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 The deer in Nara Park





Nara park deer


Nara park trees


views from Wakakusa mountainそうそう、奈良公園では、「シカせんべい」という鹿のおやつを売っています。「シカせんべい」をあげる時は、シカの頭より高い位置からあげてください。そうするとシカは、ちゃんとおじぎをしてから食べるんですよ。ぜひ試してみてください。

deer biscuits


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★Kanji with hiragana







★English Translation

The deer in Nara Park

The other day I took a walk in Nara Park.
When you go to Nara Park, there are many deer there that welcome you.
The deer in Nara Park are also known as divine messengers and are carefully protected. According to a 2013 survery, there are now 1393 heads of deer in the park.

The trees in Nara Park are a strange shape. They have no leaves or branches on their lower parts and grow out sideways.This shape has developed in this way because the deer eat all the branches and leaves. The deer eat in this way so that they can see things from a long way off and guard themselves from oncoming enemies.

If you go towards the mountains from Nara Park, you come to the top of Mt. Wakakusa. Here the deer can be seen resting the tree shade. If you come this far on hot summer afternoons, there are no other people here and the place is quiet. Relaxing with the deer in such a comfortable place like this, is the best feeling ever.

 Of course there are some snack called deer biscuits on sale. When you give the deer biscuits to them, you should give them from a position above the head of the deer. In this way, the deer give a bow properly when they eat. If you get a chance, please come and try it.


★This week's vocabulary

奈良公園(ならこうえん) Nara Park

シカ  Japanese deer

神(かみ)の使(つか)い  a divine messenger

保護(ほご)されている  be under protection

1393頭(とう)  1393 heads (of deer)

木々(きぎ) trees

枝(えだ) branch

葉(は) leaf

外敵(がいてき) foreign enemy

~から身(み)を守(まも)る protect oneself against

見通(みとお)す see through

若草山(わかくさやま) Mt. Wakakusa

山頂(さんちょう) mountain top, crest

木陰(こかげ) leafy shade

そうそう of course

シカせんべい deer biscuits

おやつ snack

位置(いち) position

おじぎをする give a bow


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