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Thank you for the “masks”

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Masks and social distancing in Japan

During the COVID 19 pandemic, people in Japan have been staying indoors with their families. It can be a time to bring people together and spend precious time with the ones we love. There have been difficulties in getting some essentials in the country especially face masks. But this hasn't stopped Someya sensei's son from improvising some cute alternatives!

In this language learning blog by Japanese teacher Sachiko Someya talks about some activity her son did during the lockdown period due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Listen to this cute story on the video which Someya sensei reads out herself. And learn new Japanese vocabulary with this useful learning tool.

Thank you for the “masks”


By SOMEYA Sachiko


 ある日、息子からたくさんのマスク?をもらいました。 息子は物作りが好きで、よく集中して色々なものを作成します。今回は、私がいつも「手に入らない」 と困っているマスクを作ってくれたようです。ティッシュや輪ゴムなどを使って。

 日本では、2月ごろから新型コロナウィルスの流行や花粉症のシーズンが重なり、徐々にマスクが手に入りにくくなりました。毎日のようにマスクの話をしていたのをきいていたのだと思います。一生懸命作ってくれたのはとても嬉しかったのですが、貴重なティッシュが. .. という複雑な気持ちになりました。



To listen to this blog, please watch our Youtube video.


 ある日(ひ)、息子(むすこ)からたくさんのマスク?をもらいました。 息子(むすこ)は物作(ものづく)りが好(す)きで、よく集中(しゅうちゅう)して色々(いろいろ)なものを作成(さくせい)します。今回(こんかい)は、私(わたし)がいつも「手(て)に入(はい)らない」と困(こま)っているマスクを作(つく)ってくれたようです。ティッシュや輪(わ)ゴムなどを使(つか)って。

 日本(にほん)では、2月(がつ)ごろから新型(しんがた)コロナウィルスの流行(りゅこう)や花粉症(かふんしょう)のシーズンが重(かさ)なり、徐々(じょじょ)にマスクが手(て)に入(はい)りにくくなりました。毎日(まいにち)のようにマスクの話(はなし)をしていたのをきいていたのだと思(おも)います。一生懸命(いしょうけんめい)作(つく)ってくれたのはとても嬉(うれ)しかったのですが、貴重(きちょう)なティッシュが. .. という複雑(ふくざつ)な気持(きも)ちになりました。


Thank you for the “masks”

The other day, I received a lot of “masks” from my son. My son loves to make things and he often concentrates on making various crafts. This time he made some masks for me since I was always 'troubled that I was unable to get hold of them'. He used pieces of tissue, rubber bands and other stuff to make them.

In Japan, since February with the Coronavirus pandemic and hay fever season overlapping, masks have been gradually harder and harder to get hold of. I think he must have heard me talking about the masks situation almost every day, He did his best and made them for me and I was really happy about it, but he used up some precious tissue it was a complicated feeling.

Usually, I'll be using these home-made “masks” which are small, child-sized, and with plenty of different sizes, with great care on his dolls!

集中(しゅうちゅう)  concentration

困(こま)る have difficulty; be in difficulties

輪(わ)ゴム rubber band

花粉症(かふんしょう) hay fever

徐々(じょじょ)に gradually

一生懸命(いしょうけんめい)do one’s best

複雑(ふくざつ)な complex

豊富(ほうふ)な abundant; plenty


Konnichiwa, My name is Sachiko Someya. I live in Yokohama city in Kanagawa prefecture. Yokohama is an attractive city with a lot of tourist destinations. If you ever get the chance, please come and visit. Learning a new language can bring you a lot pleasure but can also be difficult. I would like to help you to enjoy learning Japanese. Let's try hard together ! I'm looking forward to meeting up with you online.

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