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Rental Bicycles

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Rental Bikes in Japan

Many people use bicycles in their daily lives in Japan. Depending on the city, they are sometimes widely used by school-age children and adults.

You can also find rental bikes at tourist spots all over Japan. These can be a useful and cheap way to get around. In this blog for beginner learners of Japanese, Japanese teacher Emi Sakude explains her interest in this mode of transport.

Maybe you can find Sakude at a tourist spot when you come to Japan – cycling with everyone too! Read this blog to learn some new vocabulary and phrases and listen to the blog on the video.

Rental Bicycles







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Rental Bicycles

In downtown Osaka there is one figure that you always see and that is someone pedaling a bicycle. Osaka is a metropolis so if you want to move around in nearby areas, it more convenient to use a bicycle than a car. I also ride my bicycle every day, when picking up the kids or when I go shopping I use it. The bicycle is an indispensable part of my life since you can go anywhere easily.

And because I'm like this, there is a service that I have been curious about recently. This is "Rental Bicycles". They also go by other names like "Bicycle Sharing", "Sharing Cycle", or "Community Cycle". In Osaka, these services are still few compared to other tourist destinations, but using this system you can rent a bicycle from various stations and then after using it, you can return it to any other station. It is a really convenient service for tourists. I'd like to use a rental bicycle and leisurely stroll around a sight-seeing spot. On a bicycle, you can enjoy the feeling of the wind, and it fits perfectly in with this season.

Due to the influence of Coronavirus, I am spending a lot of time at home, but once this is over, I think I'd really like to try this.

耳(みみ)にする hear (about)

自転車(じてんしゃ)をこぐ pedal a bicycle

欠(か)かせません be indispensable [essential] to

~に比(くら)べると compared to

~にとっては for

散策(さんさく) stroll; walk

影響(えいきょう) (an) influence

終息(しゅうそく) closure


Hajimemashite! I am Sakude Emi. I live in Osaka, Japan's second largest city, with my daughters, son and my Brazilian husband. My hobby is cooking, especially dishes from around the world.

My husband and I often talk about how much misunderstanding there is in the world between individuals and between nations. We feel it is these misunderstandings that block smooth human relations. I would like to do what I can to unravel these knots of misunderstanding.

If there is anything you'd like to ask me, even if it's not connected to learning Japanese, please feel free. Let's do our best together. Ganbarou

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