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Table manners

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Japanese traditions and superstitions

Japan is a country with various traditions and superstitions. There are many traditions surrounding food and superstitions surrounding death and making a mistake can be a big taboo in the country.

Learning the best way to navigate the world of Japanese cuisine and traditions can be difficult. I would advise eating out with Japanese people and finding out first hand the various rules and manners.

You can also learn some of them below in Igarashi sensei's blog this week !

Table manners





日本で食事をする際には、他にもいくつか知っておいてほしいことがあります。 まず、食べ物を箸と箸で渡してはいけません。これはなぜかというと、人が亡くなり火葬した際に遺骨を壺に入れるのですが、その時箸と箸で骨を渡して骨壺に納めるからです。食べ物を渡すときは、お皿に置いて渡しましょう。



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日本(にほん)で食事(しょくじ)をする際(さい)には、他(ほか)にもいくつか知(し)っておいてほしいことがあります。 まず、食(た)べ物(もの)を箸(はし)と箸(はし)で渡(わた)してはいけません。これはなぜかというと、人(ひと)が亡(な)くなり火葬(かそう)した際(さい)に遺骨(いこつ)を壺(つぼ)に入(い)れるのですが、その時(とき)箸(はし)と箸(はし)で骨(ほね)を渡(わた)して骨壺(こつつぼ)に納(おさ)めるからです。食(た)べ物(もの)を渡(わた)すときは、お皿(さら)に置(お)いて渡(わた)しましょう。



Table manners

In Japan when you eat, you first say, “Itadakimasu”, and when you finish eating, you say, “Gochisoosama desita”. Of course those of you studying Japanese know this right ?

But when eating in Japan, there are some things that I would like you to know. First, you shouldn't pass food from chopsticks to chopsticks. This is because that when someone dies and are cremated, the bones are put into a mortuary urn and at this time, they are passed from chopsticks to chopsticks and then placed into the mortuary urn. So when you are passing food, put the food on a plate and pass it this way.

Also it is a taboo to leave the chopsticks sticking up in the rice. In the Buddhist world, chopsticks sticking up in rice symbolize rice for people who have died, so it is a bad omen to do so. When you want to put your chopsticks down, use the chopstick rest.

Japanese cuisine (or washoku) has begun to be eaten all over the world. So please enjoy eating some delicious Japanese cuisine.

火葬(かそう)  cremation

遺骨(いこつ)  somebody's remains, ashes

骨壺(こつつぼ)  mortuary urn

縁起(えんぎ)が悪(わる)い of bad omen; ill augur; boding evil; bad fortune

箸置(はしお)き chopstick rest


Hajimemashite, everyone . My name is Maki Igarashi.
Although I'm originally from Hokkaido, I live in Hiroshima because of my husband's work transfer. Hokkaido is the northernmost island of Japan. Winter is very cold and snowy, but Hokkaido's natural scenery is very beautiful, and we have a lot of delicious food. Here in Hiroshima, on Miya-jima Island, you can see Itsukushima Shrine, a world cultural heritage site. If you come to Japan, please visit these great places.

I'd like to see you smile at least once in every class. The lessons will be, well, fun! Prepare well, and review well! :o)
Don't get caught up thinking Japanese is a difficult language, enjoy studying and learning !

Try to use your newly learned vocabulary and phrases all the time in the lessons. Looking forward to meeting you all in class !

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