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Yoga Wheel

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Stay at home exercises

During this pandemic, with all the stay at home realities of the time, there has been an increase in home exercise methods for people of all ages. How to keep fit or stay in shape with all these changes to our usual routines have been a subject of constant discussion.

And here in this blog for Japanese learners, Japanese teacher Midori Miyake chooses one of these home exercises tools to introduce.

You can read the blog to study Japanese Kanji, and also new vocabulary. Also, listen to Miyake sensei reading the blog herself on the YouTube video and you can practice your Japanese listening.

Yoga Wheel


By MIYAKE Midori







To listen to this blog, please watch our Youtube video. 






Yoga Wheel

This time I am going to introduce something that one of my students taught about; a Yoga Wheel. A Yoga Wheel is a piece of equipment like the one in the photo.

Recently, every day, I spend almost the whole day sitting in front of the computer. And if you continue sitting in this way for a long time your posture gradually gets worse and without you realizing it, your back starts to get arched. In Japanese, this type of back is called “Necko Ze” ( literally a cat's back) or slouch. And a Yoga Wheel is effective for this type of slouch.

Even people who have never done Yoga can use it effectively so my family members gladly use it and say, “This feels good!”. And when you look on video sharing sites, you can find many ways to use it, but just lying supine on it stretches your back and shoulders and feels good.

When you do not have enough time to stretch or exercise, I recommend rolling on your Yoga Wheel for just 1 or 2 minutes, it feels really refreshing.

ヨガホイール     yoga wheel

過(す)ごす      spend

以前(いぜん)    before

姿勢(しせい)      posture

猫背(ねこぜ)     slouching / arched back

効果的(こうかてき)  effectively

効果(こうか)が得(え)られる effect can be obtained

動画(どうが)サイト   video sharing site

仰向(あおむ)け    supine /  lying on your back 

伸(の)びます      to stretch

仕事(しごと)の合間(あいま)   during work

ゴロゴロする     rolling

リフレッシュ     get refreshed


Konnichiwa! My name is Midori Miyake. After I graduated from university, I worked for a long time in a Japanese company, but a little while after getting married, I quit my job. After that, I studied and became a Japanese language teacher. I normally do yoga for my health. I think it's important to continue little by little everyday.

When learning Japanese, there are some times when it is fun and there are probably times when it is really difficult. But by continuing little by little you can improve your Japanese language ability and then if you can find some pleasure in using your Japanese in the classes I will be so glad. With language learning, speaking a lot is the path to improving. Don't be afraid to make mistakes, let's just speak a lot of Japanese! I am looking forward to speaking Japanese with you all.

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