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Japanese baths

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Japanese baths










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★Kanji with hiragana







★English Translation


Japanese baths

It hasn't been that long since I started living in America, and day after day I find myself learning more differences between the lifestyles culture here and in Japan. America really has a lot of good points ! The generosity and cheerfulness of the people, the lifestyle which values family time, the spacious residences, the look of the streets, the delicious local dishes from various countries' cuisine stores...

 But even then, there is still one Japanese culture that I miss no matter what. That is Japanese baths.When I was in Japan I could fill a bathtub to the brim and soak in hot water right up to my shoulders everyday. Taking a bath at the end of a day I relax and could take some “me time” to think over things like “Today a lot of things happened...” or “What should I do tomorrow!”

In many American residences, hot water is limited due to the tank style heater systems. There is no system of reheating the stored hot water like in Japan. And there isn't a place to wash your bodies like in Japan, so you cannot wash your body without letting the bath water out.

In Japan, you can scoop the hot water in the bath while sitting on a small chair in the place for washing and can wash your body completely. Then once your body is clean, you can relax and soak in the bath tub. If the day comes when I can build a house in the States, I think I'd like to build a Japanese-style bath myself.


★This week's vocabulary


日(ひ)が浅(あさ)い (It) has not been long

日々(ひび) day after day, everyday

違(ちが)い difference

おおらかさ generosity

広々(ひろびろ)とした spacious, open

住居(じゅうきょ) residence

町並(まちな)み (the look of) stores and houses on a street

各国(かっこく) each country

郷土(きょうど)料理(りょうり) local dishes

どうしても no matter what

浴槽(よくそう) a bath(tub)

たっぷりと fully

張(は)る fill

しっかり securely, completely

浸(つ)かる to be soaked

考(かんが)えごとを する think about something

限(かぎ)られる be limited

ためる store, save

洗(あら)い場(ば) a place for washing oneself in a bathroom

湯船(ゆぶね) a bathtub

桶(おけ) a bucket

汲(く)み取(と)る scoop up

ゆったりと in a relaxed manner

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