Japanese Online Private Gold Lessons Priority Reservations

Priority reservations are an exclusive feature of Private Gold lessons, our premier offering for one-to-one online Japanese lessons. With priority reservations, you can reserve the private-lesson time slot you regularly take, with no interference from other private-lesson students.

The standard reservation period for JOI's online Japanese classes is 7 days in advance. With priority reservations, you can make reservations up to 30 days in advance and never worry about racing to make a reservation.

Here’s how priority reservations work:


Make a Private Gold lesson purchase, or let us know by email you’d like to upgrade your Private Silver lessons to Private Gold. At the same time, please choose one or more priority time slots from the private lesson schedule of your teacher.

round-blueFor example, you could choose these 3 time slots: Monday at 10 a.m., Wednesday at 10 a.m., and Friday at 2 p.m. You can choose as many time slots as you like.

round-blueEach time slot is assigned to only one student. If another student has already signed up for your time slots, we’ll let you know. In this case, you’ll need to choose other time slots.

two Once we update your account, you can reserve private lessons in your assigned time slots up to 30 days in advance.

gold Japanese private lessons

round-blueDuring the priority period (from 30 days until 7 days before class), no other student can make a reservation in that time slot. You can guarantee a private-lesson reservation at the time you want.

round-blue30-day advance reservations are limited to your assigned time slots. You are free to take private lessons at other times, too, but other time slots can be reserved 7 days in advance.

threeAt 7 days before a class, the time slot becomes available to all students. You are still free to reserve the lesson, but you will compete with other private-lesson students. To be sure of getting the lesson time you want, be sure to make your Private Gold reservations more than 7 days in advance.

fourIn return for having exclusive 30-day advance access to a time slot, you agree to reserve that class regularly and consistently.

round-blueEvery week, you agree to take a private lesson in each of the time slots you request. We understand missing one or two classes, but it is important to request only those time slots when you can dependably take classes.

round-blueLesson reservations are not automatic (you still have to reserve your private lessons using the reservation system). Also, you are not limited to your priority time slots?you can take private lessons whenever your teacher has an available time slot.

round-blueSo, why do we require you to take private lessons in your time slot regularly and consistently? Because each time slot is assigned to only one student. If you sign up for a time slot, but fail to take classes in that time slot, we reserve the right to cancel your exclusive access to that time slot and assign it to another student.

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