam, the teacher can hear you and correct mistakes easily.

Because I had previously learned a bit of 日本語 before enrolling at JOI, I started in Beginner 1. Working with the other student(s) and the teacher showed me what I already know and what I really need to know/work on/don't know yet.

Finally, the price is fantastic! Other Japanese language schools ask for about $27 per lesson, but at JOI you can get a lesson for about $5 to $9.

Overall, the Japanese Online Institute is brilliant! I am eagerly looking forward to my next lesson.

David M writes...

“Since joining JOI my Japanese (and confidence in speaking) has improved enormously.”

Working two jobs (one of them full-time) leaves me with no time to attend a traditional Japanese school. The classes at JOI are relaxing, and I get to make the teachers laugh with my occasional use of 大阪弁 (Osaka-ben)!

Hai Sam writes...


“What I like best is how friendly the teachers are!”

Itaya-sensei made me feel at home the first time, was very friendly, and made the whole session fun. She inspired me to freshen up on my Hiragana / Katakana / Kanji skills, so I can learn Japanese even faster. I'll definitely be back, Itaya-sensei, arigatou gozaimasu! ^_^

David A says...

I am using JOI as enrichment for my 8-year-old son. His regular school doesn't teach language until high school, when he'll be far less able to pick up a foreign language. After only a few weeks online with JOI, he can speak an amazing amount of Japanese.

Nicole (US) says...

“I love everything about JOI!”

I’ve tried classes with many different teachers, and they are all very nice. The class levels are perfect because there are many options and you can select the pace that is comfortable for you. JOI covers everything in the lesson (reading, listening, speaking, kanji) and it’s fun too! Taking class is extremely comfortable and convenient. It’s really easy to reserve and cancel classes.

JOI is definitely the best online language school!

Kathy (US) writes...

“It is great that I can learn Japanese in the comfort of my home!”

I just took my first lesson and really enjoyed it. And I'm really looking forward to more classes at JOI!

Brighid writes...

brighid“This is my first experience with an online classroom, and I really enjoyed it.”

I just finished my first lesson with Seno-sensei and she really impressed me. I learned a lot in so little time! Arigato, Seno-sensei!

Cathy-US says...

“I really like being able to take classes from different teachers to accommodate my schedule.”

The FlexLessons promote much individual attention, yet having other students in the class reinforces the material learned. The pace of Beginner 1 is quicker than Introductory, but the time flies by. I enjoyed the Intro classes so much that my preteen daughter is taking private lessons and is really enjoying them.

Raymond says...

raymond“I really like the ability to use a web cam at JOI.”

Being able to share facial expressions makes the learning experience more pleasurable and productive.

G Nambiar writes...

“JOI is very convenient.”

Since I am an employed person from India and fully occupied with my job, it is very difficult to find time to commute to a language school or institute (although in India there is no such good school). JOI's teaching method works so effectively, I will continue attending JOI until I become reasonably good in Japanese.

Fabian writes...

“My experience at JOI is one of a serious and competent language institute that still cares about the individual wishes of their clients!”

During the couple of private lessons that I chose as an intense preparation for my stay in Japan, the teacher assigned to me was always competent, well prepared and ready to help.
Most impressing of all, however, was to find all my wishes that I had defined with the school in advance perfectly respected. JOI chiselled my truly individual schedule to my needs and thus made it a very efficient class for me. A perfect match

Jon-US says...

“JOI's flexibility fits into my schedule.”

With three kids and a full-time job, flexibility to take lessons when I have time is key, and I like the fact that I can skip days and not get behind everybody else.

JOI is the best way that I've found to take Japanese lessons online! The pick-and-choose lesson times are great for people who don't have a regular weekly schedule. A time that works for me one week might not work for me the next, but with JOI I can take lessons whenever I happen to be free. The webpage and classroom software are outstanding. Best of all, I don't have to leave my home to go to class! Go ahead and sign-up for the low-cost trial lessons. You'll be glad that you did!

Try 3 Trial FlexLessons for only $9 !green

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