Gyouza or Chinese dumplings are a world-famous cuisine, but did you know that they were also popular in Japan ? Read this Japanese teacher's blog by Suzuki sensei to find out more about this. Learn some interesting facts about Utsunomiya in Tochigi prefecture, Japan, as you learn Japanese for free below!

Gyouza–Chinese dumplings










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Gyouza–Chinese dumplings

Do you know of a food called Gyouza ? Gyouza is a type of food which is made by making a 'Gyouza skin' from flour and wrapping meat and vegetables in it then pan-frying, deep-frying and boiling it.

Gyouza is originally a Chinese cuisine but it is also popular in Japan too. Some people make and eat them at home, while others buy frozen gyouza at the supermarket. Furthermore, if you go to a Chinese restaurant or ramen shop you can eat them conveniently.

The city where I live, Utsunomiya in Tochigi prefecture, is a famous town for Gyouza and there are more than 70 specialist Gyouza stores here. After I moved to Utsunomiya and went out to eat Gyouza for the first time, I was surprised to find that there was only Gyouza on the menu. In Yokohama, where I had lived until then, Gyouza was a food one ate at Ramen shops and Chinese restaurants. If I wanted to eat Gyouza, I would go to a Ramen shop and it was normal to choose Gyouza out of the wide selection on the menu and order it.

But in the Gyouza shops in Utsunomiya, there are hardly any other choices apart from Gyouza on the menu. The Gyouza shop that I often go to, Masashi, is a popular shop but they don't serve rice or even beer there. They only have pan-fried, deep-fried, or boiled Gyouza.

If you ever have a chance to come to Utsunomiya, please try some of Utsunomiya's Gyouza.

餃子(ぎょうざ) a dumpling with minced pork and vegetable stuffing; a gyoza

小麦粉(こむぎこ) flour

皮(かわ)gyoza skin

包(つつ)む wrap

焼(や)く pan-fry

揚(あ)げる deep-fry

茹(ゆ)でる boil

もともと originally

家庭(かてい)home; family

冷凍(れいとう)された frozen

中華料理店(ちゅうかりょうりてん) a Chinese restaurant

手軽(てがる)に easily; conveniently

専門店(せんもんてん) a specialty store

~以上(いじょう) …or more; …and over

注文(ちゅうもん)する order

~以外(いがい) except…, apart from

ほとんど~ません hardly

ライス rice

焼(や)き餃子(ぎょうざ) a pan-fried gyoza

水餃子(すいぎょうざ) a boild gyoza

揚(あ)げ餃子(ぎょうざ) a deep-fried gyoza

機会(きかい) opportunity; chance

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