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The fiscal year begins

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The Japanese fiscal year

The Japanese financial or fiscal year spans from April 1st to March 31st . Schools and businesses usually follow this calendar to mark the start of a new year and hold ceremonies to celebrate the new additions to their institutions.

It also takes place during the start of spring, so in Japan spring is often seen at the season for new beginnings.

In this blog for Japanese learners, Ms. Noriko Yokozuka, a Japanese teacher at JOI, introduces this new fiscal year topic and explains it from a native Japanese person's viewpoint. It is a good way to learn Japanese by reading the blog and memorizing new Kanji or vocabulary too.

She also includes several key words and phrases that a part of the JLPT examination curriculum.

Listen to the video and practice some Japanese listening as well.

The fiscal year begins









To listen to this blog, please watch our Youtube video.






The fiscal year begins

April is the season for schools' and companies' entrance ceremonies and the start of a new life. This season holds a strong image of taking commemorative photographs under a fully bloomed cherry blossom tree in people's minds but this year's cherry blossom blooming has been rather early hasn't it. I am writing this blog on March 30th but at this point in the place where I live, the petals have begun to fall. The sight of the flower petals falling lightly on the breeze is very beautiful and I find myself stopping to watch in fascination.

The Japanese academic and financial year starts in this way at a time when the cherry blossoms are beautiful (of course there are differences between areas). One fiscal year generally spans from April 1st up to the following year's March 31st . This year starts from April 1st 2020 or Reiwa 2, until March 31st 2021 or Reiwa 3 and it will be known as the 2020 fiscal year or the Reiwa 2 fiscal year.

There is an opinion to change the start of the academic year to September to align with the international standard but those who hold that opinion are probably a minority faction.

The world is now in a difficult time but I hope that a lot of people can welcome the new year by tranquilly watching the fluttering fall of cherry blossom petals and I hope that they can spend their daily lives a little more peacefully by doing so.

年度 ねんど:the year

ひらひら:軽くて薄いものが揺れて動く様子。 The movement seen when something scatters lightly and thinly over a surface

見とれる be fascinated 《by》、watch something in fascination、be charmed 《by》、be struck 《by》、look admiringly 《at》、be lost in admiration

倣う ならう:follow、conform to、follow、take after、emulate

少数派 しょうすうは:the minority faction

舞い散る まいちる:fluttering down


Konnichi-wa, everybody. I am originally from Ringo-no-ri in Aomori prefecture, but I am now living in Kakaa-tenka in Gunma prefecture. I've lived in several other of Japan's prefectures as well, including Niigata (which has gorgeous sunsets), Tochigi (where the Nikko Toshogu shrine is located), and Gifu (land of the famous Shirakawa-go area of historic rafter roofed houses).

I myself am studying Chinese, so I can really relate to the difficulty of learning a foreign language. But still, if we can get past that step and feel the excitement of having just a single word understood, the feeling of satisfaction that comes from communication is, no pun intended, beyond words. I'd like to invite everyone who visits our online Japanese school with the thought "I want to speak Japanese!" to join my classes. Until the day when you can say confidently, "I did it, I learned how to speak Japanese!", I promise to do my best to help you in your Japanese language studies.

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