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If traveling in the air becomes normal

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Future technology

How will we invent the future? And what kinds of rules and regulations do we need to be in place before technological advances are made?

Will we have flying cars in the future? Will they take off vertically like drones and helicopters?

This Japanese language blog is a fun look at the world of the future. Japanese teacher Rie Kinoi has a great imagination and uses it to write this interesting blog about the future.

Read the blog and study some new Japanese vocabulary. And learn Japanese for free by listening to the video too.

If traveling in the air becomes normal








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If traveling in the air becomes normal

Now when traveling over a short distance, the usual way to get around is on the ground, by car, bike or train. However, if you had your own airplane or helicopter, there would be no congestion and you probably wouldn't have collisions with people either. And because there would be no need for roads, bridges or tunnels, the infrastructure would not cast a great deal of money. And if the machines could travel vertically like drones or helicopters, then you probably wouldn't need any runways either.

There seem to be a lot of merits to this, but of course, there are some drawbacks to it too. The biggest one that I can think of is the fear of crashing down. If you have a problem when you are in the air, or if you have an accident, you can't just park.. And then if that happens you could cause large damage to any people or buildings underneath. The biggest drawback is that if anything happens in the air, you would crash down. It would be important to develop a fuselage that is over 99.9% safe, and you would need to have more regular inspections and maintenance than with cars.

Since you would not need roads and you can fly anywhere freely, if the number of vehicles increases, then they might crash into each other or have trouble moving forward. To some extent, you might need to make some regulations like roads. You would need to make laws to regulations on the speeds, flying areas, height, and routes.

Now governments are starting to move towards preparing for the technological developments and systems. In the future, the day when you can travel freely around in the air may be getting closer. Try to imagine vehicles flying above our heads. You might have the anxiety of, “they aren't going to fall down, are they?” But once we've established the safety standards, then a scene without that anxiety will be a normal thing. It'll be a scene without any uncomfortable feelings rather like seeing a road with lots of cars running on it.

一般化(いっぱんか) generalization

インフラ整備(せいび) infrastructure improvement

巨額(きょがく) massive amount

垂直(すいちょく) vertical

滑走路(かっそうろ) runway

おそれ fear

被害(ひがい) damage

定期的(ていきてき) periodic; regular

規制(きせい) regulation

確立(かくりつ) establishment; settlement

違和感(いわかん) uncomfortable feeling;; something is wrong


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