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Fireworks in autumn

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Japanese fireworks

Fireworks festivals (or hanabi taikai) in Japan are usually summer events. There are hundreds of events during the season, with some notably larger than others. The most popular fireworks shows draw huge crowds and people travel from far to view them.

In this blog by Murahara sensei, she focuses on a fireworks show in Kagoshima city that was held out of season. Find out more below and use the vocabulary guide to learn new Japanese words. And listen and watch the video to study Japanese listening too.

Fireworks in autumn




去る11月7日と8日に、私の町(鹿児島市)で花火大会がありました。 私の町の花火大会は毎年夏に開催されていて、こんな肌寒い時期(=秋)には開催されていません。 聞くところによると、この花火大会は、今年の夏に開催される予定だった「錦江湾サマーナイト大花火大会」の代わりに開催された臨時の花火大会だったそうです。




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去(さ)る11月(がつ)7日(なのか)と8日(ようか)に、私(わたし)の町(まち)(鹿児島市(かごしまし))で花火大会(はなびたいかい)がありました。 私(わたし)の町(まち)の花火大会(はなびたいかい)は毎年(まいとし)夏(なつ)に開催(かいさい)されていて、こんな肌寒い(はだざむい)時期(じき)(=秋(あき))には開催(かいさい)されていません。 聞(き)くところによると、この花火大会(はなびたいかい)は、今年(ことし)の夏(なつ)に開催(かいさい)される予定(よてい)だった「錦江湾(きんこうわん)サマーナイト大花火大会(だいはなびたいかい)」の代(か)わりに開催(かいさい)された臨時(りんじ)の花火大会(はなびたいかい)だったそうです。




Fireworks in autumn

The past November 7th and 8th a fireworks festival was held in my town Kagoshima. My town holds fireworks festivals every year in summer, it doesn't usually hold one in this chilly autumn season. From what I heard, this fireworks festival was a special festival held in place of the Kinko Bay Summer Night Fireworks that had been planned to be held this year in summer.

The Kinko Bay Summer Night Fireworks festival is a big event in Kagoshima city, on such a scale so large and so popular that in recent years people travel from all over the country to come to watch it; but this year, due to the major volcanic eruption of Sakura Jima volcano, it had to be canceled. The cancellation of this big event created a big damage to Kagoshima city's economics, but some felt they should at least let the general public enjoy the 15,000 fireworks that had been prepared for the event, and so this time's fireworks festival was held.

This time's festival was really held specially, so it was held over two days, and it was done simply and a total of 1500 fireworks were sent up, but even then, these Japanese-made fireworks were nonetheless beautiful.

“Japanese fireworks craftsmen have a high level of technical ability” is a critique that is apparently given the world over, but each and every firework really was delicately crafted and calculated so that they could be enjoyed from any angle, it was as if the night sky was a canvas onto which large flowered patterns were made to bloom before our eyes.

This was my first fireworks festival for the year, and so I was really glad that I could watch it.

開催される かいさいされる be held

肌寒い はだざむい chilly

臨時の りんじの special

一大イベント  いちだいいべんと  a big event

大規模(な)  だいきぼ(な) large scale

きめ細かな きめこまやかな  sensitive / delicate


Hajimemashite, everyone. My name is Satomi Murahara I live in Kagoshima in Kyushu. An active volcano known as Sakura Jima, is the symbol of the town.

I have been teaching at Japanese language schools in Saipan and Kagoshima. While I was in Saipan, I got to find out about Polynesian dances and now I'm currently learning Tahitian dance. Recently I have become interested in Hula too. One day I'd like to go to Hawaii and Tahiti and dance under the azure sky looking out at the sea.

I love helping everyone to learn Japanese ! So in my class, don't be afraid to make mistakes, just continue to use Japanese. Talk as much as possible and ask me lots of questions. This is the shortcut to improving your language skills. I'm really looking forward to hearing about your experiences and have conversations in Japanese with you !

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