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Ideas in the bookstores

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Japanese literature

Japan is a treasure trove for bookstores and literature. There are Nobel prize winning authors, and a large number of domestic book competitions and prizes that create a buzz in the local media like the Akutagawa Prize and the Naoki Prize, both awarded to new, up and coming artists.

Bookstores in Japan feature a large selection of genres. And although the number of brick and mortar stores is decreasing, and online book sales are rivaling the traditional market, there are many fantastic titles to browse through both within the latest releases by modern writers like Haruki Murakami and classics by authors such as Yasunari Kawabata.

In this Japaneses audio blog for language learners, Murayama sensei looks into the ways that the traditional, brick and mortar bookstores are trying to reinvent their services. Listen to the audio read by Murayama sensei and watch the video to help you learn Japanese better.

Ideas in the bookstores




ある日、いつもの本屋さんへ行くと、入り口に「閉店お知らせ」 がありました。その本屋さんは、なくなってしまったのです。とてもショックでした。

たしかに最近は、インターネットで よく本を買います。読みたい本が本屋にないとき、インターネットで本を検索して、すぐ買えます。でも、わたしは本屋も大好きです。わたしが知らなかった本との出会いがあります

本屋も、いろいろな工夫をしています。本屋に いすがあったり、カフェがあったりします。店員さんが書いたユニークなキャッチコピーや絵を見ることもできます。ある本屋では、夜、本屋に泊まるイベントを開いたそうです!ゆっくり本をさがすことができるのは、いいですね。


To listen to this blog, please watch our Youtube video.



たしかに最近(さいきん)は、インターネットで よく本(ほん)を買(か)います。読(よ)みたい本が本屋(ほんや)にないとき、インターネットで本を検索(けんさく)して、すぐ買えます。でも、わたしは本屋も大好(だいす)きです。わたしが知(し)らなかった本との出会(であ)いがあります

本屋も、いろいろな工夫(くふう)をしています。本屋に いすがあったり、カフェがあったりします。店員(てんいん)さんが書(か)いたユニークなキャッチコピーや絵(え)を見(み)ることもできます。ある本屋では、夜(よる)、本屋に泊(と)まるイベントを開(ひら)いたそうです!ゆっくり本をさがすことができるのは、いいですね。


Ideas in the bookstores

One day, I went to my regular bookstore and found “Notice of business closure” written at the entrance. It means that the bookstore was gone. I was very shocked.

It is true that I often buy books on the Internet in these days. When the book I want to read is not found at the bookstore, I can search and buy it right away through the Internet. But I love bookstores, too, as there is an opportunity to “meet” the books that I didn’t know.

Bookstores have come up with various ideas. Some bookstores have chairs or a café. You can find unique advertising phrases and pictures written by the shop persons, too. A bookstore held an event to let customers stay overnight in the bookstore! It is good that we can take time to search books.

Do you have any books in Japanese? Let’s buy one, from magazines, picture books, manga, novels, etc. Remember the book when you don’t feel motivated (to study Japanese). I hope you continue to study Japanese!

閉店(へいてん) closing of store; closing of business

お知(し)らせ announcement, notice

検索(けんさく) search

出会(であ)いが ある there is an opportunity to meet (different people, items, etc.)

工夫(くふう)を する devise, come up with an ingenious idea

キャッチコピー advertising phrase

イベントを開(ひら)く hold an event

絵本(えほん) picture book

小説(しょうせつ) novel

やる気(き)がない not feel motivated


Hajimemashite. My name is Yuki Murayama.
I enjoy eating and love cooking as well. Sometimes I take time to bake bread too. Two years ago I took up Yoga, and this year I started doing Belly Dancing. Exercising the body feels really good, doesn't it !

I have lived in Wales and in America before. And have visited China, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. There, I made friends with people from the various countries. They are very precious to me.

I currently live with my husband in Osaka. I am really looking forward to being able to spend time online together with people from all over the world. Lets enjoy studying together.

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  • Michelle Friday, 05 February 2016

    I love this blog! Thank you so much! I am enjoying reading all of the previous blogs, too. What a great school!

  • Murayama Friday, 05 February 2016

    Arigato gozaimasu - Thank you, Michelle-san!
    Let's join JOI lessons! ^^

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