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Wide-Angle Seated-Forward Bend Yoga Pose

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Yoga in Japan

Yoga in Japan is a huge multi-billion dollar industry with a primary market aimed towards ladies in their 30s and 40s.There are many franchise stores, and individual studios all over the cities – many in prime locations to catch business people coming home from work.

In this blog by Japanese teacher Midori Miyake, she looks at the benefits of this pose and teaches some useful vocabulary connected with your body.

Read the blog in Japanese below and learn new Kanji too. Also, listen to the YouTube video to practice your Japanese listening.

Wide-Angle Seated-Forward Bend Yoga Pose


By MIYAKE Midori


 みなさん、開脚前屈ができますか? ある生徒様に聞いた話ですが、なんと80歳の女性が、「腰痛改善開脚ストレッチ」という本を見ながら、1カ月間、毎日15分間練習したら、180度の開脚前屈が出来るようになったそうです。すごいですね!





To listen to this blog, please watch our Youtube video. 

開脚前屈(かいきゃく ぜんくつ)

 みなさん、開脚前屈(かいきゃく ぜんくつ)ができますか? ある生徒様(せいとさま)に聞(き)いた話(はなし)ですが、なんと80歳(さい)の女性(じょせい)が、「腰痛(ようつう)改善(かいぜん)!開脚(かいきゃく)ストレッチ」という本(ほん)を見(み)ながら、1カ月間(かげつかん)、毎日(まいにち)15分間(ふんかん)練習(れんしゅう)したら、180度(ど)の開脚(かいきゃく)前屈(ぜんくつ)が出来(でき)るようになったそうです。すごいですね!



 開脚前屈(かいきゃくぜんくつ)の効果(こうか)は、骨盤(こつばん)の歪(ゆが)みの改善(かいぜん)、足(あし)のむくみ解消(かいしょう)生理不順(せいりふじゅん)予防(よぼう)緩和(かんわ)冷え性(ひえしょう)の緩和(かんわ)、リラックス、リンパの流(なが)れを改善(かいぜん)しデトックスするなど、良(よ)いことがたくさんあります。 簡単(かんたん)なポーズに見(み)えますが、とても奥(おく)が深(ふか)いです。



Wide-Angle Seated-Forward Bend Yoga Pose

Can you do the Wide-Angle Seated-Forward Bend or Upavistha Konasana yoga pose? According to one student's story, I heard that an 80-year-old lady was able to it by reading a book entitled “Resolve your back pain! Doing the Wide-Angle Seated-Forward Bend” and doing the exercises every day for 15 minutes for a month she was able to do the 180-degree splits Seated-Forward Bend. That's amazing, isn't it?

The main point is to do these 4 Yoga poses every day without fail. I think a lot of people know this, but you cannot get to do the Wide-Angle Seated-Forward Bend just by practicing that pose. Its not just the hip joint but also lower back and back, you have to make muscles flexible too not just your hip joint.

But having said this, there are some people who due to their skeletal structure will never be able to do this pose no matter how much they practice. In these case, if you fold a blanket up and place it under your bottom and by adjusting the height you get to do it without much trouble.

There are so many benefits to doing the Wide-Angle Seated-Forward Bend for example it improves pelvic distortion, eliminates swelling in the legs, eases and prevents menstrual irregularities, eases coldness, improves relaxation and acts as a detox. It may look like a simple pose, but it is actually quite a deep exercise.

If your knees or lower back start to hurt then please do not continue, it is not effective and could be causing damage to your body. You don't have to do the 180 pose, or lean your body flat forward. The correct method is to continue with the exercises every day comfortably.

開脚前屈(かいきゃくぜんくつ) wide angle seated forward bend

腰痛(ようつう) lower back (or hip) pain

改善(かいぜん) improvement

ストレッチ  stretch

欠(か)かさず without fail

ご存知(ぞんじ) knowing

股関節(こかんせつ)  hip joint

腰(こし) lower back

背中(せなか)  back

筋肉(きんにく)   muscle

柔軟(じゅうなん)    flexible

骨格(こっかく)        skeletal structure

お尻(しり)       bottom

調整(ちょうせい)  adjustment

無理(むり)なく   without hardship

効果(こうか)  effect

歪(ゆが)み  distortion

むくみ  swelling

解消(かいしょう) reduction

生理不順(せいりふじゅん)   menstrual irregularity

予防(よぼう) prevention

緩和(かんわ)     softening

冷え性(ひえしょう) sensitivity to cold


Konnichiwa! My name is Midori Miyake. After I graduated from university, I worked for a long time in a Japanese company, but a little while after getting married, I quit my job. After that, I studied and became a Japanese language teacher. I normally do yoga for my health. I think it's important to continue little by little everyday.

When learning Japanese, there are some times when it is fun and there are probably times when it is really difficult. But by continuing little by little you can improve your Japanese language ability and then if you can find some pleasure in using your Japanese in the classes I will be so glad. With language learning, speaking a lot is the path to improving. Don't be afraid to make mistakes, let's just speak a lot of Japanese! I am looking forward to speaking Japanese with you all.

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