Have you ever failed to raise flowers at home or on your veranda ? Yes ? Then you can emphasize with this short story of growing potted plants by Japanese teacher Murahara sensei.This short blog can help you improve your Japanese listening and learn new Japanese vocabulary.

プチ ガーデニング
Potted plant Gardening




みなさんは「ガーデニング」、得意ですか? 実は私はあまり得意ではありません。でも、私は花や植物が好きなので、バラとハーブの鉢植えを買い、ベランダで育てていました。



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みなさんは「ガーデニング」、得意(とくい)ですか? 実(じつ)は私(わたし)はあまり得意(とくい)ではありません。でも、私(わたし)は花(はな)や植物(しょくぶつ)が好(す)きなので、バラとハーブの鉢植え(はちうえ)を買(か)い、ベランダで育(そだ)てていました。



Are you good at gardening ? To tell the truth, I'm not very good at it. But I like flowers and plants so I bought some potted roses  and herbs and raised them out on my veranda.

Anyway, this summer I constantly forgot to water them and they finally dried up. But I didn't give up there, I asked my father to give them some maintenance and once again tried to raise them.

Plants really have incredible power, don't they? Thanks to my father's maintenance the herbs and roses that were on the verge of dying have now revived beautifully. And the other day, for the first time in a year, I was able to see some rose blossoms. From now on I think I will try to take more care of them.

得意(とくい) be good at

実(じつ)は  To tell the truth

しょっちゅう  often

とうとう   finally

諦(あき)められない  can’t give up

Nのおかげで   Thanks to N

見事(みごと)に  beautifully, perfectly,

復活(ふっかつ)する  revive

世話(せわ)をする  take care of

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