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Winter Nabe Hot Pot

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Japanese winter cuisine

Japanese cuisine or Washoku has seasonal dishes that are popular all over the country.

Some dishes feature ingredients that are particular to a certain region of the country like crab dishes from Hokkaido. And yet others are ubiquitous around Japan with the ingredients changing not only from area to area, but from family to family too.

Ueno sensei introduces one of these winter washoku dishes in this Japanese learner's blog with audio.

Winter Nabe Hot Pot


By UENO Akari


の上では立春が過ぎましたが、まだまだ寒い日が続いています。 そんな時に食べたくなるのが鍋料理です。

ひとことで鍋料理といっても、日本人の私でも分からないぐらい種類があります。 昔からある寄せ鍋、すき焼き、水炊き、しゃぶしゃぶ、ちゃんこ鍋、もつ鍋など・・・それに加えて、最近は豆乳鍋、キムチ鍋、トマト鍋、カレー鍋なども若い人たちに人気があります。




To listen to this blog, please watch our Youtube video.



ひとことで鍋料理(なべりょうり)といっても、日本人(にほんじん)の私(わたし)でも分(わ)からないぐらい種類(しゅるい)があります。 昔(むかし)からある寄(よ)せ鍋(なべ)、すき焼(や)き、水炊(みずた)き、しゃぶしゃぶ、ちゃんこ鍋、もつ鍋など・・・それに加(くわ)えて、最近(さいきん)は豆乳鍋、キムチ鍋、トマト鍋、カレー鍋なども若(わか)い人(ひと)たちに人気(にんき)があります。


「今日の晩(ばん)ごはん、どうする?」 「豆腐(とうふ)、白菜(はくさい)、しいたけ、ねぎがあるよ。今日は鍋にしようか。」 「いいね。そうしよう。」 今日(きょう)も日本中(にほんじゅう)の家庭(かてい)でこんな会話(かいわ)をしているかもしれません。


Winter Nabe Hot Pot

According to the calendar, the first day of spring has already passed but the cold days are continuing. And at this time, on days like this, I really want to eat some Nabe Hot Pot.

We can say Hot Pot in a word, but actually there are so many types that even a Japanese person like me can't know them all. There are Nabe Hot Pot types that have been around for ages like Yose Nabe, Sukiyaki, Mizutaki Nabe, Shabu Shabu, Chanko Nabe, Motsu Nabe and so on, but on top of that, recently Soymilk Nabe, Kimuchi Nabe, Tomato Nabe, and Curry Nabe are becoming popular among young people.

The attraction of Nabe Hot Pot is that you can make anything left over in your refrigerator into something delicious, and also eat a lot of vegetables too. If one or two ingredients are lacking, there's no need to worry about it. And if you get together around a Nabe Hot Pot with everyone, your heart as well as your body is warmed up.

“What are we having for dinner tonight?”
“Well, we have some Tofu, Chinese cabbage, Shiitake mushrooms, and leeks. Let's make a Nabe Hot Pot !”
“Great idea. Let's do that.”

Today there are probably a lot of families all around Japan having this conversation. Why don't you try to have various types of Nabe Hot Pot too ?

暦(こよみ) カレンダーのこと。calendar

立春(りっしゅん) the first day of spring

鍋料理(なべりょうり) hot pot dish

寄(よ)せ鍋(なべ) Yose-nabe; chicken, seafood and vesitables hot pot in broth seasoned with soy sauce, miso, salt, sake and so on.

水炊(みずた)き Mizutaki; chicken broth hot pot

ちゃんこ鍋(なべ) Chanko-nabe (a common meal for sumo wrestlers)

もつ鍋(なべ) Motsu-nabe; innards hot pot

豆乳(とうにゅう soymilk

キムチ kimchi; Korean pickles

魅力(みりょく) charm; attraction

食材(しょくざい) ingredient

白菜(はくさい) Chinese cabbage

しいたけ Shiitake mushroom

ねぎ leek; green onion


Hajimemashite everyone ! My name is Akari Ueno.
I live in Tokyo with my husband and daughter. I have had the experience of living in Hokkaido, Yokohama and Singapore.
I studied History in university, so I love touring around historical ruins. When I was younger, I went to see the Great Pyramids and Borobudur in Indonesia, but now I merely tour around the neighborhood parks with my daughter. I dream of touring around the world's famous ruins with my daughter one day.

When I study languages, one English phrase always comes to mind, "Use it, or lose it". I used to be scared of making mistakes, so even when I learned new vocabulary, I didn't use it. But after learning this English phrase from a friend, I started to use the vocabulary and terms I'd learned without fear of making mistakes.

Try to use your newly learned vocabulary and phrases all the time in the lessons. Looking forward to meeting you all in class !

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