What do you eat to cool you down in summer ? Is it good for your body ?This blog gives you an insight into what foods Japanese people eat during each season and why.Learn Japanese for free with this Japanese teacher's blog and listen to the Japanese by watching the YouTube video included.

Japanese seasonal food








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Japanese seasonal food

In Japan, we have the seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter. And for each season there are various delicious food ingredients. These are called 'shun' or seasonal foods in Japan. Ingredients of these 'shun' are more delicious and can be bought cheaper than in other seasons. Also because the nutritional value is higher by more than double, it is a good period for the consumer. In Japan there is a saying that “you get a new lease on life if you eat the first catch or harvest of the season”, so these things are considered to be good.

Why do the 'shun' or seasonal foods taste so delicious ? Apparently its because the body has a need for these foods during that particular season. For example, because its so hot in summer, foods that cool down the body and increase your appetite are the season's 'shun', and during the cold of winter, root vegetables which heat up the body are the season's 'shun'.

The seasonal food in Japan during June are :- for vegetables - cucumbers, egg plant, green peppers, tomatoes etc, in the case of fruits – peaches, water melon etc, for fish – sardines, sea bass etc.

What kind of seasonal foods have you become able to buy at the supermarket ? I think that enjoying the seasonal and delicious 'shun' is definitely a good thing. Why don't you try eating these seasonal foods for yourself ?

旬(しゅん) Seasonal food

栄養価(えいようか) nutritional value, food value

寿命(じゅみょう)が延(の)びる take (on) [win] a new [fresh] lease of life

~そうです It's said that, I hear that, apparently

~ようになりました to become

~みてはいかがでしょうか? How about try to ~?

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