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Kikyou ShingenMochi rice cakes

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Japanese rice cakes

They are very popular during the winter and especially during the New Year season, but you can enjoy them all year in a variety of different cooking methods.

In this Japanese language learning blog, Japanese teacher Yuko Momoki who lives in Yamanashi prefecture, introduces one of the prefecture's most popular rice cake sweets. Japanese rice cakes or mochi are one of Japan's traditional sweets. There are many commercial makers and you can find some quaint old-fashioned shops selling these versatile foods.

Listen to this interesting blog on the YouTube video, and learn new Japanese vocabulary too.

Kikyou ShingenMochi rice cakes









KitKats-Kikyou -ShingenMochi

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Kikyou ShingenMochi rice cakes

Kikyou Shingen Mochi is a rice cake sprinkled with roasted soybean flour and you cover it with dark molasses before eating and is one the representative souvenirs of the Yamanashi area. Today, I am going to introduce 3 great things about Kikyou Shingen Mochi

1. The cloth wrapping is done by hand and not by machine. About 100 thousand Kikyou Shingen Mochi are produced in a single day, and they are all wrapped by human hands. Fast people can wrap one in 4.5 seconds, I tried it myself … it took me over a minute.

2. You can get an all you can pick bag for only 220 yen. At the headquarter's factory you can do an all you can pick experience for Kikyou Shingen Mochi that are due to expire on the same day. This all you can pick experience is really popular and in summer, numbered tickets go on sale from 5 o'clock in the morning and there are many people who line up for this. And bus tours that guarantee that you can experience the all you can pick are also popular.

3. There are many collaboration products. Recently there are a lot of different Kikyou Shingen Mochi including KitKats, Tiroli chocolate, Gari Gari ice cream, Lunch Pack sandwiches, and Country Maam cookies among others. Keep a look out for these!

きな粉(こ)…soy flour, soybean flour, soybean meal

黒蜜(くろみつ)…dark molasses


紹介(しょうかい)…presentation, introduction

風呂敷(ふろしき)…Japanese wrapping cloth, cloth wrapper

人(ひと)の手(て)で…In the hands of people, not machines

製造(せいぞう)…manufacturing, making, production

結(むす)ばれています…be tied up ,be fastened


詰(つ)め放題(ほうだい)…all you can stuff, all you can pack

当日(とうじつ)…current day, on that day

賞味期限(しょうみきげん)…open date, best before date


整理券(せいりけん)…numbered ticket(e.g. to determine order of service in shop, etc.…)



Konnichiwa everyone ! My name is Yuko Momoki and I live in Yamanashi prefecture which is famous for peaches and grapes and is the gateway to Mount Fuji. I have a lively family of 5, consisting of my husband, 2 sons, my mother and myself and we live in an environment surrounded by nature.

Up to now, I have taught Japanese to people from various countries and we have laughed together, worried together, gotten angry and at times spent time together that was often more intense and fun than the time spent with good friends.

When I think about how I will be able to spend the wonderful time that we have to share together...well my heart just pounds! I will try to make sure that we succeed in progressing your Japanese together, douzo yoroshiku onegaiitashimasu.

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