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Learning a foreign language


By Suzuki Ayako






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Learning a foreign language

A little while ago I started to attend a Korean language class in order to study Korean. I had studied Korean on my own for a few years but I stopped studying when my child was born. I then I completely forgot the language. It takes so long to learn but we can forget it all in an instant. I just thought that it was a real waste, so I decided to start studying again.

Korean grammar structure is very similar to Japanese, so people say that it is an easy language for Japanese people to learn. But the alphabet is completely different and there are plenty of pronunciation points that include sounds we do not have in Japanese, so it is actually rather tough.

I usually work teaching Japanese so to be in the learning position meant that there were many things that I came to realize. As I was being taught, I thought back to my own methods of teaching and found many areas to reflect upon and improve on myself.

I once heard that the most important thing about learning a foreign language is to not quit. This doesn't mean that you have have to strive positively to continue, but anyhow don't give up. From now on, my aim is to keep to the ideal of just not giving up.

韓国語教室(かんこくごきょうしつ) Korean language class

独学(どくがく) study by oneself

すっかり completely

あっという間(ま) very quick

何(なん)だか for no special reason

もったいない wasteful

勉強(べんきょう)し直(なお)す relearn; study over again

文法(ぶんぽう) grammar


全(まった)く completely

発音(はつおん) pronunciation

普段(ふだん)は normally

教(おそ)わる learn

立場(たちば) position

振(ふ)り返(かえ)る reflected on

反省(はんせい)する take a look at oneself

最(もっと)も most

積極的(せっきょくてき)な positive

とにかく anyhow

付(つ)き合(あ)う  keep company with

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