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Staying bright and positive

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Work from home

Watching the BBC News channel, it seems that in England the phrase “work from home” has become a buzz word recently. In Japan, however, the vocabulary that is being used is “Telework”. Many companies have started this system and many are predicting that this trend may continue even after the Coronavirus pandemic lets up.

In this short and interesting blog by a Japanese teacher for Beginner students, the focus is on how to stay bright and positive while doing “Telework”. Japanese teacher Chiharu Takase has a really interesting idea on how to do this.

Read the blog and learn some new vocabulary and then listen to the YouTube video for some Japanese listening practice.

Staying bright and positive


By TAKASE Chiharu


 コロナウィルスの流行によって、なかなか家から出られませんね。 在宅勤務の方も多くいらっしゃると思います。 こんなときでも明るく 前向きな気持ちでいるために、みなさんはどんな工夫をしていますか。いつもより丁寧に掃除をする、 手のかかる料理を作る、家族とゆっくり話をする、花を飾る、などいろいろあると思いますが、私がおすすめしたいのがネイルカラーです。

 在宅で一人でパソコンに向かって仕事をしていると指先はよく見えますし、 に明るい色を塗って気分を変えて仕事をしませんか。オフィスではあまり許されない 派手なデザインのネイルでも今だったら大丈夫ですね。


To listen to this blog, please watch our Youtube video.


 コロナウィルスの流行(りゅうこう)によって、なかなか家(いえ)から出(で)られませんね。 在宅勤務(ざいたくきんむ)の方(かた)も多(おお)くいらっしゃると思(おも)います。 こんなときでも明(あか)るく 前向(まえむ)きな気持(きも)ちでいるために、みなさんはどんな工夫(くふう)をしていますか。いつもより丁寧(ていねい)に掃除(そうじ)をする、 手(て)のかかる料理(りょうり)を作(つく)る、家族(かぞく)とゆっくり話(はなし)をする、花(はな)を飾(かざ)る、などいろいろあると思(おも)いますが、私(わたし)がおすすめしたいのがネイルカラーです。

 在宅(ざいたく)で一人(ひとり)でパソコンに向(む)かって仕事(しごと)をしていると指先(ゆびさき)はよく見(み)えますし、 爪(つめ)に明(あか)るい色(いろ)を塗(ぬ)って気分(きぶん)を変(か)えて仕事(しごと)をしませんか。オフィスではあまり許(ゆる)されない 派手(はで)なデザインのネイルでも今(いま)だったら大丈夫(だいじょうぶ)ですね。


Staying bright and positive

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we cannot leave the house easily. I think there are a lot of people who are working from home now.What kind of ingenious ways have you come up with to keep yourself positive? I think there are various ways; for example cleaning up more diligently than usual, making dishes that take more time, taking time to talk with your family, or decorating the house with flowers are just some of the ways – but the method I recommend is doing your nails.

When you are working alone at home facing your computer you tend to look at your fingertips a lot. Why not try changing your mood during work by painting your nails in bright colors? Because of the present situation, you can get away with putting on some flashy nail designs that wouldn't be allowed at the office.

What kind of ideas do you have to enjoy working from home? Please share some of interesting ideas if you have any. Let's keep on persevering at home!

在宅勤務 【ざいたくきんむ】 (n) working at home; telecommuting

前向き 【まえむき】 forward-looking; positive; constructive

手のかかる【てのかかる】 laborious (e.g. task, dinner)

爪 【つめ】 (n) (1) nail

派手 【はで】 (adj-na,n) showy; flashy

Konnichi-wa, everybody. Hajimemashite. My name is Chiharu Takase.
I was born in the spring, that's why my parents decided to include the the Kanji for spring (haru) in my name. My hometown is in Yamaguchi prefecture on the western coast of Honshu, but now I live in Kyoto, one of Japan's early capital cities. I'm married with one son, and my hobby is the Japanese tea ceremony.

Learning a new language, including Japanese, can be tough at first, but once you start comprehending the patterns and rhythm, you'll find that there is nothing more interesting. Do what you can, when you can, and enjoy the challenge. I'm really looking forward to meeting you in our online Japanese classroom. Let's spend an enjoyable 50 minutes together. Dozo yoroshiku onegai-shimasu.

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