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Reading aloud

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Advanced level Japanese

The Japanese-Language Proficiency Test or JLPT, is an internationally recognized test to evaluate Japanese language ability for non-native speakers, covering language knowledge, reading ability, and listening ability.

The highest level of the test is the JLPT N1 level. This test level's curriculum is covered at JOI online school in the Advanced level classes.

There are conversation-based classes for students who are trying to or have already mastered the JLPT N1 vocabulary and grammar and would like to use their skills in practical situations, Kanji-focussed classes, grammar-based classes for test preparation and also reading classes.

Takase sensei, a professional Japanese teacher at JOI, introducing the medical theory behind the latter type of classes below.

Reading aloud


By TAKASE Chiharu





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Reading aloud

Always keep forgetting things ?...Can't remember people's names ?... Do you have problems like these ? I haven't made any really big mistakes but, because I sometimes forget things if I've only heard them, so recently I've taken to keep writing memos to myself. But since I don't always have a pen and paper with me, I've tried to make some changes on a fundamental level by trying to sleep properly, look over my eating habits, as well as making other various efforts, and among these efforts, there is one thing I'd like to recommend to you all, which is ondoku.

As you read this blog right now, how are you going about it ? You are following the words with your eyes and reading them silently, right ? But unlike that method, ondoku is the act voicing the words. According to recent neuroscience, when you read aloud, it triggers many parts of the brain and this effective for brain training. When you hear this, I bet you want to give a go, right ?

In my Advanced class which is held every other week on Fridays at 10am and Sundays at 6am Japan time, we have a reading class, in which we read news articles out aloud. For all of you, this would be reading a foreign language aloud so I think it would be a perfect form of brain training. Come along and join in the fun !

根本的(こんぽんてき)  fundamental; basic 

音読(おんどく)  reading aloud

脳(のう)  brain

鍛(きた)える  to drill; to train; to discipline

脳(のう)トレ brain training; brain workout

Konnichi-wa, everybody. Hajimemashite. My name is Chiharu Takase.
I was born in the spring, that's why my parents decided to include the the Kanji for spring (haru) in my name. My hometown is in Yamaguchi prefecture on the western coast of Honshu, but now I live in Kyoto, one of Japan's early capital cities. I'm married with one son, and my hobby is the Japanese tea ceremony.

Learning a new language, including Japanese, can be tough at first, but once you start comprehending the patterns and rhythm, you'll find that there is nothing more interesting. Do what you can, when you can, and enjoy the challenge. I'm really looking forward to meeting you in our online Japanese classroom. Let's spend an enjoyable 50 minutes together. Dozo yoroshiku onegai-shimasu.

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    This is absolutely amazing please keep this up :)

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