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Shoten Japanese TV program

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Learning Japanese through TV

Japanese TV has some gems among some of the ridiculous and seemingly repetitive products. These often end up running for generations with dedicated fans. Yokozuka sensei seems to be one of these fans ( and I admit to having a special place in my heart for the program she introduces below too !)

Watching TV can be a great way to learn Japanese. There are many shows that feature quite simple formats so that even when you cannot follow all of the conversation, you can at least understand what is happening.

Recording a program and watching it over again with a dictionary to aid understanding was one of the ways I personally made progress in improving my listening and learning Japanese vocabulary.

You can also learn Japanese listening here with this free Japanese language learning blog. It has an audio version and a YouTube video to make it interesting and fun to study Japanese ! Moses : JOI Support

Shoten – Japanese TV program




日本では、数十年続く長寿番組がたくさんあります。 その中でも、私が特に好きなのは「笑点」という番組です。 笑点はもうすぐ放送開始から50年目を迎えようとしています。これだけ長い間続いている番組ですから、ご存知の方もいるかもしれませんね。



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日本(にほん)では、数十年(しゅうじゅうねん)続(つづ)く長寿番組(ちょうじゅばんぐみ)がたくさんあります。 その中(なか)でも、私(わたし)が特(とく)に好(す)きなのは「笑点(しょうてん)」という番組(ばんぐみ)です。 笑点(しょうてん)はもうすぐ放送開始(ほうそうかいし)から50年目(ねんめ)を迎(むか)えようとしています。これだけ長(なが)い間(あいだ)続(つづ)いている番組(ばんぐみ)ですから、ご存知(ぞんじ)の方(かた)もいるかもしれませんね。



Shoten – Japanese TV program

There are many long lived TV programs in Japan that have continued for some decades. Among them, there is one program that I especially like, called “Shoten”.

“Shoten” is about to celebrate its 50th year since it started broadcasting. The program has been running for so long, that I guess there are some among you that have heard of it, right ?

“Shoten” currently airs every Sunday at 5:30pm. I try as much as possible to get back home by 5:30pm on Sundays to watch this program, and when I do, I always watch it. It is not just a funny program, it is also a source of education for someone like me that is looking to acquire some refinement and humour.

You can watch episodes of “Shoten” on YouTube, if you are interested, please try to watch it.

長寿番組(ちょうじゅばんぐみ):long-lived program (on TV, radio, etc.); long runner

放送(ほうそう):broadcast; broadcasting

~年目(ねんめ):-th year


教養(きょうよう):cultivation; refinement; culture; education

ユーモア:humor; humour

身(み)につく:to master (e.g. a skill); to become accustomed to (e.g. a lifestyle); to acquire (e.g. a habit)


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