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The JOI YouTube page has many popular and useful videos for Japanese learners.
We hope they will be easier for you to find now that they are categorized here on one page.

Japanese Verbs


Kakeru A versatile verb with many uses.

Tsukeru    Many actions ar e described with this word.

Toru Part 1   Find a space....Make an appointment  How to say these phrases using the same verb !

Toru Part 2   Take a break...Do lunch How to say these phrases using the same verb !

Passive Verbs   One of the toughest conjugation forms in Japanese.

Cooking verbs Watching this makes recipes easy !

Japanese vocabulary


Onomatopoeic and Mimetic words   Cherry blossom season inspired this.

Abbreviated words   Sound fluent by using the trendy short form of phrases !

Computer terminology   Many new additions to Japanese!

Environmental vocabulary   Conservation - introducing a recent buzz word

Home Electronics   Everyday appliances - use these daily

Math words  Indispensable for all learners

Sleep related vocabulary   Learn Japanese in your sleep.

Hospital Vocabulary   For the next time you visit the doctor's

New Year words in 2010   Cultural and very pretty

Onsen (Hot springs)   A favorite Japanese pastime and some common words.

Transport   A tricycle, A steam train - all aboard !

Relationships   Human relationships in Japan - very useful words

Colors   Red, blue, yellow - say them in Japanese !

Onomatopoeia and Mimetic words   Amusing ways of saying things in Japanese.

Japanese English    Is it an English word ? Is it Japanese ?

Cherry Blossoms viewing vocabulary   Impress your colleagues with really cultured phrases.

Japanese Idioms


With the word 'Ki' Most probably the most important word in Japanese

With the word 'Kuchi'   A fun quiz - try it !

Drinking alcohol   Very funny !

Japanese Phrases


Learn Japanese greetings   Introducing Bob - A YouTube favourite

Bob learns Japanese apologies   He's back !

Nihongo de: What is it in Japanese?   Standard question - useful for beginners

Meals   Includes how to say 'grace' in Japanese

Get well soon   Sympathize with friends in need

Mimetic phrases   Feeling under the weather ? This will cheer you up !

Hospital phrases   Which department ? Which ward ?

Daily Japanese Idioms (2011 Thank you project)


December 1st Idiom  Ookina Osewa

December 2nd Idiom   Hesokuri

December 3rd Idiom   Oo Me ni Miru

December 4th Idiom   Chiya Hoya

December 5th Idiom   Me ga Takai

December 6th Idiom   Aa ieba Kou iu

December 7th Idiom   Mieppari

December 8th Idiom   Makura wo takaku suru

December 9th Idiom  Aka no Tanin

December 10th Idiom   Mochitsu Motaretsu

December 11th Idiom   Iu koto nashi

December 12th Idiom   Nodo kara te ga deru hodo

December 13th Idiom  Zuba Nukeru

December 14th Idiom   Ki ga chiru

December 15th Idiom    Suppo Kasu

December 16th Idiom   Takane no Hana

December 17th Idiom   Osuso Wake.

December 18th Idiom  Rakutenka

December 19th Idiom   Deru Tokoro ni Deru

December 20th Idiom   Narekko

December 21st Idiom   Sukkarakan

December 22nd Idiom   Debushoo

December 23rd Idiom   Saba wo yomu

December 24th Idiom   Motomo komo nai

December 25th Idiom   Mushi ga sukanai

December 26th Idiom   Zuni noru

December 27th Idiom   Ryou sai ken bou

December 28th Idiom Hana ga magaru

December 29th Idiom  Michi kusa wo kuu

December 30th Idiom  Makezugirai

Japanese Poems


Japanese poem - 新しい朝(A New Morning)A beautiful and inspiring poem

A Japanese Poem: 千羽鶴 (A Thousand Cranes)An original and spiritual poem by JOI teacher 



Yamato Kotoba   Words that have Japanese origin



Useful Kanji   These words are often tested in the JLPT N2 exam

Personality adjectives   Expand your vocabulary and raise your score !



Public Order   Necessary vocabulary that often turns up in the JLPT N4 test


Family   Dad, Mum, sister... How to say it in Japanese

Nature    Want to learn some Kanji ? Start here !

Kanji and vocabulary dealing with nature   Introductory vocabulary - essential Kanji

Japanese Culture Videos


Niten ichi ryu   Mysterious Japanese sword technique

Japanese Taiko Drum performance  These kids are incredible ! Really fun to watch

Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen Noodles   A local delicacy in Fukuoka

Fukuoka Softbank Hawks win at Yahoo Dome  The Hawks are Japan No.1 !



Omiyage   Mizuno sensei supplies the voice to this classic video

JOI's Osaka Summit 2009   Our online school goes offline !

JOI spring photo show    A collection of pics taken by the teachers

Happy New Year from Japanese teachers and staff at JOI   Heartfelt seasonal greetings

Tohoku Pacific Earthquake donation video   Thank you for all your donations

Messages of hope to Japan  Thank you for all your support.

2012 Happy New Year nenga jo card  Greetings from JOI students to teachers

Itaya Sensei's Kanji channel

Ueno Sensei's Kanji channel

How to use JOI Videos

Learn Japanese Online at japonin.com   Pure vintage - Remember the days before Adobe Connect ?

How to study for the JLPT and learn to speak Japanese   Bob tries JOI classes - an SF classic !

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