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Japanese Sumo

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Japanese Sumo

Sumo (or 相撲 in Japanese ) is a wrestling bout in which the wrestlers (or rikishi) try to push one another out of a round arena (or dohyō) or make another wrestler fall down in the ring.

The sport is considered as the national sport of Japan, and there are many foreign rikishi in recent years competing professionally in Japan.

This interesting blog by Kinoi sensei, a professional Japanese teacher at JOI, who loves the sport, can teach a lot about their diets and also some new Japanese vocabulary.

How to put on weight





まず朝起きて、何も食べずにけいこをします。けいこが終わると、お風呂に入ります。お風呂の後、食事です。そのご飯の量はとても多く、細い人は無理をして食べます。ご飯が終わると2~3時間お昼寝をします。 力士の食事の回数は2回です。朝ごはんを抜いて思いっきり運動し、お腹が思いっきり空いた状態でお昼ご飯を大量に食べると、よく体に吸収されるそうです。食事の後お昼寝をすることによってさらに脂肪として蓄積されるのです。


効率よく太る方法で彼らはどんどん体重を増やし負けない体を作っていきます。食べるのもけいこの一つなのだそうです。 逆に考えると、効率よく痩せたい場合、彼らと逆のことをしたらいいのではないかと思いました。朝ごはんはきちんと食べて、一日の食事はきちんと3回、食後はすぐ寝ない。白いご飯は控えめに、おやつもほどほどに。

To listen to this blog, please watch our Youtube video.



まず朝(あさ)起(お)きて、何(なに)も食(た)べずにけいこをします。けいこが終(お)わると、お風呂(ふろ)に入(はい)ります。お風呂(ふろ)の後(あと)、食事(じょくじ)です。そのご飯(はん)の量(りょう)はとても多(おお)く、細(ほそ)い人(ひと)は無理(むり)をして食(た)べます。ご飯(はん)が終(お)わると2~3時間(じかん)お昼寝(ひるね)をします。 力士(りきし)の食事(しょくじ)の回数(かいすう)は2回(かい)です。朝(あさ)ごはんを抜(ぬ)いて思(おも)いっきり運動(うんどう)し、お腹(なか)が思(おも)いっきり空(す)いた状態(じょうたい)でお昼(ひる)ご飯(はん)を大量(たいりょう)に食(た)べると、よく体(からだ)に吸収(きゅうしゅう)されるそうです。食事(しょくじ)の後(あと)お昼寝(ひるね)をすることによってさらに脂肪(しぼう)として蓄積(ちくせき)されるのです。


効率(こうりつ)よく太(ふと)る方法(ほうほう)で彼(かれ)らはどんどん体重(たいじゅう)を増(ふ)やし負(ま)けない体(からだ)を作(つく)っていきます。食(た)べるのもけいこの一つ(ひとつ)なのだそうです。 逆(ぎゃく)に考(かんが)えると、効率(こうりつ)よく痩(や)せたい場合(ばあい)、彼(かれ)らと逆(ぎゃく)のことをしたらいいのではないかと思(おも)いました。朝(あさ)ごはんはきちんと食(た)べて、一日(いちにち)の食事(しょくじ)はきちんと3回(かい)、食後(しょくご)はすぐ寝(ね)ない。白(しろ)いご飯(はん)は控(ひか)えめに、おやつもほどほどに。

How to put on weight

The wrestlers that do Sumo are very large. Why are they so large ? It's so that they do not come out of the round ring (or dohyō) , and so they cannot be easily lifted up. But they are not born fat. They become fat in order to win. There are some people who weigh 270 kilograms. There is a traditional method of gaining weight to this extent.

First of all, they wake up in the morning and take part in the practice before eating anything. After practice, they take a bath. After the bath, they have a meal. The amount of food in this meal is really a lot, a thin person would have to force themselves to finish it. After they eat, they take a nap for 2 or 3 hours.

The number of meals for the wrestlers is twice a day. They skip breakfast and exercise and eat a big lunch when they're stomachs are completely empty so that their bodies absorb the food well. And by taking a nap after eating the food accumulates as fat.

1. Two meals a day
2. Eat a large amount of food when you are completely hungry
3. Sleep after eating
4. Eat a lot of rice (carbohydrates)

So by efficiently using these gain weight methods they gradually get bigger and build up a winning body. Eating is seen as part of the training.

On the other hand, if you want to lose weight effectively, I think you should the opposite to what they do. Eat a good breakfast, eat three proper meals a day, don't sleep after eating. Cut back on white rice and also be moderate with your side dishes too.


力士(りきし)sumo wrestler

土俵(どひょう)arena, (especially in sumo)

持(も)ち上(あ)げる to raise; to lift up

生(う)まれつき by birth; native

昔(むかし)ながら the same as it was long ago; traditional

けいこ practice; training

無理(むり)をする overdo it; force myself to do

朝(あさ)ごはんを 抜(ぬ)く skip breakfast 

思(おも)いっきり with all one's heart; resignation; resolution


脂肪(しぼう)fat; grease; blubber

蓄積(ちくせき)accumulation; accumulate; store


ほどほどに be moderate


Hajimemashite, my name is Rie Kinoi. Do you know Sumo ? I love Sumo. Currently, there are many foreign Sumo wrestlers and they call speak Japanese really well. I often think that I would love to teach people to speak Japanese as naturally as they do.
I also love to travel. And I am fascinated by air, scenery, lifestyle, culture and of course languages of places that I am not familiar with. Japan has a lot of wonderful places to visit too, I'd like to introduce these to you.
Well now, you all must have various reasons and goals to study Japanese. I would like to lend support to you and help you succeed in achieving those goals. In my lessons, I will teach not only in an interesting and fun way, but also guide you to absorb a number of different topics. Lets do well together !

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