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Effective JOI Method

FlexLessons™ are unique modular-style Group lessons.
(50 minutes /1 lesson)

Coordinate your own style of learning from 20 types of lessons.

Or combine both Private and Group lessons for effective Japanese learning.

Highly qualified Japanese teachers

JOI teachers are all government-certified instructors, who can offer practical Japanese lessons with a high level of skill and ability.

Only 5% of professional applicants are selected for training. We ensure the best quality lessons every time!

Level Track™ and FlexLessons™

Conversation and Grammar lessons use industry-leading modular learning methods.

The Level Track™ system allows you to view the whole curriculum, get recommended lesson plans, and confirm your Japanese learning progress.

Reasonable pricing

Try 3 lessons for $9 or 900 yen.

After the trial, take more lessons from only $5 or 500 yen per lesson.

Private Japanese lesson prices start at $19.70 (the most competitive prices online).

For private lessons, contact us: support@japonin.com

Flexible Schedule

Over 130 FlexLesson™ times available a week.

There is no limit to how many FlexLessons you can take a day.

If busy, take a lot of lessons when you have time!

New! Check out our new Business and Survival Japanese lessons.

Simple And Reliable Classrooms

We do not use Skype but customized classrooms with whiteboard presentations and simple-to-use interactive E-learning features.

Compatible with all Windows, MAC, Linux, Android and iPad devices.

Its really easy - just click and go !

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Why FlexLessons?

Typical Online Lesson

Only 1 Lesson*

/ $25

  • Types of Lessons

    You can take only 1 lesson
    (e.g. Conversation)

  • Teachers

    Only one teacher
  • Schedule

    Limited to your teacher's time
  • Curriculum

    Lose time in matching appropriate books or method

  • Progress check

    There is no way to see your progress

  • *Average lowest market price. JOI's lowest price = $19.70

4 FlexLessons**

/ $25

  • Types of Lessons

    You can take 4 lessons.
    (e.g.Conversation, Kanji, business,JLPT etc.)
  • Teachers

    Take lessons from many experts
  • Schedule

    Choose from over 130 classes per week
  • Curriculum

    Leave it to us! Proven and effective methods by expert teachers

  • Progress check

    Use the Level Track's system to view curriculum and progress

  • ** Per lesson price from 180 ticket package.

Why is JOI's method so effective?

Linguists agree that the best way to improve your language ability quickly is to expose yourself to as much language as possible.

The more you come into contact with the language the better you get at speaking it. JOI's FlexLesson's unique and modular curriculum is the fastest and most efficient way to improve your Japanese.

Freely combine from conversation, grammar, reading, listening, Kanji, vocabulary,business, JLPT lessons to fit your goals.
JOI also offers private lessons with tailor-made curriculum and the option to take a combination of both types of lessons.

JOI provides

a whole-learning environment.

  • Weekly Japanese language and cultural blogs by the teachers
  • Bi-monthly free discussion events
  • Japanese quizzes for many levels
  • An extensive library of language videos for your use
  • Tensaku™ writing composition correction service.etc.

  • JOI students image

Qualified & Dedicated Team

  • eguchi-sensei
  • fujinawa
  • hachiyama
  • igarashi
  • inamoto
  • ishibashi
  • itaya
  • kamiyama
  • kinoi
  • koumoto
  • murahara
  • oosawa-miki
  • sakude
  • seno
  • seyama
  • someya
  • suzuki

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OKFree chat events, Free video quizzes, Free audio and video blog