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Christmas all around the world

Christmas season is celebrated in so many countries now all over the world. Some countries, like Japan, are not traditionally Christian, do not have the same traditional cultures of Western countries or have different climates and local cuisine.

Therefore there are often some variations to the Christmas traditions. For example, the Australians are famous for Christmas barbecues on the beach ! And in Ethiopia, (following the old Julian calendar) Christmas is celebrated in January !

Staying open to the many traditions and customs around the world and accepting the local differences allows us to enjoy the season where ever we might be !

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Japanese Christmas



Christmas in Japan




私は毎年イルミネーションを見に行ったり、ローストチキンやケーキなどのごちそうを子供たちと作ったりして、家族でお祝いしています。 みなさんの国ではクリスマスをどのように過ごしますか?

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私(わたし)は毎年(まいとし)イルミネーションを見(み)に行(い)ったり、ローストチキンやケーキなどのごちそうを子供(こども)たちと作(つく)ったりして、家族(かぞく)でお祝(いわ)いしています。 みなさんの国(くに)ではクリスマスをどのように過(す)ごしますか?

Japanese Christmas

It's almost Christmas time. During this season, the towns are decorated everywhere with Christmas lights and look really beautiful. Adults and children feel excited in this gorgeous Christmas season. Personally, I don't really like the cold, but even then I look forward to the Christmas season every year.

In Japan, Christmas is celebrated as one of the festivals regardless of religion. And a lot of people spend Christmas together with lovers, friends and family.

And at Christmas parties, when talking of food that is must at these events, it has to be cake and chicken. Foreign people often ask, “Why do you eat chicken on a special day like Christmas ? You can eat chicken on any other day !” In Japan, turkey is hard to come by, so instead of Christmas turkey, we usually eat chicken. Kentucky Fried Chicken is really popular and if you do not make a reservation for Christmas day, you won't be able to buy it.

Every year, I go to look at the illuminations, and make delicious food including roast chicken and cake with my children, and celebrate it with my family. How do you spend your Christmas ?

華(はな)やかな  gorgeous

わくわくします excited because of some pleasant expection

~に関係(かんけい)なく regardless of

~といえば Talking of (something)

ごちそう delicious food

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