Have you ever seen animals working at construction sites ? In Japan, there are monkeys, frogs, Okinawan Shisa to name a few.Seno sensei explains this mystery below in this Japanese language blog which will help you learn Japanese online for free !

Frogs found at construction sites in Japan


By SENO Chiaki


先日、車で走行中、道端にたくさんのカエルたちがいるのを目撃しました! よく見ると・・・工事現場の柵となっている長いパイプを支えています。このカエルたちは危険区域の立ち入りを制限するためのバリケードなのです。




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先日(せんじつ)、車(くるま)で走行中(そうこうちゅう)、道端(みちばた)にたくさんのカエルたちがいるのを目撃(もくげき)しました! よく見(み)ると・・・工事現場(こうじげんば)の柵(さく)となっている長(なが)いパイプを支(ささ)えています。このカエルたちは危険区域(きけんくいき)の立(た)ち入(い)りを制限(せいげん)するためのバリケードなのです。


カエルのほかに、サルやうさぎ、イルカ、アヒル、キリンなど、様々(さまざま)な動物(どうぶつ)たちが活躍(かつやく)しています。最近(さいきん)では奈良(なら)のシカ、沖縄(おきなわ)のシーサーなど、「ご当地(とうち)動物(どうぶつ)」も登場(とうじょう)しているようです。 もしチャンスがあったら、工事現場(こうじげんば)で働(はたら)く動物(どうぶつ)たちを探(さが)してみてくださいね。

The other while driving in my car, I witnessed many frogs along the side of the road. Looking carefully... I found that they made up the fencing of the construction site and that they were supporting long pipes. The frogs were barricades to deter from people from entering dangerous areas.

In the old days, black and yellow barricades were standard in the case of construction sites. By just changing these barricades into frogs, the dreary construction sites were reborn as colorful places and helped to soothe the feelings of passers by.

As well as frogs, you can also see monkeys, rabbits, dolphins, ducks, giraffe, etc. There are various animals providing their services ! Recently, deers can be found in Nara and in Okinawa, shisa (talismanic lion-dogs) as some local animals also make an appearance. If you get a chance, look for the animals working on construction sites in Japan !

工事現場  a construction site

走行中  while running/driving

目撃する  witness

~といえば  Speaking of...

定番  standard

殺風景な  desolate, bleak, dreary

道行く人  a passerby

ご当地  your place [town, city, country]; regional, local

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