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 Shurijo Castle park












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★Kanji with hiragana









★English Translation


Today I would like to introduce a place that is near my house; its about 30 minutes on foot and is called Shurijo Castle park.
Shurijo Castle park is on a hill from which you can get a bird's eye view of the Naha city center.

A long time ago, when the Kingdom of Ryukyu was in Okinawa, there used to be a castle here called Shurijo Castle and was where the King of Ryukyu and his family lived and conducted the political affairs of the day.

The castle that can be seen there today was reconstructed in 1992. The architectural style is unique since it includes elements of Chinese architectural culture which, with its red pillars and red walls differs from the style of castles built in Japan during the Sengoku period.

In 2000, Shurijo Castle, and various other ruins from the Ryukyu Kingdom era, were registered as World Heritage Sites. And inside the park, you can watch gorgeous classical Okinawan dances 4 times a week.

The park is situated on the top of a hill so you have to go up a steep path or climb stairs to get there. So if you come, please be sure to wear some walking shoes.


★This week's vocabulary


首里城公園(しゅりじょうこうえん)Shurijo Castle park

Naha city center, Okinawa prefecture capital

~が一望(いちぼう)できる have a bird's-eye view of ~

丘(おか) hill

沖縄(おきなわ) The southernmost prefecture of Japan

琉球王国(りゅうきゅうおうこく) The Kingdom of Ryukyu

首里城(しゅりじょう) Shuri Castle

城(しろ) castle

国王(こくおう) The king of a country

復元(ふくげん)された restored

戦国時代(せんごくじだい) the age of provincial wars (1467~1615)

柱(はしら) pillar

壁(かべ) wall

建築(けんちく) architecture


沖縄本島(おきなわほんとう) main island of Okinawa

各地(かくち) in various regions

~に点在(てんざい)する be dotted all over ~

城跡(じょうせき/しろあと) ruins of a castle

be registered as a World Heritage Site

華(はな)やかな  gorgeous

琉球舞踊(りゅうきゅうぶよう) Classical Okinawan dance

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