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東山公園 Higashi Yama Park


By MIZUNO Momoyo







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(わたし)名古屋市(なごやし)に住(す)んでいます。名古屋市(なごやし)には東山公園(ひがしやま こうえん)という大(おお)きな公園(こうえん)があります。公園(こうえん)の中(なか)には動物園(どうぶつえん)、植物園(しょくぶつえん)、遊園地(ゆうえんち)があります。全部(ぜんぶ)で東京(とうきょう)ドーム60個分(こぶん)ぐらいの広(ひろ)さになります。


おかげで、東山公園(ひがしやま こうえん)は今(いま)では年間(ねんかん)200万人(まんにん)以上(いじょう)が訪(おとず)れる市民(しみん)の憩(いこ)いの場(ば)になっています。






Higashi Yama Park

I live in Nagoya city. In Nagoya city there is a large park called Higashi Yama Kouen (lit. east mountain park). It has a zoo, botanical garden and an amusement park. Altogether it is about 60 times the size of Tokyo Dome.

In 1930 Nagoya city created a plan to establish a large zoo, but they didn't have a large enough budget for it. The city mayor asked the three landowners of Higashi Yama land if they would donate the land to the city for free. Amazingly, the 3 landowners of Higashi Yama agreed to donate the entire land to the city.

Thanks to them Higashi Yama Park has become a place for relaxation for the more than 2 million citizens that visit annually.

At one time I found myself fixated in front of one the exhibitions for an hour and a half inside its ample grounds.

It was a display in the children's zoo of chicken eggs. There were chicks breaking out of their eggshells and trying to hatch. I stood there for a long time expectantly waiting, thinking, 'any moment now, any moment now...'; it was a deeply moving experience.

Do you have a park in your town ? I enjoy our town's park while feeling grateful for the generosity of those 3 landowners.



名古屋市(なごやし):愛知県(あいちけん Aichi prefecture)の県庁所在地(けんちょう しょざいち prefectural capital)

植物園(しょくぶつえん):botanical garden

遊園地(ゆうえんち):amusement park

東京ドーム(とうきょう ドーム):Tokyo Dome

計画(けいかく)を立(た)てる:to form a plan




土地所有者(とち しょゆうしゃ):landowner


寄付(きふ)する:to donate, to contribute


地主(じぬし):landlord, landowner

一帯(いったい):all over ~

おかげで:thanks to, owing to, because of  

年間(ねんかん):throughout the year

以上(いじょう):more than

訪(おとず)れる:to visit

憩(いこ)いの場(ば):place for relaxation and refreshment

展示物(てんじぶつ):display items

釘(くぎ)づけになる:to be fixed as if by glue

展示(てんじ)する:to display, to exhibit

ひな(雛):chick, baby bird


今(いま)か今(いま)かと:(to expect) every moment

感動(かんどう):being deeply moved emotionally


感謝(かんしゃ)する:to thank, to appreciate

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