Materials For The JLPT Preparation Course

For the December 2021 Preparation Course, JOI is using ASK publication's JLPT Online Practice Half-Test. purchase-here

OKAn effective self-study tool !

With this E-learning tool, you can use the JLPT Online Practice Half-Test to improve your JLPT test performance. details

OKEnhancing the JLPT Preparation Course !

In JOI's JLPT Preparation Course our professional Japanese teachers explain the important points from the practice test problems.
Practice how to pass the test in class, learn tips on how to improve your exam reading level, practice skills using listening problems just like the real test.
Get ready for the test in a short time! This course runs for 2 months leading up to the December JLPT 2021 test. See the course schedule.


  • FUJINAWA Miyako【JLPT N1 Course Teacher】

    This time I am planning to divide the lessons into Vocabulary and Kanji, Grammar, and Reading Comprehension.
    For the Vocabulary and Kanji, we will focus on the vocabulary that appears in ASK publication's JLPT Online Practice Half-Test and related words.
    For the Grammar, we will use the Practice Half-Test and focus on solving the problems and also study the options posed there together in class.
    For the Reading Comprehension, we will practice taking these test sections in a time-limited format. Let's do it together!

    JLPT N1 Course schedule

    See Fujinawa Sensei's page.

  • ISHIBASHI Kaori 【JLPT N2 Course Teacher】


    We are using the ASK publication's JLPT Online Practice Half-Test at JOI this year.
    In the N2 Preparation classes, we are going to take problems from the Half-Test that are easy to get wrong, and practice how to get these right.
    I will be there to answer your questions, so don't worry - let's prepare well for the test and pass!!
    Let's do it together!

    JLPT N2 Course schedule

    See Ishibashi Sensei's page.

  • ITAYA Sayuri 【JLPT N3 Course Teacher】


    This year's JLPT Preparation we are using ASK publication's JLPT Online Practice Half-Test.
    In my N3 Preparation, we are going to practice Reading Comprehension Short passages and Information retrieval, and also Listening Comprehension.
    We will practice the knack of confirming words, and I will explain how to improve your listening scores.
    Let's aim to pass the examination with flying colours!

    JLPT N3 Course schedule

    See Itaya Sensei's page.

  • YANAKA Izumi 【JLPT N3 Course Teacher】


    First, try to take the Half-Test yourself. Find out which sections you find difficult.
    Then let's figure out how to improve these sections together in class.
    In the Preparation Course, I will explain the correct answers from the Half-Tests and also confirm other test preparation tips.
    The Preparation Course classes will focus on Vocabulary Practice, and also Reading Comprehension (both Mid-Size and Long Passages).
    The classes are not just for students planning to take the test, if you want to take your Japanese to the next level; Please try out these classes.

    JLPT N3 Course schedule

    See Yanaka Sensei's page.

  • TAKANE Yukiko 【JLPT N4 Course Teacher】


    For the JLPT Preparation class this year, we will use the Vocabulary, Grammar, Reading Comprehension and Listening using excerpts from the ASK publication JLPT Online Practice Half-Test.
    I will explain grammar points and practice vocabulary for the examination. Let's deepen our understanding on how to pass the examination.

    JLPT N4 Course schedule

    See Takane Sensei's page

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What is the ASK JLPT Online Practice Half-Test?

This online learning tool is an effective way to study for the JLPT and practice for the various test sections.
You need to purchase a set of ASK's Online Practice Half-Test before taking part in the JOI's JLPT Preparation Course FlexLessons.
There are 3 sets of tests for each level that you purchase.
Each test has the same sections as a real JLPT test, but half the length of a usual JLPT test.


Easy-to-use, convenient, and effective

Use on any device, PC, or smartphone - no installations necessary.

During the 6 month validity period, you can take the practice tests as many times as you like.


Carefully selected test preparation questions

Take test practice questions created following the latest trends, and practice high-quality mock exams.

JLPT N4 example Listening Practice Test


JLPT N1 example Grammar Practice Test



Get immediate scores and performance analysis

You can see your strengths and weaknesses. Find focus and direction for your studies. Practice effectively to pass the JLPT!



Half the time and questions

The practice exam time and number of questions are half the content of the full JLPT test, so you can practice easily, daily, or even before the test.


Reasonable pricing plan

Use 3 sets of half practice tests for 1200 yen over a 6 month period.

Take multiple tests, raise your test proficiency, and improve your score within the 6 month period.