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Japanese summer fashion

Japan is a fashion and trend leader in the world. And many fads are started from the streets of Tokyo and from the historical wear of traditional Japan.

There are many kinds of fashion for every season, but Summer fashion is often touted as the most unique and quintessentially Japanese of the four seasons of styles.

Someya sensei, is a Japanese teacher at JOI online school and lives in Yokohama, so she probably gets to see a lot of Japanese fashion and trends in her city. In this blog, she writes about one very cool Japanese fashion style. Read this blog to learn more and also listen to and watch the video to enjoy learning Japanese.



By SOMEYA Sachiko


「浴衣」をご存じですか? 「着物」は日本の伝統的な衣服として広く知られていますが、「浴衣」を知っている外国の方は多くないのではないでしょうか。日本では夏まつりや花火大会などの夏のイベントには欠かせない和服の一種です。子供や女性がですが、最近では若い男性も浴衣を着て夏のお出かけを楽しんでいるようです。



To listen to this blog, please watch our Youtube video.


「浴衣」(ゆかた)をご存(ぞん)じですか? 「着物」(きもの)は日本(にほん)の伝統的(でんとうてき)な衣服(いふく)として広(ひろ)く知(し)られていますが、「浴衣」を知(し)っている外国(がいこく)の方(かた)は多(おお)くないのではないでしょうか。 日本では夏(なつ)まつりや花火大会(はなびたいかい)などの夏のイベントには欠(か)かせない和服(わふく)の一種(いっしゅ)です。子供(こども)や女性(じょせい)が主(おも)ですが、最近(さいきん)では若(わか)い男性(だんせい)も浴衣を着(き)て夏のお出(で)かけを楽(たの)しんでいるようです。




Do you know what Yukata are ? Kimonos are widely known as Japanese traditional wear, but I guess there aren't many foreign people who know about Yukata. This article of clothing is indispensable for summer events like fireworks festivals and local summer festivals. They are mainly worn by ladies and children but recently, apparently young guys also wear Yukata and go out to enjoy the summer.

In the old days, Yukata were worn after taking a bath as sleep-wear, so the colors were plain like white or indigo. But recently, since they are being worn for summer events, they have generally become more spectacular and there are now some in pretty patterns and some following the year's trends.

And recently there are many Yukata that have left even me surprised. I find myself asking, “Is this a Yukata ? ?” when I see some that are covered in lace and that are altogether just like dresses. They are are apparently called “Yukata dresses”.

In our house we have a really old Yukata which my mother's grandmother made for her when she was a young girl, and it has a retro atmosphere which gives it a different type of attractiveness not found in new designs.

When you walk outside, during the summer nights, especially on the weekends, you can see various types of Yukata. I am looking forward to see what style of Yukata will be popular this summer.

伝統的(でんとうてき)な traditional

広(ひろ)く知(し)られています be widely known

欠(か)かせない indispensable ; vital

主(おも) main ; major

寝間着(ねまき) sleep-wear ; nightclothes ; pajamas

地味(じみ)な humble ; plain ; quiet ; severe

模様(もよう)a pattern


華(はな)やかな halcyon ; luxuriant ; opulent ; spectacular

まるでquite ; entirely ; completely ; perfectly ; altogether

雰囲気(ふんいき)an atomosphere

流行(はや)るto be popular ; to come into fasion


Konnichiwa, My name is Sachiko Someya. I live in Yokohama city in Kanagawa prefecture. Yokohama is an attractive city with a lot of tourist destinations. If you ever get the chance, please come and visit. Learning a new language can bring you a lot pleasure but can also be difficult. I would like to help you to enjoy learning Japanese. Let's try hard together ! I'm looking forward to meeting up with you online.

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