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A three man journey

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Aging gracefully in Japan

Mizuno sensei writes about her husband in this Japanese learning blog. Her story is about just one Japanese man, but it could be about any man in Japan in their 50s. In this country of age-related salary and promotions, the older you get, the more you tend to work. But also physically, mentally and spiritually, you start to reach the limit of your energy.

This blog which features Kanji, a vocabulary list and an English translation is a great way for you to learn Japanese online for free. You can also practice Japanese listening by watching the YouTube video with this blog.

A three man journey


By MIZUNO Momoyo





季節は秋、場所は京都。古本市をぶらぶらしたり、美味しいコーヒー店でのんびりしたり、お寺の境内に座って空を見上げたり、レコード屋さんに入り込んで時間を忘れたり、、、。 夢のような時を過ごしてきます。

Japanese temple

山に登るでもなく、オタク系の3人らしい選択ですが、学生時代のようにたわいもない話をして心癒されるようです。こんな素晴らしい旅に気づいた3人に心から「おめでとう」と言いたいです。 みなさんもそれ相応の年になったら、ぜひお試しください。

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季節(きせつ)は秋(あき)、場所(ばしょ)は京都(きょうと)。古本市(ふるほんいち)をぶらぶらしたり、美味(おい)しいコーヒー店(てん)でのんびりしたり、お寺(てら)の境内(けいだい)に座(すわ)って空(そら)を見上(みあ)げたり、レコード屋(や)さんに入(はい)り込(こ)んで時間(じかん)を忘(わす)れたり、、、。 夢(ゆめ)のような時(とき)を過(す)ごしてきます。

山(やま)に登(のぼ)るでもなく、オタク系(けい)の3人(にん)らしい選択(せんたく)ですが、学生時代(がくせいじだい)のようにたわいもない話(はなし)をして心癒(いや)されるようです。こんな素晴(すば)らしい旅(たび)に気(き)づいた3人に心(こころ)から「おめでとう」と言(い)いたいです。 みなさんもそれ相応(そうおう)の年(とし)になったら、ぜひお試(ため)しください。

A three man journey

My husband became 56 this year. When he was in his 30s and 40s, he was so busy that he could hardly take a day off. In his late 40s he was once hospitalized due to overwork and then in his early 50s he reached a certain state of mind.

'There is a popular saying that “Life lasts 50 years”. In that one energetically works up until ones 50s. From that point on, one should not move on one's own. Rather one should leave things up to younger people, and its better to support them from the back.' Is what my husband began to think, and tried to put this into action as much as possible.

On the other hand, one of his friends from his school days was being swamped with work, just as always, and he was working until he was dog-tired. So my husband consulted with another friend, and they decided “Lets invite him out, even if it has to be forcibly, and even if its only for a short time, make him get away from work a bit”. And in this way, 5 years ago they began to take their 3 men trip together once a year.

The season is autumn and the place is Kyoto. They browse through book fairs, take it easy in delicious coffee-houses, they sit in temple grounds and spend time staring up at the sky, they step into record shops and just lose track of time... They spend dreamlike hours in this way.

They don't go hiking in the mountains, rather they make choices that are just typical of these three Otaku-types (nerdy type people), which is to talk about nonsensical topics from their student days, and in this way feel healed. I would like to heartily say “Congratulations” to these three men for coming up with such a wonderful trip idea. When you too reach a reasonable age, please give something like this a try.


心境(しんきょう):state of mind

辿(たど)り着(つ)く:to reach, to get to


実践(じっせん)する:to act up to, to live up to

相変(あいか)わらず:as before



古本市(ふるほんいち):Secondhand Book Fair

のんびりする:to make oneself at home

境内(けいだい):temple precincts

入(はい)り込(こ)む:to step into

オタク系(けい): tends to be otaku


たわいもない:つまらない、取(と)るに足(た)りない nonsensical, meaningless, silly, boring

癒(いや)す:to work off, to heal

それ相応(そうおう)の:proper, reasonable

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