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    Learn Japanese online from qualified Japanese teachers.

    Conversation classes, JLPT lessons, and much more !

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    Take Japanese lessons on your favorite device.

    Windows PCs (including 10), MAC, Linux, as well as Android and iPad.

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    Study for the JLPT test!

    N1,N2,N3,N4 Levels available.
    For more see JLPT page.

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    Online Japanese lessons
    - at your own pace!

    Learn to speak Japanese in your home, office or where you like.

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    Survival Japanese course for travel in Japan!

    Learn basic Japanese to enjoy your time in Japan. Read more.

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Online Japanese lessons - Group and Private

JOI offers you both Group and Private lessons.
All online Japanese lessons are 50 minutes long.

squareFlexLessons: 2 to 4 students per class (max 7)

JOI has 18 different levels of classes : With Conversation-based lessons, Grammer classes, JLPT preparation, Kanji etc - Find the perfect level just for you !
At JOI, over 130 Group Lesson times available a week. - There is no limit to how many FlexLessons you can take a day. If busy, take a lot of lessons on the weekend or when you have time!

squarePrivate lessons: 1 on 1 lessons

Have a professional and experienced Japanese tutor create a tailor-made curriculum just for you.
Private lesson prices start at under $20(best prices anywhere).

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Learn Japanese Online !

Connect your headset (webcam optional) to your PC, Mac or Android and iPad,iphone devices.Take group and/or private Japanese classes from a professional Japanese teacher.
You can learn to speak Japanese in your home, office or where you like.

JOI is a long established online school with experience in providing the best in Japanese education.
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Qualified Japanese teachers

All JOI teachers are government-certified instructors or with university and graduate school Japanese teaching education.

JOI's longevity, extensive teacher experience, and unparalled online training is why we are leaders in the Japanese online teaching field.

Looking for a friendly, professional Japanese teacher to enhance your skills ? - This is the best school for you !


Most reasonable prices anywhere!

You can start with 3 Trial FlexLessons for $9 or 900 yen.

Then after the trial lessons you can take 50 minute lessons with qualified Japanese teachers from only $5 or 500 yen per lesson. All lesson prices.

yesFree learning tools

squareTwice-monthly Chat Events*
Free teacher-moderated sessions where you can speak Japanese in a friendly atmosphere.
Only at JOI !

squareFree chat room & Message Board *
Use our software for free - meet and make friends,
exchange learning tips with other learners.

squareFree Japanese Quizzes *
Almost 800 quizzes with videos and translations.
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squareJOI Video Channel  Only at JOI !
Free Japanese video lessons, added and updated regularly.

squareWeekly teacher blogs  Only at JOI !
Weekly blogs by qualified teachers help you to studyKanji, grammar and vocabulary.

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yesSimple software

We do not use Skype or free learning software, JOI uses eLecta Live's classroom software.
Its really easy - just click and go !

Compatible with all Windows PCs (including 8) ,MAC, Linux, as well as Android and iPad devices.

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squareEasy-to-use reservation and learning system
First, you reserve your class level and time and then click to enter the classroom.

Follow your own Japanese learning progress easily. (Only JOI has a level tracking system).

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Over 3500 Japanese learners since 2006 have studied at JOI !

OKProfessional Japanese teachers
OKReliable classroom (Windows,Mac,Linux,iPad,Android compatible)
OK18 Different of levels of classes (Conversation,Grammer,JLPT,Kanji etc)
OKFree chat events, Free video quizzes, Free audio and video blog

Qualified & Dedicated Team

  • eguchi-sensei
  • fujinawa
  • hachiyama
  • igarashi
  • imoto
  • inamoto
  • ishibashi
  • itaya
  • kamiyama
  • kinoi
  • koumoto
  • momoki
  • murahara
  • oosawa-miki
  • sakude
  • seno
  • seyama
  • someya
  • suzuki